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  • Updated on : 2005-04-23 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Austin

Lean to perfection, dark and brooding, strong and silent in 19 year old package imported from Venezuela and you have Austin. What Austin has is a bonanza of a cock even thicker then his accent with such a heavy hang, even soft the head is half-way down his thigh. He has that sculpted jaw line like a classic Latin Lover in training but it's those deep, dark eyes that emit a hypnotic gaze that reached right into your balls that tells you what his balls have in mind...and that's getting that nut out.He seemed a little shy at first and of course English is new to him, but soon as I mentioned sex, the those eyes opened wide, followed by a brilliant optical white smile and that bulge in his tight jeans looked like it was about to split the crotch open. When he tugged that zipper down, a lead pipe of dick in very packed red brief sprung out like one of those coiled snakes in a trick jar of peanuts.It was amazing the deep sensuality that oozed out of every pore of him. At just 19, Austin is a certified sexual prodigy. He caressed his nipples, his pecs, those chiseled abs and worked that fat, long dick with the respect it's deserved and he didn't stop there. He was too shy to say it on camera, but he shared with me his last girlfriend loved to play his ass, and when you see those perfectly round, snowy white cheeks, all I can saw is she had good taste and apparently, was a good teacher. More then once his fingers toyed that with tight hidden hole, making his dick throb and leak like a faucet before he curled his toes, flexed every muscle and spewed out a thick white load that looked like vanilla frosting.

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