'Chile Con Carne' Video

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  • Updated on : 2005-01-22 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Leo

Leo has been in Miami for less then a month and this pint size sex machine sure didn't leave being the proverbial “Latin Lover” back in Chile. A wild mane of jet black hair and deep eyes like coal set the perfect stage for that sexy accent but it's his tight body...the six pack, the pecs, the light dusting of hair that is really going to get you. We have lots of guys beat before our cameras but Leo didn't just rub off a load though his curved, uncut cock was more then standing at attention when he released it from his tighey-whiteys, it was already starting to leak. He worked his whole body from those eraser sized nipples to bloated balls that were so ready to burst, you could see them dancing in his low hanging sack. Then there's his ass!Two perfect globes of muscle with dark center that received its fair share of attention from the camera and his finger. He said in his interview his girlfriend liked to diddle his hole and apparently, she was a good teacher. Working himself front and back, he unleashed a load that squirted up to sweaty pecs and even dripped down off his balls. He rubbed those ropes of jizz into his chest, on his nips and before taking a very healthy taste and cleaning his thumb. Wonder if he's ready to try more then just finger next time! Stay tuned!

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