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  • Updated on : 2003-11-29 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Diego

From studs to duds, I have seen a lot of guys, but when Diego appeared at the door, there was an echo in the room: it was my jaw dropping. His pecs and biceps looked they were ready to shred the fabric of his shirt and when I looked up and down from there, the view just got better.As if that classicly handsome face wasn't enough, he also has a warm sincere smile and when he closes his eyes as he caresses that perfect torso, you'll go weak at the knees for several reasons.First of all, he smashes the rumor guys build muscles to compensate for being short changed downstairs. If anything, he had to bulk up just so that big heavy uncut tree trunk of a dick wouldn't make him topple over. And take a good look at those ridges in his abs now because the next time you see them, they will beoverflowing with a huge load of sperm as man sized as they rest of him!

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