'The Beat Of Brazil' Video

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  • Updated on : 2005-09-03 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Eduardo

Like a six foot one inch billboard of sizzling Brazilian sexuality, Eduardo walks in with a pumped set of pecs, as ass you could bounce quarters of, a mane of shoulder length coal black hair and a bulge in his tight pants that was more then ready for action. That rock hard pole and a set of balls swollen like marble eggs is more then enough to make a tent that would sleep four and he wasted no time is stripping off his clothes to give us a guided tour of every flawless smooth inch of that hot tight body, especially inch after inch of that coiled snake lurching out under as a perfectly groomed landing strip that welcomed visitors like the pearly gates! He releases that shock of hair and has us follow him into the shower where the waters makes love to that body and then back where he grinds that sofa, exposing those perfect, untouched ass cheeks as the water drips from his hair like wild man from the Amazon before he grabs the glass table top and busts his nut, covering the surface with a one of the most impressive servings of the white stuff we have seen in quite some time. Viva Brazilia and one of it's finest exports. If you look up “hot” in the Portuguese dictionary, you are likely to see Eduardo's picture but remember, you saw him here, and only here, first! Até logo!

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