'Home Of The Brave' Video

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  • Updated on : 2004-12-11 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Cherokee

He described himself on the phone as rough, buff, inked and ready for the cameras. Cherokee, this 28 year old helping of muscle and hormones is the first Native American CircleJerkBoy. He has the attitude of someone who spent a little time behind bars up North and now that's he's out, he making up for lost time.While most guys are a little to quick to want to shed their clothes and start whacking their bone, Cherokee knew the art of the tease! He flexed those big pecs and biceps as those boxers showed a thick meaty prize peeking through the fly & a dark healthy bush peeking out the top. But it was his boxers, that hung almost impossibly on the roundness of one of the finest, hardest, tightest white asses we have ever seen, that seems to stay up by sheer will to cling to something so fine!When the porn came on, his attention was fixed to the action and the concentration on getting off a big load had every muscled tensed, sweat running his body and his face was as crimson as the couch and all of the blood seemed to fill both his heads at once. I'm not sure this is where the term “red-skin” came from but we know where that huge load he spews all over his stomach and chest came from...that thick piece of breeder dick!

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