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  • Updated on : 2005-08-13 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Kaleb

Even in the land of the always horny 22 year olds, Kaleb set a new benchmark for hormones bursting at the seams! With his pants barely unbuttoned, that thick, eight inch club of a cock had leaked a half dollar sized puddle of precum and was pushing the gray tent of his boxers out of the zipper like a an extra large pizza spilling out of a sized small box and yes boys, our sausage party is just beginning as another Motor City Boy turns sun city into sin city.Take the face of an Iowa farm boy, add the touseled hair of the bratty kid brother on a sitcom and out that on top of a sexy, naturally built surfer body with a just enough ink to let you know there's more then just vanilla in this white boy, but a decidedly naughty streak that doesn't get enough air time to keep its owner happy. Some guys are totally self-counsious in front of the camera, other seem to forget its even there, but Kaleb plays the lens like a vehicle to flirt right with you...daring you to follow along as he strips naked, that beaming smiling never leaving his face. When the clothes are history, so are his inhibitions as actually bends over just enough to rub his own hole that the swollen head of that cock.What a delicious set of white creamy tasty cakes they are and at least for this straight guy, they aren't just decorative as he rolls over and humps the couch like a man on mission/ That's when we get as good look that thaat big meat has a set if bull ballls to match in size and before long, he squirts a major load all over himself and gives a taste from his finger as he waves goodbye, proving that even sometimes breeder guy know how to make an exit after all!

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