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  • Updated on : 2005-01-15 |
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Starring Aiden Lane, Rex

Sometimes you know a hot show is in store as soon as they walked in the door. Aiden and Rex, who both had such huge boners in their pants even during the interview it looked their crotches were going to burst open, are two such guys. This pair of incredibly handsome, hot tight, smooth bodied, horse hung hotties are back and about to go where they have never gone before...another guy! Two vital ingredients in getting straight guys to get naked with each other are plenty of green stuff in two varieties ...some to drink in the form Heinekens and some to spend in the form of cold hard cash. We popped in some new porn and before we knew it, they were rubbing their bulges and the clothing started coming off. Aiden's thick 8 incher was already leaking silver dollar sized lake of precum through his boxers as Rex was dropping trou with that massive tent exploding out of his pants saying he was ready for business too. And what business it was.Rex laughed nervously the first time he felt Aiden hand reach over and grab drooling thick shaft. To see him a bit later, running his hands up Aiden's pecs while his hand made its first contact another cock was a sight to behold. The look in his eyes when he felt Aiden's inexperienced tongue take that first lick of his throbbing dick was hot as the look in Aiden's eyes as he struggled to get as much flesh as he could in his mouth. Rex blasts a huge load all over that washboard stomach of Aiden's then he straddles Rex's chest and unleashes a rip current of jizz that he rubs in Rex's sweaty chest with still hard cock. That's what we're giving thanks for here at CircleJerkBoys. Happy Jerkey Day!

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