'Does the Carpet Match the Drapes' Video

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  • Updated on : 2013-06-28 |
  • Length : 30:20 min |
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Blonde, Condom, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Brunette, Hairy, Masturbation, Ass Play, Athletic

Brian Bonds is a curious boy. Today he's taking some time to get acquainted with another very handsome young man by the name of Logan Vaughn. Logan is quite strapping. He's well built and sports a mildly shaggy, red beard. But his hair is a different story. It's a naturally lustrous, naturally blonde head of wavy strands. Brian can't help but ask the old cliche, 'Does the carpet match the drapes??'

Logan has no problem telling him that he does indeed have blonde pubes. And he's proving it! When Brian pulls down Logan's underwear, out pops a healthy cock, ready for sucking. Brian doesn't hesitate to slurp it down his throat. Logan's face says exactly how good the sensation feels. Then it's Brian's turn to feel Logan's warm mouth wrapped around his hard dick. Logan can't get enough of Brian's long, firm boner. Then Brian's having a taste of Logan's sweet asshole. Watch him spread and lick from underneath while jerking his massive erection. Logan can hardly stand the action any longer without plunging his meat vessel deep into Brian's warm hole. Check out his hot body while he pounds Brian good. These two extremely fine boys are a pair you won't forget!


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