'The Dirtiest Angel' Video

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  • Updated on : 2005-09-10 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Dirty Harry

One look at the face and it strikes you, our Dirty Harry looks like Brad's Pitt's brother - only our version is younger, hornier, and definitely better hung! He looks not at the camera but right through it as if he's reaching inside your pants and getting your hard without even so much as undoing button one.But that soon changes as he unviels every inch of that smooth chest with a soft blonde, but very prounced and surprisingly manly trail right down to the treasure chest inside those boxers. He rubs those boxers with a purpose, playing with the back paskage inside, making the fabric tight until you can clearly see the ridge of the fat cut head and tell tale wet spot at the end. At the last possible moment before you are sure you will pass out unless you see that golden cock, he strips buck naked, that meat throbbing and leaking, those untouched snowy white ass cheeks begging for attention despite the “do not enter sign” blocking passage to the magic kingdom.His hips move like a sexual dynamo, making you wonder how many lucky holes he has filled and from the deep shade of crimson of his sack, he is definitely overdo for a withdrawl, With a soul glance, a curl of the toes and soulful moan, he gets a nut that criss crosses his entire body in a nut that an entire team of footballers would be proud to credit for. Game on Dirty Harry - he shot, and scored !!!

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