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Starring Josh

Josh, our 19 year old straight boy this week. can best be captured in 5 little words: he took our breath away!! A face like a movie star, a body like a gymnast, a butt from an underwear ad and then seven inches of heaven topped by a shiny pink head that is just begging for you tongue. that should just be everywhere.Even better, the only attitude he brought with him was making he put on a show that offered you every opportunity to not just appreciate every perfect inch of him, but to actually share and participate in the sexuality that pores out of him like river after the dam bursts. This is all the more enhanced by some of the sexiest dirty talk that alone are the words fantasies are made of as he makes you feel like he's doing this show just for you while seeming forgetting we were there.We were almost begging for him to finally whip out that pole and once he does, it never goes down but oozes a steady stream of pre-cum until he finally spreads wide, showing off a ball sack that is not just tight, but bloated and when he finally releases that load, it goes high in the air in the perfect arc and comes back on the top of his sweat shined bicep. We can't wait to see what he does for an encore!

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