'Pumped & Primed' Video

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  • Updated on : 2005-03-26 |
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Starring Alejandro

Alejandro told us on the phone he was equal parts Black, Italian, French and Irish, an amateur body builder with big smile, big biceps and even bigger dick and wondered if he might be right for the job? Needless to say, we couldn't get him in the door fast enough and he was even more exotic looking then we imagined and frankly, three times as hot.That wife beater was stretched over his wide lats and rounded pecs but looked even better when he slide it up from the bottom, revealing a tight, sculpted midsection so lean, the line from his lower abs extended like a huge “V” above the waistband of his jeans and just the hit of dark curlies peeking over the top of white boxers took all the restraint we had not to rip them off him. He plays the “shy and bashful” at first but this is one guy who knows what he has and how to work it. The way that big cock and balls bounced around inside those briefs had every eye glued and worked the anticipation until that thick, hard dark snake was already hissing juice. See that dark cock jut out so long and proud as he showed off that fine body and the view from the back is worth a field trip all on its own. His delts are honed to perfection but his booty that steals the show. It's not so much a pair of ass cheeks as two halves of a bowling ball with a tight dark hole in the middle. Not quick draw McGraw here,,,his stamina is the thing the sore mouths and holes are made and when he finally let loose, that perfect mocha colored body criss crossed in white ropes of his own juice was a site to behold.

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