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  • Updated on : 2003-11-22 |
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Starring Rio

At 6'6 and 232 pounds of muscle, Rio is one tall drink of straight man. What four years of playing professional soccer have done to his body is very evident. The effects on his libido quickly showed up as well in the form of a mighty tent in his pants.He was a little shy at first but as soon his clothes came off, that dick came up and he was pounding away like the champion he is. I was wondering if his cock would be dwarfed on that big frame but I know you will be as pleased as I was discoverer that everything was very well proportioned.When it was time to make the goal, he didn't so much spurt on his stomach as he fired a super sized load of jizz so far in the air then when it finally came down and landed, you could hear the echo of the splats on those chiseled abs.

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