'Tough But Tender' Video

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  • Updated on : 2005-09-17 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Diamond Dick

Some guys just look bad, some guys are just bad and with a guy like Diamond Dick, anyone who looks this good is gonna get ya...and bad. That cropped hair, brooding eyes, devilish pout, smooth, lean slab of breeder bod and that perfectly straight, perpetually leaking 8 serving of manhood, our version of Eminem and 8 mile....but I don't quite think the real slim shady would get into positions we got Diamond Dick into!Despite that rough and tumble exterior, those baby brown eyes twinkle as that sinister grin melts into a smile that makes you want to rescue that boy from his sins while committing many many sinful acts with him. Like you would expect, he is definitely the strong but silent type and barely said a word. But those soulful eyes and that long, thick throbbing pole spoke volumes as to how much he loved the attention of the camera. He allowed our lens to bathe over every inch that flawless lean exterior and unlike many of the straight guys that cross our path, not only did he not mind being photographed from behind, he downright seemed to enjoy showing his ass off as he first humped the mattress then raised up on all fours, showing that swollen nutsack swinging between his legs like a cow's udder that was long overdo for a good milking.It wasn't long before he stood up and fired off that cannon with a thick white load that didn't just land on the table, it literally covered the top and as he waved good bye, the final drops were still falling from his cock.

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