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Tony Michaels's Video

Pleasure Playground

Pleasure Playground, Scene #01

Peter Stallion is back for more this week; and “more” is exactly what he's gonna get. For those of you who may not be familiar with our stable stud, Peter Stallion has gained recognition, and quite the following, doing str8 gang-bang films back in his native Prague. Peter and a few other studs vs. 150+ women = any man's fantasy right? …well, mostly. Peter's been featured on CircleJerkBoys several times since we first saw him. With that face and chiseled body, it's no wonder he became an over-night fan favorite. At 23, he's charming, personable, hot as hell and willing to try new things. The latter is what we had in mind for our stud so this week Peter's gonna see just how the old (gay) adage “It takes a Man to please a Man” pans out. Not wanting to overload his senses, we decided to start him off slowly. To do so, we recruited our secret agent, Mr. Tony Michaels who has a track record of turning out str8 boys with his charm & insatiable drive. Tony is so effective with that baby face and perfect Cuban ass of his that his services have even been put to use on our brother site, ExtraBigDicks.com, where he gave Blake the sexy exotic mate from London town his first all-male romp in the hay! Blake was never quite the same. We suspect once Tony works his oral magic on this stallion giving Peter his first hummer, Peter will be back and definitely “UP” for more. …You can read into that one. Tony immediately goes to work on Peter licking his nipples and groping his growing crotch. Peter doesn't resist as Tony fumbles with his belt and in seconds hauls out his growing uncut cock. Peter's cock finds a wet mouth in no time. Tony slurps and sucks on his foreskin as his cock begins to swell. Peter needs to free his boys so he pulls off his jeans and underwear to give Tony all access to his Prague piece. Tony loses his shirt and while he's doing that Peter's shaking his cock at Tony with a classic “Get back on this bitch” look on his face. Tony, who had been undoing his belt, couldn't resist the look on Peter's face and instinctively went back down on Peter's growing worm faster than a Heron feeding in a shallow marsh. Someone's seems to be loving the new experience—we're just not sure which one's loving it the most? Tony strokes and sucks Peters growing cock paying attention to detail as he lathers Peter's smooth balls with his warm tongue. Peter then stands up to give Tony a better angle as he holds Tony's head with both hands and forces him to take his now throbbing cock all the way to its fat base. Peter loves it and in no time positions himself on all four over the arm of the couch and has Tony lay beneath him as he suckles on his cock like a milk-starved calf. The view of Peter's ass is amazing. Peter gets back up and stands next to the couch and goes back to using Tony's hot mouth. He holds his head and forces him to suck his dick. Tony can't get enough either; anxiously awaiting more cock as Peter serves it up hot. Tony then goes on his stomach as Peter begins face-fucking him deep. Peter's cock is throbbing as he strokes it inches from Tony's face. Tony, mouth gaping like a hatchling, seems cock starved. He laps at Peter's heavy balls while he waits for more. Peter throat fucks him hard while moaning with pleasure. Peter then sits back in the armchair as Tony kneels before him. He totally works Peters cock with ease deep-throating his str8 meat to the hilt. The looks on poor Peter's face are nothing short of amazement as Tony does his thing. Peter gets up again; standing and able to hold Tony's head securely in place, has total control of just how much Tony gets. Tony sucks his knob for a few until Peter takes it away, strokes it in his face then feeds him more. Suck, remove, tease, repeat. So simple, it's brilliant. Like all good assignments, this one will be cumming to an explosive climax —and soon. Peter hovers over Tony's face as he strokes his massive meat. Tony's face is buried in Peter's balls as he jerks himself off. Tony's the first one to nut as he coasts his smooth navel with cream. Peter isn't far behind as he explodes his thick load all over Tony's chest. This stallion looks spent as he recovers from his climax. Another 'Mission Accomplished' for our Agent Michaels.

  • released : 06-06-2008 |

Lights, Camera, Sucktion!

Lights, Camera, Sucktion!, Scene #01

This week, we brought back one of CircleJerkBoys favorites, Stefano. Twenty-one year old Stefano was born in Palermo, Sicily; then raised in England; moved to Spain then Italy; and now calls the states home. Since we saw Stefano last, he's been a bad boy. Recently he was invited to a party at the Versace mansion and he ended up getting wasted and landed in a couple gang bangs that broke out late in the night once everyone got sauced. Stefano, with the killer smile and that twinkle in his eye, had models all over him. Stefano is a horny boy and likes to jerk off once or twice a day on those rare occasions when he can't get laid. Mmhmmm. Today, we paired him up with another favorite, Tony Michaels. Georgia born and a Miami raised Cubanito, Tony is 22 and is still keeping it single so he can be free to mingle. He has been featured on our site; as well as our brother site, ExtraBigDicks. His sweet face and amazing ass keeps us wanting more. These two hot blooded Latinos will make quite a combination. Lucky for Tony, Stefano brought his infamous Italian salami for Tony's insatiable bottom. This is gonna be good! Bon Appetit, Monsieur Michaels.Stefano starts off watching porn as Tony showers. He undresses watching porn as Tony dries off and finds him rubbing his cock through his jeans. Tony wastes no time and immediately leans over Stefano, rubbing his growing boner. He moves in front of Stefano, who by now is undoing his pants to give Tony full access. Tony goes down and swallows every inch of Stefano's growing meat. Stefano's eyes close as he enjoys the attention expert cock-sucker Tony is giving him. They move the fun over to the couch, where Stefano lays back and lets Tony work his cock as he continues to explore, licking him all over. Stefano then stands up to feed Tony more of his now engorged cock. His pubes are shaved and his nuts are smooth. Tony slurps on his meat as Stefano slowly fucks his face. Stefano is a sensuously hairless landscape, and his smooth body just screams, “Lick me!”. Stefano sits back in a chair as Tony gets on his knees and continues servicing his cock. Tony looks up at Stefano as he slowly laps at his leaking knob. Talk about Dedication…DAMN!Tony can't take much more and needs to feel it inside him as he turns around and slowly lowers himself onto Stefanos rock hard cock. Stefano grabs Tony's waist as he guides him up and down while Tony leans forward and rides his cock like a champ. His deliciously smooth ass is on display as Stefano's cock is burying itself in and out. Tony lies on his side, and Stefano continues fucking his meaty ass. Tony's face says it all as he gets that cock pounded into him. Next, they flip over into a missionary position, as Tony's legs spread wide to accommodate Stefano's throbbing cock. Stefano's bubble butt looks hot as he thrusts in and out of Tony's hole. Stefano pins Tony's thighs down as he begins pile driving his Italian cock harder and faster. He's moaning and his breathing is getting heavier, and you know he won't be able to last much longer. Tony begins to jack off faster, sensing the coming climax. Tony pulls out as they both bust their loads all over Tony's navel. What a mess—Clean up on Aisle 6!

Starring Tony Michaels
  • released : 05-02-2008 |


Irresistable, Scene #01

CircleJerkBoys.com believes in truth in advertising, as apparently so does Tony as this 22 year old walked into the studio in a red shirt with “Sinner” spelled out across the front and just the look in his dark brown eyes lets you know immediately that the word is far from honorary. He lost his cherry at 15 a to horny 20 year lady, and just talking about that first time caused his shorts to go from flat to tented. “I'm addicted to jacking,” Tony told us, “ once to three times a day since I was 13” and went on to share he has a bit of an exhibitionist streak. “Not in front of a lot of people, but if a few want to watch me have sex, I would not mind at all.” It was final exam time when we filmed this, and cramming for exams left Tony no time to do any cramming of any kind, even his own fist, as he said he had a seven day back up of sperm ready to be released. When we asked him what his biggest fantasy is, he said it would be a three-way with not two girls, but a couple. That gave us a few ideas of what to do with Tony next time but for now, Tony has the same thing on his mind as we did, his cock.With a heavy lidded, lustful gaze, Tony stares into the camera as he rubs his crotch, licking his lips. He juts his hand inside his pants to work the pole which is getting harder by the second. In less than a minute, his shorts are open, his shaft is in his hand, and from one look at how heavy those balls are, saying its been a week since he unloaded them was as true as the “Sinner” emblazoned on his shirt. Tony has the slight bad-boy attitude mixed with a “watch if ya want – I don't give a fuck” vibe that makes him one sexy package. Even though Christmas is over, that package is what Tony is ready to open next, and he wants to do it while you watch.We get a glimpse of his hole as he takes to the chair, spreads his legs wide, and works that pole while he gives those bloated balls the breathing room they command. That sack is so full; you can feel the “blue balls” just by looking at it. If you had been wondering why Tony keeps biting his lip, that's why! When he takes a seat on the arm of the chair, unless we're mistaken, he seems he was enjoying a little rear stimulation as he bends over and continues to work that pole. As he shows off his hole, he does not have to say a word to let you know he is aware that his backside is far from strictly decorative. As he moves to the chaise, he reaches back and grabs onto the cushion as if he is afraid the velocity of the upcoming explosion will send him flying across the room. But what he sends flying is an assault of sperm – the first three jets fired well past our camera while the last few continued to ooze down his shaft onto his fist long after we stopped rolling. We will be seeing more of Tony soon, and it is our goal to make it happen that, before he leaves, a shirt with the word “bottom” will be as true as “sinner” is today. On that note, bottoms up guys – Happy New Year from all of us at CircleJerkBoys.com

Starring Tony Michaels
  • released : 12-28-2007 |
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