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Insert Here!, Scene #01

Both of the studs here today have been featured on our site(s) more than once and each have an extensive following as well as impressive repertoire in the industry. So, today we decided to see what sparks would happen if we put these two together and just let things happen. Well, that's exactly what we intend to do as we let Atlanta's own Justin Wells have his first taste of the magic ass, who honestly needs no introduction, Mr. Tony Michaels to be good. No seriously. Justin has no idea what kind of theme park we've just dropped him into and Tony had got to be the best ride by far. Tony has been up to the usual, hanging out and chillin' with his friends. He loves trouble and let's face it, trouble comes a'callin often. Tony loves dark Latin boys and if there's a NY thuggish air about him—even better. Justin doesn't have a set type though he does prefer bigger guys than him. These two are more than the average handful and they have several secrets the likes of which we'd never imagine. For example, Justin confessed he accidentally fucked his roommate's boyfriend—twice! Tony likes to relieve himself in odd places whenever the mood strikes. He grins when he confesses he at times will beat his meat in the bathroom at work due to his high sex drive. …Poor, poor lad. If ever there was any doubt these two wouldn't have chemistry well the immediate make out session quickly dispelled those. It isn't long before Tony is down to his sexy briefs and he's helping Justin out of his. Next thing we see is Tony getting his first taste of the Georgian gent's thick dick as he bobs up and down on his meat. A sort of homecoming for the boy born in GA but raised in Florida; Tony's is getting reacquainted without a problem. They both lick and suck all over each other eventually landing in a steamy 69 session, laying side by side as each continues to service the surplus of cock before them. Tony can't get enough of Justin's meat as he straddles him to get better access as they continue to 69. Justin doesn't mind one bit and this new position gets Tony's throat deeper on his dick and also gives him easy access to begin exploring that ass he's heard so much about. He begins to finger fuck Tony's tight ass. It seems the more ass play Tony gets the more he's fueled to suck Justin's cock. Who could go wrong with that combination? “Not I” said the goose. —Oops! …that's the wrong story altogether. We digress,Oral is merely the appetizer to the fucking Justin has in store for Tony. Oh Goody! Tony braces himself as Justin bends him over up against the wall. Tony's lip snarls as he gives us his signature grimace as Justin slowly invades his ass. There's no learning curve here and Justin's pounding Tony's ass right out of the starting gate and all Tony can do is try to keep up. The ever-consummate professional, Tony doesn't miss a beat. A shot from below gives us an insane view as Justin's sweet ass as it rises and falls burying his thick dick in and out of Tony's willing hole. FUCK! From there, Tony goes doggy and all Justin has to do is hold still while Tony backs up on his dick. Justin is in awe as Tony practically fucks himself with Justin's bone. Tony can't get enough and soon he straddles Justin and slides his hot ass back onto his meat, mounting him reverse cow girl. A close up of Justin's cock looks sinful as Tony bounces up and down on it unable to get his fill. The hottest part of that shot is the look on Justin's face, off in the background, as he just watches his throbbing dick get the ride of its life. He had it cummin'…and 'cummin' is what's in store for these two and soon as Tony, now facing Justin, continues to ride and ride hard. As they near climax, they both lay down with their cocks near the others and stroke off. Tony's the first to quietly spew as his thick nut cascades over his wrist onto his porcelain skin. Justin isn't far behind as he grunts and groans aloud blasting his thick cargo all over his tones abs. Our work here is done, Gentlemen.

  • released : 03-20-2009 |

Cumming Home

Cumming Home, Scene #01

Back from a fun-filled trip to the 'Big Apple', we have a wide-eyed Tony Michaels. He beams as he recounts his tales in the city. He was mobbed at the clubs when he went out and people recognized him by his neck tattoo. Yeah, we're suuure the neck tat is what got everyone's attention. With a face like that and an ass with its own reputation; he was oddly surprised to find how many people knew exactly who he was. Seriously? Hmmm. Along with Tony this week we have one Alex Charge. Alex is 22 and even though his white complexion and dark features might suggest he's from the great white north, he's actually a Florida native. In Florida, it's the pale ones that are the natives. When you grow up in the tropics you know enough to stay clear of the same sun others flock down to soak up. Third degree burns are NEVER attractive. You know who you are, Eh! Enough said. Alex is from a small town on the West Coast of Florida. He's pretty open sexually and he's into “whatever feels good”. Ya gotta love that. His first sexual experience was at 16 with a girl. “It was a good” he says. The hottest sex he's had was with a girl into Water Sports. He admits he loved having her pee on him. <…cricket. …cricket>. Tony has an odd smirk on his face hearing the sordid details and recommends we might need to do a shower scene. Ummm No, Tony—not that kind of site. Alex's ultimate fantasy would be a 3 some with either 2 guys or 2 girls. Tony on the other hand is more experienced and if you're familiar with Tony, you know this boy may not necessarily be a 'size queen' —but he can certainly be impressed! From what we hear, Alex has quite an impressive piece and Mr. Michaels has unselfishly volunteered to find out for us. That's our boy Tony for you, always willing to go the extra 8” for you.Tony is groping his cock as he watches himself on video as he rides hot Stefano in one of his earlier scenes. Unbeknownst to him, he has an audience as Alex stands at the doorway peaking in as he too begins to grope his growing cock. Alex can't help but barge in on Tony who is caught by surprise but doesn't flinch as Alex drops to his knees and begins to haul out his cock. Tony feels up on Alex's chest as Alex gets him hard as he strokes his thick dick. Alex gazed directly at Tony seconds before he goes down and takes Tony's thick dick into his mouth. Tony gasps at the new sensation as Alex begins swallowing more and more of his meat. Caught up in the moment, Tony stands up and begins to kiss Alex as they undress. It isn't long before Alex is back on his knees for more of Michael's meat. Tony grunts as he slowly gives Alex's mouth a slow fucking. Alex, mouth ajar, wriggles his tongue around as Tony teases him, waiving his thick meat inches from his face. Tony wants some dick himself and he stands Alex up seconds before going to town on our Floridian to show him how it's done. Alex gasps as Tony's warm mouth engulfs every inch of his thick dick. Tony can't complain. Not that he could with a mouth full of dick, but Alex has more than enough to keep him satisfied. Tony readily savors Alex's thick 8” dick which is as thick at the base as it is at the tip.The sounds of Tony slurping on Alex's dick fill the room as Tony slurps and suckles on his rock hard cock. He can't get enough and it shows. Alex is lost in ecstasy as his head writhes back and forth. These two then get into a hot 69 with Tony on Top Bunk as he licks and sucks on Alex's dick and balls as Alex lies back and works Tony's meat from below. Alex then holds his thick dick at the base as we see the painful look on Tony's face as he backs himself onto it. Try as he might, Tony just isn't accommodating Alex's entire dick fast enough and Alex isn't about to wait around. Tony grimaces as Alex grabs him by the waist and begins to impale him with his thick dick. Tony bites his pillow as Alex slams his sweet ass deep and hard. Tony's the consummate trooper and he takes the pounding he's given. Alex then puts him on his back opens his legs and eases back inside him as he plows him missionary. Alex's sweet ass rises and falls as his balls slap Tony's ass with every thrust. Tony has his legs spread wide and as he gives up his ass, Alex's dick is hitting all the right spots and in no time he explodes all over himself. Now it's Alex's turn and as he strokes his massive dick off, Tony gives him something to suck on and with a mouth full of dick, Alex explodes all over himself, glazing his naturally smooth abs and navel.

Starring Tony Michaels
  • released : 03-06-2009 |

Bump & Grind

Bump & Grind, Scene #01

Back in the house is Mr. Tony Michaels. There's never a dull moment when this hottie is around. Tony has been working, having fun, meeting new people and doing new things. He's has been spending his time lately with a new beau he met from New York. We're more than sure he's gotten the star treatment and tour from Tony with all sorts of perks included. Today we brought back a latin lover we haven't seen in a while, Mr. Christian Castillo. Christian just got back a month ago from visiting his wife and daughter down in Cuba. He was there for 2 months and he smiles when he admits the homecoming was an exhausting one. He didn't let his wife out of bed for a long, long time. He had some serious catching up to do. It's been a month now and this Cubano is horny so he's ended up at our door. We aren't complaining. Tony, a big dick aficionado, won't be complaining in a few when he gets to sample all 8” of Christian's Cuban 'palo'. His cock loves plenty of attention. Tony is looking smitten as he eyes his co-star. We let Tony ask Christian anything he wants to. This is how it went: Tony blushes and says, “What's your favorite position?” Christian grins and replies “…any one you like!” Tony volleys back, “Well, I have a few.” This is gonna be Tony's best Valentine fuck ever. Sitting on the locker room bench these two begin to kiss. Softly at first and as they begin to undress the kissing intensifies. It isn't long before Tony is licking down Christian's sexy abs down to his sexy tighty-whities which are beginning to sport major wood. He licks and teases it but isn't looking to waste anytime on formalities. They both strip and Tony goes to work. Christian is in awe as he looks down at his cock which is now disappearing into Tony's talented mouth. Tony slurps and strokes Christian's fat pingón as he focuses his attention on the uncut fuck stick before him. Christian stands and straddles Tony so he can give him better access to his dick. Tony takes it in stride as he deep throats every inch of his dick. Tired of straddling Tony, Christian moves the action to the floor as he sits on the hardwood floor and leans back onto the lockers. Tony takes his place between our str8 boys thighs and goes right back to worshipping his baby maker. Christian's head falls back n ecstasy as he gets his meat serviced. We're sure his wife in Cuba or any of the stand-ins in Miami have ever worked his dick this good and he's really glad he came in today. Duh! A few kisses finishes up the oral set and in no time the 'real' action begins.Tony straddles the bench again and leans up against the wall as Christian jacks his cock getting it even harder as he parts Tony's sweet ass a bit before burying his thick dick in one thrust. This str8 boy means business and in no time he's literally bouncing Tony's Cuban-Italian ass on his thick dick. DAMN. He's not here to make love —he's here to fuck. If you want this str8 boys dick you need to take it hard and deep. Christian sits on the bench as Tony bends over a bit t find an easier position to accommodate all of Christian's 8' dick. Christian easily fucks up into Tony's ass not even skipping a beat as Tony bucks back to get every inch. From there they go into a standing doggie position as Christian keeps right on fucking him. The hottest position has to be when Christian, who's standing and fucking Tony, pulls him back into the corner still buried in him as he squats down and continues fucking Tony in that position. The overhead shot of Christian just fuckin' Tony as he holds onto him is insane. WOOF! This Cubanito can throw some serious dick and he ain't messin' around. Tony is squatting, taking a pounding as Christian braces himself on the floor and pile drives up into Tony's sweet ass. Tony can't help but jack off as he gets plowed. He starts to ride Christian once he holds still. Tony grimaces as his ass gets stretched deeper over and over. Once Christian realizes Tony's getting close, he goes right back to pounding him harder until he fucks a huge load out of him—literally. Christian then lies back and beats his own massive load out all over his sexy abs and cock. Now this is the kind of sex everyone should treat themselves to on Valentine's Day! lol

Starring Tony Michaels
  • released : 02-13-2009 |

After 8th Period

After 8th Period, Scene #01

It's a CircleJerkBoys reunion this week with two of our favorite alumni back with us for one hot after-class fuck fest. Damon Phoenix, the thick, all-American muscle boy comes from the ExtraBigDick campus where he's been featured stud-stuffing with his thick tool. His baby face and rockin' bod have been featured in several movie titles he has under his belt. From our alumni, we brought the angelic faced Cubanito with a dose of Bad boy, Tony Michaels. Tony was last seen showing our str8 import, Peter Stallion, that boys do give better head. Both of these studs have been “relaxing” since we last saw them; with either nothing new to report—or nothing they want to share! So, we decided to put Damon on the spot about his “hobby” and blushed as he admitted to being a huge Star Trek geek. He loves the original series which had a message behind it about critical everyone working together as a people. Set in the 60's during segregation, the show pioneered the way & broke many racial and cultural barriers, aired the first interracial kiss and created pivotal roles for its day (i.e. the first black female in a supporting role, Lt. Uhura; an Asian (and then closeted) helmsman, Sulu; and a Canadian born Captain, James T. Kirk.) It was this kind of thinking that helped him decide to get into medicine which he's actively pursuing. Tony has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up; but we have an idea once he gets a look at what's in Damon's pants…he'll know exactly what he wants to do—right now! Enough said. Clad in towels, Damon and Tony start off kissing in the locker room. They slowly explore each other's bodies as Tony starts to kiss lower and lower. It isn't long before Damon's towel has come off and Tony's found something he wants to do more than kiss. Tony goes down on Damon as Damon playfully looks right at the camera and winks his approval. He's trouble this one! Damon's loving the oral he's getting but wants some himself so he and Tony maneuver into a steamy 69 on the floor. We get to see views of Tony's sweet ass as Damon nurses on his sweet Cuban cock. The chemistry between these two is obvious and sooner than later they're ready to take it to the next level. Damon playfully teases Tony's smooth ass with his thick cock a few minutes before suiting up and sliding his baby maker deep inside. Tony grunts and groans as Damon begins his anal assault. They're both very verbal as they continue their anal session doggie style. The looks on Tony's face say it all as he gets fucked hard by Damon. They move it to the lockers as Tony bends over this time and gives Damon access to more of his sweet ass. Damon doesn't hesitate to get back in as he slowly glides his throbbing meat home. In this position we can truly appreciate Damon's insanely hot ass. He has a meaty bubble butt that just screams “You know you want me!” Both of these studs have great backsides. Tony arches his back, raising his ass higher to get more of Damon's dick in him. He's loving the fucking he's getting. From there they go to the floor as Damon sits back against the locker and Tony squats down on his big cock. Tony now has all the control and begins to ride Damon like its going out of style. His face grimaces in part pain, part pleasure as he takes every thick inch of meat he can get. Damon's eyebrows furl as his face is overcome in ecstasy. His smooth balls bounce just below Tony's as he fucks his tight hole. All this fucking has gotten them both worked up and it wont be long before they need to bust a nut. They sit back and start stroking their cocks. Tony's the first to bust creaming his milky white navel with even more cream. Damon is the next to blow as he stands up and jacks off all over Tony. His load blasts everywhere as he grunts and moans coating everything from Tony's face to his cum covered cock. Whew. …Shower time!

Starring Tony Michaels
  • released : 07-18-2008 |
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