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Talon's Video

Duo 23

Duo 23, Scene #01

MJ's claim to fame is that he has received the golden globes in terms of the real estate that makes up one of the finest asses we have ever seen. We could not blame Talon for trying to finger a target that tempting during their oral fest a few weeks ago, but we had to get them together one more time to see if we could get those ass cheeks the internal exploration that anything that round, tight and perfect was just begging for. The fact that MJ not just gave Talon's cock a few strokes, but even took a lick or two, gave us the hope that MJ would be open to explore some further man on man action, but we never expected it to play out the way it did. If you think you can guess who played the “Ministry of the Interior,” keep reading!Without even a glance to acknowledge each other's presence, MJ pulls Talon down by his tee-shirt to his dick and Talon, being eager to please, swallows it all. Yet there is a palpable feeling that there is some unfinished business between these two. AT first, MJ lays almost motionless, as if he is doing Talon a favor simply by offering his dick forth for sucking. When Talon lifts MJ's leg and tongues under his balls, MJ is like a kid with a new toy…sliding further onto Talon until he turns around and moans like a horny bitch as Talon's finger doesn't get slapped away this time, but invited in and even backed up on, signaling that while this rematch is on, the rule book, along with a condom wrapper, is about to be off.Taking a few more licks off Talon's cock, MJ seems to seize the moment, throughing his inhibitions out the window as he sits on Talon's meat in a move that even after editing the footage, we still never saw coming. Even later, sneaking in a kiss that lasts only for the blink of eye, MJ shows that while he might only do this once, but he is going to give it everything he has. Working his own cock while grabbing Talon's legs to work the meat in deeper, it's when MJ leans back, causing Talon's head to rub against his prostate, that MJ totally surrenders reality, bending over for more dicking before getting on all fours and moaning like a man on the brink of ecstasy before both guys roll on their backs and fire a 2 gun victory salute.

Starring MJ Cash, Talon
  • released : 01-01-2010 |

Spring Breaking and Entering

Spring Breaking and Entering, Scene #01

One thing about the guys who come to Florida for spring break is how quickly they empty their wallets, which makes them eager to replenish their party fund. We were not surprised when we got a call from MJ, and while this smooth 20-year-old hottie may have an ass and sex drive that never quits, his ATM card did. We met him in the park and with the lure of enough green backs, convinced him that a mouth is a mouth. The mouth this time belongs to Talon, another college kid high on libido and short on cash. Like a synchronized swimming show, the guys peel off their shirts at the same time and while MJ worked hard keeping his eyes fixed on the porn, Talon glanced at the growing bulge in MJ's pants, and it was all he could do to keep from licking his lips in anticipation.MJ's first glance at Talon's meat was priceless - as if he was seeing an erect penis for the first time. He was tenting his own tighty-whiteys and pulling all seven inches out the side. It sticks straight up in the air as he hooks one hand around Talon's neck and brings that mouth right down to an awaiting meat. Avoiding looking down at first, the swelling of his sack spoke better then words about just how good Talon's oral attention felt. Kicking of his shorts to give Talon unfettered access to a now throbbing pole, he fed that cock and even reached around for a tentative grasp of Talon's dick, which was aching for some attention of its own. It must not have been as bad as he expected as he went back for another grab and in a move we never saw coming, actually leaned over and made Talon's cock disappear into his own mouth. The two sword fight with their cocks, now lubed with each other's spit, before Talon drops to his knees and services MJ's cock again. Stroking side by side, MJ turns and unloads all over Talon's thigh and Talon soon covers his chest in a white storm of his own. MJ seemed to have second thoughts about swimming in fishless water, but pretty soon he decided the water was just fine. This guy does have a world class backside and who could blame Talon for trying to give it some well-deserved attention, though MJ quickly pushed his hand away…this time. As for next time, we'll see if a few extra Ben Franklin's will entice him to invite some deeper exploration.

Starring MJ Cash, Talon
  • released : 05-20-2006 |