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Taz's Video

Hide & Seek Times 3

Hide & Seek Times 3, Scene #01

We begin the New Year here at CircleJerkBoys.com with a bang…a gang bang, that is! While these hotties are not new to our cameras, having them all together, up, hard and ready, definitely is. We begin with Taz: that lean, inked, sexy devil with a bad-boy sneer and perpetually hard cock. Taz inspired a ton of emails from his solo debut, but that was nothing compared to the avalanche we received after pairing him up with Sean. Laying back and getting sucked was not such a surprise, and even fucking Sean's hole did not shock us; but, seeing a guy as straight as Taz give Sean a reach around and deep, tonsil-licking kisses sure was. The TinMan is something of a sexual adventurer. We have seen him alone, we have filmed him jacking with his bud, and the visuals of him with oh-so-sexy Dirty Harry will forever reign as some of the most memorable, sexually-charged footage we have ever captured. Taz and the TinMan together were like two sticks that needed a spark to ignite the flame, so we imported over sexy Angel from our brother site, ExtraBigDicks.com, to do the honors--- and what an honorable job he did!Within 30 seconds, everyone was shirtless, Taz was opening his zipper and Angel was reaching over to get a preview of the Tinman's growing bulge. As generous as before, Taz gives Angel a good grope as Angel gets a handful of the straight meat on the guys flanking him. Taz and TinMan are naked first, with Angel slowly licking Taz's very hard meat as TinMan pulls off Angel's shorts. Making sure he does not miss any of the fun, TinMan moves to the middle to lick Taz's balls. Even though we invited Angel to play the “center square,” it proves to be a perfect fit for the TinMan who takes that spot, swallowing Taz's meat like an expert as Angel sucks the TinMan down to his pubes. This daisy chain moves upright with Taz standing in the center, feeding his cock to the TinMan while Angel explores the uncharted territory of Taz's hole with his tongue. The look on Taz's face and the moans from those lips let us know immediately that this is the first time he had been rimmed--- it sure will not be his last. His cock is harder than we have ever seen it before and we know it won't be long before that throbbing meat does a little anal exploring of its own.With the hungry, wide-eyes of a frisky puppy in a dog food factory, Angel greedily sucks both guys at once before lying on his back and offering his pouty lips as drums to be beaten at the same time by the very stiff sticks of the boys in the band. Taz moves to squat over Angel's face as TinMan gets behind and start giving Angel the fucking he has been dying for. Before long, Taz takes the position of being the fucker as the TinMan watches the show while working a vibrator into his own hole. Taz takes his time making love to Angel with some slow deep strokes as TinMan, craving some attention, decides to sit Taz down and go for a ride, with Angel playing tour guide. This is a first in CJB history: Triple penetration. TinMan fucking Angel as he is getting fucked by Taz! Soon after, both hotties give Angel a massive facial, and Angel soon unleashes a huge load of his own. Talk about starting off 2007 with a bang!!!

Starring Angel 1, Taz
  • released : 12-29-2006 |

The Tazmanian Spin

The Tazmanian Spin, Scene #01

His tight, lean body, sexy ink, smoldering eyes and that “oh yeah, I am a bad boy” attitude made Taz the object of many fantasies right from the start. Of course, that steady stream of dirty talk that flows so effortlessly off that silver tongue and his ability to not just appear on camera, but literally make love to it, increase his appeal right through the roof. Wanting some extra cash for the holidays, we figured this would be a good time to see if his limitations were as rigid as his cock, and used a big pile of cash and one lucky fan named Sean. Sean literally emailed us everyday for almost three months to be the lucky vessel to break in a breeder for his first time at the “All-Man Rodeo.” Timing is everything after all, so we called them both in and, as you will see, while Taz's bone was as rigid as ever, the same can no longer be said for his boundaries. From the very moment the cameras started rolling, it was clear that while he was doing this for the money, he was going to do it with no shame in his game. Sean immediately gets down to business, removing Taz's clothes. Within thirty seconds, Taz is standing up, feeding that rock hard cock to Sean who gives it the licking of Taz's life. Sean nibbles his way over Taz's lean abs, across those smooth nips and up to Taz's neck. Without so much as a heart beat of hesitation, Taz grabs the back of Sean's head and feeds his tongue down Sean's throat in a move that left us almost as stunned as what he does next. Not only did he notice the bulge in Sean's tighty-whitey's, and not only did he help Sean out of them, he grabbed Sean's 7.5” thick pole and did not just give it a good feel, he kept stroking it while going in for another round of kisses before moving Sean back down to his knees. Sean worships that meat with adulation and reverence, licking every inch before moving to Taz's balls and finally back to that throbbing meat. When he could finally get his eyes back into the center of their sockets and look down, Taz's gaze was riveted to the creamy white, round, tight vision of Sean's ass as the next event in this rodeo.After a liberal shellacking of lube, Sean climbs on top for the ride he was been craving from the minute he walked in the door. Taz's cock is thicker and longer than we have ever seen it before and Sean's ass soon makes that pole disappear as he lowers his hole on it until his cheeks land on Taz's thighs and he begins his gallop. Keeping Taz's cock firmly in place, Sean spins around and rides him from the front and, without any direction from us, Taz reaches around and strokes Sean's leaking cock as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Maybe too natural for a guy like Taz who quickly moves Sean for rear entry doggie-style, then flipping him on his back and fucking him like a chick as Sean clearly clucks in delight with some of the most intense moans of ecstasy we have ever heard. Sean busts a huge load all over his abs, and within seconds, Taz adds a huge blast of his own. As we say on our CJB shirts, “100% Straight, but we're working on it,” we now add “Mission Accomplished!” Happy Thanksgiving, Guys!

Starring Taz, Sean
  • released : 11-24-2006 |

The One And Only...

The One And Only..., Scene #01

Sporting a dark Mohawk with a few blonde streaks, a shiny eyebrow ring, a dirty smile, sneakers, black shorts and a snowy-white wifebeater that clings to a lean frame that you can tell is totally fat-free, even through the fabric, you have taz2, a 23 year old skater kid that looks like just the kind of trouble you want to get into. Despite his thin frame, his arms are well muscled and covered in sexy ink. He gives us a tour of his tats, the sexiness just dripping off his tongue as he talks, one hand reaching into his pants and playing with his favorite toy that he knows we want to see, but enjoying the tease of making us wait.The big buckle opens and we follow down those dark dots of his nipples and past that hairless stomach to a pair of tight black shorts. He goes deep fly fishing, occasionally offering a glimpse of that pink meat inside until he finally makes history of those briefs, stroking his meat under a sexy dark bush until all seven inches stand up over a visibly bloated ball sack. Fisting that meat with one hand, we see the cuts of his six pack dance, so well-defined, like a live motion anatomy chart. He stops midstroke, looks down at his cock, then back at the camera and tells us “I want a tat on my dick of a hundred dollar bill cause I like to play with my money!” Only someone as sexy as Taz could take a cheesy line like that and make it seem to true; this is one guy who owns his sexuality and clearly delights in putting it on display.With a great view of that sexy ass as he humps the couch before sprawling out on the chair and fisting that now throbbing meat, he offers a living flesh version of every boarder who skated by that you ever wanted to see naked and hard. Standing up, his cock looks thick and heavy between those narrow hips as he jumps on the couch, bends over and strokes that meat while offering another look at that sexy ass, totally free of any tan line. Swinging that meat back and forth and then grabbing it tight, he looks like the ultimate go-go boy, but this time he's doing a very private show. Laying down on the touch, the curl in his toes and the tightening of his sack let us know he can hold back no longer. With a steady stream of dirty talk from his lips, a steady stream of cum oozes out of his cock at the same time. Wonder what happens if you bring a buddy for taz2 next time?

Starring Taz
  • released : 08-11-2006 |