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  • Updated on : 2005-08-26 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Anthony, Antonio

During his last visit, Antonio told us he was ready to push the limits of his wild side and to help him achieve that sexual Nirvana, we could think of no one better that of favorite, just back Iraq soldier Anthony. Antonio got his limits pushed all right...along with his cherry, by the business end of eight, fat, hungry inches of marine meat. Antonio may have licked a dick before, but after Anthony grabbed him by the hair and fed him every inch of that leaking bone, he learned how to deep throat with an on the spot, cock sucking boot camp.His tonsils soon joined his virginity on the souvenir stand in short order. When we heard our soldier yell his famous ”Awww Fuck Yes!” we looked down to see Antonio's nose buried in Anthony's short and curlies and when the marine's meaty, muscular hand made his way down his new sex slave's lean back, playing the drums with those lily white ass cheeks, he let us all know just what he had in mind. This Marine has a knack of getting what he wants.Soon Antonio's hole was quaking with lube covered fingers paving the way for Johnny to cum marching home again. In the longest CircleJerkBoys episode ever, this isn't about passion; this is about how one straight guy will use another guys' hole to get off when he's horny enough. Antonio doesn't just get his fudge packed for the first time, he gets it gift wrapped and shoots a load all over his abs, pecs and face only to be trumped by a mammoth artillery blast from one throbbing weapon long overdo to fire. When it was all over, even the camera needed a cigarette after this one!

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