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Starring Warner

The fact that Warner waited until he was seventeen to have sex for the first time might cause him to be labeled a late bloomer by some. But today, at all of nineteen years of age, Warner is here at the CircleJerkBoys.com studio to make sure his fantasy of jacking off on camera doesn't have to wait one more day to become a reality. The fact that he spent a good part of his adolescence fantasizing about what his friends were already doing explains the three times a day he rubs off a load, as well as his mission to take that one step further and take that private act public. Warner has the fresh-faced, Generation Y look mixed with a touch of skater and a dash of punk. And he definitely knows what he likes in the female form, “I'm all about a big-assed girl,” he declares and goes on to spout off a laundry list of anal activities that would put a back door connoisseur twice his age to shame. As much of a hurry as he is in to get out of his clothes and get that hard cock front and center of the camera, clearly there is no shame in his game.It takes all of fifteen seconds for him to shed his t-shirt, his tank top, and have one hand full with the lump in the jeans while the other is tugging to open his belt like it is a parachute's rip-cord that holds the fate between ecstasy and disaster. With a shiny dog tag hanging from a chain being the only decoration on that marble-smooth chest, Warner shimmies out of his pants and starts playing with the hungry pole inside his shorts with the look of a starving man seeing a free pizza sign. This is one guy who loves working his pole. The joy of not just being in his element, but finally getting the chance to do it on camera, spurns a mischievous grin that, unlike his soon-to-disappear shorts, he never sheds for the rest of the video.We know he is totally unaware of just how cute those milky-white buns are as he bends over and makes his way to the chair. When he sits down, that uncut pole is rock hard and pointing at the ceiling. As he pounds his shaft against the thigh, a shiny pink knob emerges from the folds of skin, slowly drizzling pre down his leg. Hands free, his cock sticks out at a 90-degree angle and he waves it back and forth, demonstrating that while that head may do most of his thinking for him, the head between his shoulders can move that pole at will. Holding off his load to soak up as much camera time at possible is a battle of wills he definitely is winning, stroking standing up, teasing up with the back view, double-fisting on the floor, moving the ottoman, then settling back on the carpet where that furiously flying fist soon becomes a reservoir for the thick, white load. As he gestures “Peace Out” with his piece out, he starts to get hard again almost immediately and we figure out where his name comes from: if this sex machine is coming for a date with your sister, this is just the kind of sex-on-the-brain player wanna-be you'd “warn her” about.

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