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  • Updated : 05-17-2003 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Tribal

With arms this big, pecs this round, abs this flat & an exotically handsome face like his, you'd expect this guy to be cocky as hell. But as you'll hear in his bio, he's friendly, smart & as easygoing on the ears as he is on the eyes.And when it comes to the main event, he seemingly gets lost in the sensations stemming from his cock. It's as if he didn't even realize we were still there. We shot the rest of his video in low light so you could be as amazed as the dream-like \'dick trance\' he goes into as we were.When you see his perfectly muscled ass flex as he works a huge load of cum over that 6 pack of his. You'll realize he is indeed damn cocky but in the best possible way.