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Tony Douglas's Video

The Hoover Maneuver

The Hoover Maneuver, Scene #01

When was the last time you begged for mercy? Well, hold that thought cuz after this week's webisode you'll be beggin us for mercy alright-Evan Mercy. Evan is a 21 yr old blue-eyed ginger import from the Bluegrass state of Kentucky. Apparently tobacco, horses and whiskey aren't the only things Kentucky's managed to get right. Wait, there's more... His costar today is a blast from our not so distant past, Tony Douglas. Tony is 24 now and he was also born in Kentucky. KY is in the house. With all the lottery winning these days we asked these two if they were to hit it big what would be the first thing they'd get with their winnings. Tony would get a new car for sure; but while Tony was thinking locally Evan was thinking globally. 'My own clothing line' beams Evan. He'd want to launch a brand that would be recognizable world wide. In the spirit of a celebratory toast, we asked these studs what their drink of choice was. It's Jack for Tony who likes it neat; though a splash of Coke works too. Evan once again steals the show, 'Personally I like some stuff that's brewed in the hills; but legally I'd have to say Tequila.' Evan's getting ready to vacuum when he finds a titty mag under the couch. Boner break! He sits on the couch and starts to feel his crotch as he flips through the mag. Soon that cock needs more room as he hauls it out and starts to jack off. Sitting next to the vacuum gives Evan a good idea as he pulls out the hose and flips it on. He teases the head of his cock with the suction of the hose then rubs the hose along his shaft and near his balls. He aims that hard cock back towards the hose and is about to go for it when Tony walks in and takes over. He startles Evan who suddenly has Tony on his knees between his legs. 'You don't need this, Evan' Tony grins as he takes Evan's hard cock in his mouth. Evan just moans as he gets that country cock and balls worshiped. Tony swallows every inch of it as he pleasures his buddy. Evan's cock is rock hard as it disappears down Tony's throat. Evan can't get enough of that hot mouth. He knows girls can't do this anywhere near as well; so when he needs it done right it takes a man to do the job.Tony then slides a rubber on Evan's dick and sits back on it. He gets that dick inside him and then starts to ride Evan in a reverse cowgirl. Evan just gasps at the sensation of Tony's tight ass wrapped around his meat. He starts to slam his cock up into Tony's ass fast and hard making Tony whimper with delight. Evan's balls slap away at that ass as he jack rabbits into his hole. Tony then gets up and straddles that dick again but facing Evan as they go right back to fucking. Tony gets his groove going and gets that ass used to that meat as he grinds down on it sending Evan into orbit. 'Aw just like that' Evan moans as Tony bucks back and forth on that dick. Tony fucks himself silly riding Evan's dick. Evan then gets Tony to stand up and gets a taste of his cock. He works on Tony's meat for a few sucking that dick and licking those balls. Evan then gets Tony back on the couch where he holds his leg up and shoves his hard dick back inside. He lies behind Tony as he continues to rail into his tight ass. He picks up the pace as he slams back into that hole sending Tony over the edge. Tony bust a load all over himself and Evan isn't far behind as he pulls out and shoots all over Tony's ass and balls.

Starring Tony Douglas
  • released : 04-27-2012 |

The Toy Box

The Toy Box, Scene #01

Mr. Chad Davis is in the house and we are so excited to have this hung Sarasota native with us. Chad made his debut on our brother site ExtraBigDicks.com. Fortunately there's more than enough of 21 year old Chad and his thick 8” dick to go around…so start lining up. A second debut is underway as Tony Douglas joins the circle. Tony is 22 years old and from Kentucky. Both of these studs have those washboard abs we love to hate; so we wondered if they ever indulged on fast food. Apparently, Chad had some McDonald's on his way here. Tony said he pigged out last night and again this morning on McDonald's. Lucky Bastards. They both like fast food on occasion; but Tony's favorite is the Ultimate Whopper with cheese while Chad prefers Chick-fil-A. They also love to cook and Tony's specialty is Chicken Divan with some mashed potatoes and some yams and wine. Chad would cook up a nice filet with a side of asparagus and some mixed vegetables and some red wine. These boys are making our mouths water and they're still dressed. Wait a minute, why are they still dressed? Chad shows up to pick up Tony and finds him chillin' and not even dressed. Chad grabs a tee out of Tony's duffel bag and tells him to put it on. As he reaches into the bag for more he finds a huge dildo. “What's this?” he laughs as Tony pulls him down on to the couch and starts rubbing the dildo on Chad's crotch. Oh THAT'S what that's for!? We knew that. They start to kiss as their clothes come off. Chad stands so that Tony can get at his growing cock. Tony's eyes open wide when Chad's meat comes into full view. He wastes no time before wrapping his lips around it. Chad moans as Tony worships his cock. Tony loves oral play and it shows as he licks Chad's smooth balls and deep throats his meat. Tony then stands to let Chad return the favor. Chad continues jackin his fat cock off as he starts suckin on Tony's beefy dick. That's short lived seeing as Tony hadn't had enough of Chad's dick. Chad lies back on the weight bench as Tony swallows his meat again. Then they take the party back to the couch where Chad starts teasing Tony's ass with that dildo of his. Tony's moaning like a bitch as Chad starts to fuck his tight little hole with it. “You should make that your cock” Tony begs but not before Chad makes him fuck himself with that dildo. Tony's more than happy to; getting his hole hornier for cock.“So you want the real thing, huh?” Chad taunts before sliding that thick dick inside. Once he gets his thick cock inside that ass he immediately starts pounding his hole. Tony grunts and moans as Chad plows that ass. Chad likes it a little rough so Tony has to adjust to that huge cock sooner than expected. Chad then puts him on his back and goes back to stretching that ass wide. It seems the louder Tony whimpers the harder Chad fucks him. We love a man with a plan. Tony's lying on the incline bench and is sliding up and down right onto Chad's pole. Chad loves that ass wrapped around his meat. He then moves over to the couch where he sits back and has Tony sit on his cock. He rides it while Chad plays with his cock. Tony rides it for a bit and once he stops to catch his breath, Chad takes over slamming that cock of his up into his worn hole. Tony is grinding that hot ass on Chad's thick dick and it's getting them both closer to climax. They sit back on the couch and jack off side by side. Tony's the first to cum as he shoots all over his abs. Chad shoots next sending his a massive load all over his own face and chest.

Starring Tony Douglas
  • released : 11-05-2010 |