'The Devil In Dis Guy' Video

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  • Updated on : 2005-04-09 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Damien

Half-Cuban and half-Italian to start, and after 26 years, I thought anyone who still answered to the name of Damien would have to be hot and I surely wasn't disappointed. The name Damien immediately produces a satanic figure only this time the role is played by an olive-skinned brooding breeder who looks like one of Calvin's underwear models only - I wonder if his 8” cock would ever fit in the bulge!That long dark hair and “mess with me and I'll rip you a new asshole” look in his eye sets off the tone, but then his big grin and dirty laugh shows a softer side of this very tough New Yorker. His pecs, biceps and especially his abs show the incredibly sexy combination of good genetics made even hotter by regular workouts!! Unlike many straight guys, Damien readily admits to liking to have his ass eaten and from the way he lets us get up close and personal with that round, tight heiney, we'll take him at his word.With a sexual resume a rock star would aspire to have, Damien teased us, cradling that big slab of dick in his jeans and then his shorts before finally unveiling it and when he did, those 8 inches of cut cock pointed out straight in the air and he showed it off as if it was the handle to rest of him. He had skipped his morning routine of am sex to save his load for our camera and wow...when he finally let it go, he came down to rest all over his pecs and down on his stomach to the point where the cuts of his abs where channels of white juice, bringing it back down to where they came from. We can't wait to see what happens when his girlfriend is out of town next weekend. Stay tuned!

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