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  • Updated on : 2005-05-07 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Keith

Tough talking, tough looking and with a rough attitude to match, you have to love the 'bad bays,' and this week, we have the real thing. Fans of the HBO prison drama 'OZ' takes heart, correctional cock is alive and well at CircleJerkBoys this week. Keith said “I'll be right ov-ah” with a slight 'Jerzie” accent and right from the start this afternoon had a flavor all its own. Having messed up his knee in a bar fight over a girl the night before, Keith limped through the door, helped himself to a beer and proclaimed “now this is exciting” as he popped in the girl-girl DVD with an arm covered in homemade tattoos. Hearing the tales about prison rape after being locked up at 18 coming from that baby-face was a real eye opener but it was when he pulled out a pair of his girlfriend's panties from his pocket, inhaled deeply while he grabbed his dick that was instantly rock hard, I knew I was in for something off the 'beaten' path.She'd been sending him her underwear to jack-off to while he was doing his time and that's one habit he didn't leave behind bars. He quickly revealed a marble smooth body and a set of white round globes that dreams are made of while. Keith spread panties across his face like Lone Ranger's mask and worked that throbbing dick until a healthy dose of sperm was granted parole from those swollen red jizz-makers!

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