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  • Updated on : 2005-11-26 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Steven

Once Steven shed his clothes, he seems to shed all of his inhibitions and damned if he didn't discover his inner porn star in record time and from the intimate way he grouped every tan inch of his body and one fine set of snow white ass cheeks garnered more attention then we have seen in a long time! With a mop of sun bleached curls and pecs honed on a surfboard, Steven looks like he came straight off the set of OC and took a wrong turn into our studio. The more he talked, the more charming he became...not many guys hold onto their cherry until they are 20!The mop topped Cali boy was dropping trou for very first time in front of another guy much less in front of a camera and you could see him fumbling with his zipper out of of nerves like college kid on his first day on a new campus. He peeled off his shirt with a dusting of fur so pale from his fun in the sun, you could barley tell until you got up close but when he sent those pants flying to his ankles and that fine golden bush fanned out down around his balls and up to his navel, framing that already leaking hose right in the middle. We have to wonder who was that girl to first snake a finger up his behind as if he let her know how much he liked it that he does it when we were alone. He was lost in the sensation of his own body and truly seemed to forget the camera was even there. maybe its part of that laid back West coast attitude, but whatever it was, his toes curled, those eyes rolled back in his head and he was California creamin' to beat the band!

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