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Tony Andretti's Video

Battle Of The Bones

Battle Of The Bones, Scene #01

When Tony did his solo video, he showed not all guys build big muscles to compensate for being short changed in the meat department. Johnny and his nine inches proved it wasn't just a fluke. I knew getting our two most well hung studs together for a duo video would be a big dick lover's bonanza.It took some coaxing, well a lot of coaxing, but their inhibitions proved to be like their clothes: they lost them quickly. Seeing them sprawled out, stroking those big poles and reliving some highlights of their very active sex lives is as hot to listen to as it is to watch.As they got even more into it, those dicks went from just huge to downright massive. When they lined up and fired those hoses side by side, I swear it looked like a dairy was exploding. The footage after their sperm hurricane shows them hanging out like two buds who just watch the Superbowl game. Damn, suddenly I can't wait for baseball season.

  • released : 07-05-2003 |

One Cocky Salami

One Cocky Salami, Scene #01

Tony has all of the bravado a guy this handsome with a world class body has a right to. But he also has a boyish grin and a hearty laugh that just makes him all the sexier.Then he dropped his pants. Not just a big dick, but a down right huge one came into view. It was already rock hard and with a wicked curve that looked like a real tonsil stretcher. He just grinned at me with this I told you so look in his eyes and wasted no time before he started stroking.A lot of guys tell me they shoot big loads and sometimes, they actually do. Tony never mentioned anything about it so I was in for a quite a surprise. He doesn't just bust his nut, he stands up and lets loose jet after jet of white lightening like an oil well.

Starring Tony Andretti
  • released : 05-24-2003 |