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Wang, Hang and Bang

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  • Updated : 10-16-2004 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Cooker

They say itís whatís inside that counts but everyone so often, weíre lucky enough to run across a guy who has it all...looks, personality, body and brains and if that wasnít enough, a tasty looking nine inch dick as a handle to this super-sized full meal deal. Cooker is a 26 year old chef and damn, Iíd rather be eating him for the meal instead of having him preparing it.A big shiny smile, an adorable face, a hot toned body, rock hard glutes and oh yes, that oversized joystick! Heís so open and honest during his interview and after hearing his whole family shares some of his special physical attributes, weíre thinking an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner might be the photo opportunity of a lifetime. After bearing his soul, he bared the rest and clearly enjoyed the attention of the camera as it checked out every nook and cranny! Oh yes, the lens loved him right back - especially that set of low-hangers that looked like a pair of bowling balls in a skin covered carrying case. That case didnít stay full but he didnít as much just shoot a load on his stomach as participate in a primal reproductive rite of passage as he growled, howled and spewed forth a white gusher of extra special sauce!!