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  • Updated on : 2006-04-15 |
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Starring Aaron

Nineteen years old and looking like a college lacrosse goalie or rugby player, Aaron is “Joe Jock” with a secret: he has bottled up an inner porn star that cannot wait one more day to make its appearance. Thick eyebrows, scattered ink and a big smile, Aaron was rubbing himself from the minute he walked in the door. Alabaster smooth with skin to match, when he shed his clothes, his inhibitions went out the window too. Aaron was on a personal mission to explore new territory and before he left, he discovered many things about himself and his body that he never knew before. That lost-in-a-sexual-daze look in his eyes as he pumped his cock from every angle was soon replaced with a look of a man who was given a dare, as well as the shock of his life, when our trusty “trainer” sized vibrator suddenly appeared on the bed. Without missing a beat, and we mean that literally, the pocket rocket found a home in that jock's hole and never left. Our cameras are there to catch every moment of a straight guy discovering that his asshole isn't just decorative after all.Moving to the chair, he starts guiding the toy slowly in and out of his new favorite spot before spreading wide on the bed, working his cock with one hand and fucking his now de-virginized hole with the other. His load oozes out and Aaron never lets go of his cock. He didn't want it to stop and in fact, after the shoot, he was running around to everyone in the studio and insisting they go out and get a toy just like that to experience what he just had. While that wasn't exactly new to our small little crew, we all were thinking the same thing: “We lost another loan to Ditech...can't wail until Aaron comes back to refinance!”

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