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Vinnie's Video

Cumming Home

Cumming Home, Scene #01

When we first met Mauricio & Vinnie, they were teammates from a local basketball league. Things heated up when we they brought along Slick for a trio-jerkoff, but it's when they Mauricio & Vinnie Returned Alone they couldn't get each other's clothes off fast enough as we learned they had become friends off the courts...actually more then friends. They had ditched their girlfriends for good and moved in together. Easy to see why as what could compete with that always hard 8 1/2” uncut prize piece of Mauricio's or the uber-thick always ready for fucking pole of Vinnie's. There is such electricity even when they kiss and that extreme passion is mixed with a raw sexual hunger that has them moving from each other's mouth to their fantastic dicks and back again in record time before sealing the ultimate act of intimacy in every possible position that takes them from the couch, to the chair to the floor, building up such a huge load in the process that Mauricio ends und firing off that huge cannon right with such force, the first jets propels itself right into his nostril. While we never know what is going to happen to when we get a couple of straight guys to drop trou together, we never expected any of them to fall in love with each other. This is one fairy's tale with a very happy happen end and ending!

Starring Mauricio, Vinnie
  • released : 04-30-2005 |

Santa's Cumming

Santa's Cumming, Scene #01

duo10_tallMauricio and Vinnie first crossed our paths with their solos in CircleJerkBoys. they knew each other from their neighborhood's sports league. Vinnie had just gotten out of the Army and Mauricio had a girlfriend but was contemplating taking that thick, juicy 8 1/2” uncut salami to new territory. We met them again, adding Slick to the mix, in our now famous first ever “Trio Jerk-Off” scene.Noticing these two didn't mind giving each other a reach over, I crossed my fingers and invited them back alone for Mauricio & Vinnie's first duo scene. Without having another team mate their to keep up appearances in front of, they really let the passion fly; groping, feeling, even kissing and sucking as we caught their first ever guy-guy encounter right in front of our eyes.I could not think of anything that would make more of a holiday gift then having them make another visit. It's been six months since that first nervous lick and from the way Vinnie is now able to chow down on that massive bone of Mauricio's, and the way Mauricio has found even other places that will accomodate that thick prime meat of Vinnie's, I'd say they have been practicing more then basketball with each other! In by far, the most passionate encounter we have ever seen yet, from the size of the massive loads they shoot all over each other at the end, let's just say they make it the White Christmas without any help from Santa!

Starring Mauricio, Vinnie
  • released : 02-19-2005 |

Take A Licking

Take A Licking, Scene #01

We first met Mauricio and Vinnie when they made their first solo appearances with CircleJerkboys and of course, there was that horny afternoon when they were joined by Slick in our now famous first ever “Trio Jerk-Off” scene. Remembering they both said their number one turn-on was kissing and especially after seeing they didn't seem to mind reaching and giving each other a helping hand during the Trio Jerk-Off, I had the feeling if I invited the two of them by themselves, I just might be able to really push the envelope and add another first or two to the CircleJerkBoys' list of ball churning, all-time hottest moments at the same time!I was betting that between the over-active hormones of fresh from High School Mauricio, with that prime 8 1/2” uncut dick, combined with that always hard cock of just back from the army Vinnie, just about anything could happen...and did it ever! So what exactly went down when two horned, hung orally inclined boys are watching porn, feeling hot and ready to go? What went down sure wasn't their dicks and after seeing them together, we know yours won't be going anywhere but up!

Starring Mauricio, Vinnie
  • released : 10-23-2004 |

A Soldier's Story

A Soldier's Story, Scene #01

Vinnie is still sporting a crew cut courtesy of Uncle Sam's barber shop and showed up wearing his uniform pants made into shorts. This is one army guy were damn glad has made it back state side. He has one of those million dollar smiles and a laugh that just makes you want to hug him and never let go. Like so many straight guys, he was reluctant to show off his ass - but what a view we got when he rolled over and started humping the mattress. The tattoo on his side was dancing right along with twin firm, tight white of cheeks.When he flipped on his back, that tasty dick was rock hard, dripping in precum and his nutsack looked like a couple of oranges ripe for the picking. Not sure how good e is with a gun, but when it came to unloading his own weapon, he fired all over his stomach and up to his pecs.

Starring Vinnie
  • released : 07-31-2004 |
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