'Home Of The Whopper' Video

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  • Updated on : 2004-10-30 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Big Pike

”I'm more then ready and I need to be in front of the camera” were the first words out of Big Pike's mouth and that sure got my attention. The one indefinable quality we look for is someone who will be turned on by the experience as you can tell from that ear-to-ear grin; Big Pike seemed to having the time of his life! Another quality we look for that is definable is size and I can give you 9.5 reasons Big Pike's nickname is well deserved - and that surely has nothing to do with his 5'8” frame. Like some of the other mega-dicked guys we've been lucky enough to capture like Justin, Raphael, Cooker and Diamond Dan, Pike had no trouble getting rock hard.From the size of the bulge in his shorts, he was raring to go before he even walked in the door and couldn't wait to show off that massive slab of dick which was truly past the niner mark by a good 1/2 an inch, but rivaled a flash light in terms of girth. He worked that jaw breaker into lather and until those pearly whites of his smile were matched by little white drops he sent high into the air from that big cannon of a cock.

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