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  • Updated on : 2004-11-20 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Rolando

Tall, short, buff, skinny, 'stached, clean shaven...you name it, we have had all sorts of guys walk though the door but Rolando, the 26 year-old CircleJerkBoy this week, showcased a tantalizing something-something we had not seen before, an African-American with a hairy chest.A gentle sweet nature about him, with that handsome face and deep brown eyes couldn't keep our eyes away from the furry crop circles spilling out the collar of his shirt and blanketing that naturally toned chest, stomach, ass and legs with a frosting of dark brown steel wool. That big smile and luscious lips lit up as he was talking about the women he likes. He might be soft-spoken, but that's where it ends. He dropped his short and he boner was throbbing inside a tented pair of tightey-whites against that beautiful cappuccino colored skin. Rolando definitely liked showing off as he worked that entire delicious body and spread wide and over to allow that camera to investigate every inch. Our favorite inches, of course, was that chocolate tower right in front. It was throbbing and leaking a steady stream of juice until that nut sack tightened and a whopper of white lighting criss-crossed that dark sexy body!

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