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Stefano Ricci's Video

Lonely Cock

Lonely Cock, Scene #01

With a lady killer smile shining on a face that is both adorable and handsome at the same time, Stefano first appeared a year ago like the great white hope. Then, he seemed to fall off the face of the planet, and damn, we missed him as much as you did. That tight body, decorated with a touch of ink, a manner so overtly sexy he could barely contain it, and eight fat inches of cock is something we could not wait to see again. As it turned out, Stefano's whereabouts were not as mysterious as they appeared: he was not abducted by aliens, but rather fulfilling the final leg of his stint in the armed service. While the military policy is technically don't ask, don't tell, this surely is not the Pentagon - so we asked, and boy, did Stefano ever tell. In fact, being a civilian again allowed Stefano to share like never before. Just when we think we have heard it all, hearing Stefano tell us that a locker room provided the opportunity for his father to bemoan that his 12 year old son was already better hung than he was was one for the record books. But it was the inside scoop of the reality of man to man sex in the military that read like a torrid tale ripped from a stroke magazine and sure helped explain why his encounter with Commando was not done at gun point, just with a big smile and ending in even bigger loads.Having traded his government issue uniform shirt for an official CircleJerkBoys.com issue tank top, Stefano is as happy to be back in the studio as we are to have him. As his hand immediately starts massaging the hungry lump in his jeans, we noticed a fresh band of ink around bicep and a look in his eye that dripped with hunger. Stefano unbuttoned his jeans and began a game of peek-a-boo with his cock that started in the front and continued to the back with where he treated us to the glorious view of that ass which, before, he had been pretty shy to give the air time it deserves. With his dog tags still around his neck, as the camera pans down his totally smooth body, it is like when we were kids and stripped our G.I. Joe dolls naked. But this time, the mission is not so secret as Stefano has the same thing on his mind as we do. As for what is in his hand, however, that is where the playbook turns to a brand new page.His fingertip runs across the slit, stretching out a strand of pre from that leaking head before his fist returns to the shaft for a few strokes that leave it rock hard and pointing directly at the ceiling. That was a pole that was aching for a hole if there ever was one, and accommodating guys that we are, we tossed him a pocket pussy without missing a beat. That phrase has seldom been as true as it right now. He grabbed it one hand, the lube with other, and wasted no time in filling that opening. For some one who jacks off as much as Stefano does, it has been awhile since there was something new in that arena to try, but working that make believe twat up and down that very hard pole made everything old brand new again. A few more minutes and that faux vagina went flying and soon a thick creamy load took flight and used his abs as a landing strip. Welcome home, Stefano, Well Cum Home!

Starring Stefano Ricci
  • released : 06-15-2007 |

Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor, Scene #01

It usually takes weeks of planning, a lot of persuading and even more cash to arrange a duo here at CircleJerkBoys.com, but for the first time, we hit the jackpot on the very first play. We had just finished filming an episode with a horny and hung 21-year-old named Commando, and before we he had even turned off the lights, he had the eight-inch beauty up again and was ready for more. As we went to get fresh tapes for the camera, there was a knock at the door: unannounced guests are generally not allowed when we are filming, but when we saw it was Stefano on the other side of the door, there is no time a stud this fine ever has anything but a welcome mat out for him. It was over a year ago that Stefano first appeared here and gave his thick, eight-inch slab of pepperoni the glorious showcase it deserves. Stefano was missing in action for almost a year, but then he took us by surprise and simply turned up one day, just as he has today. We responded the only way possible: we immediately got out the camera and he immediately got out his dick. Also like that day, we express our happiness at seeing him again by making a trip to the ATM and introducing him to a pile of Benjamin Franklins and someone we hope he is about to get to know much better: Commando. We decide to roll the dice, and before they have a chance to connect the dots, we connect the DVD player, open the beer, and hope that will not be the only connecting that will be going on.The interview was the usual banter of pussy tales and conquests, with two young bucks both jockeying to be the biggest stud. They have no way of knowing that soon enough, despite having gotten used to being complimented on the size and width of their big fat dicks, when it comes to the cock department, this is now an even playing field. Soon enough, the combo of cold beer and hot porn has the desired effect, and both guys are rubbing the prominent bulges in their jeans. They are paying attention to the camera and definitely not each other, even when they strip off their shirts. Commando's jeans are not long to follow, and almost instantly, he is pulling open the leg of his briefs to reveal a cock that is growing before our eyes, until a good couple of inches are exposed on his thigh. He has kept his eyes riveted to the porn, but we see Stefano steal a glance at that now fully-hard cock when he thought no was looking. It was not long before Stefano moves and stands out of Commando's view before opening his own jeans and revealing a very hard cock of his own. We are not sure why he positions himself that way; is he a little shy wondering how his own equipment matches up? Is he a little freaked out at being so close to another man's dick? Or maybe, is this his sleuthy way of getting a better view of those eight thick inches of Commando's that are pointing toward the ceiling? The answer to that question is one we cannot wait to find out, and we do not have to wait long.Stefano comes down and sits on the floor next to the couch until he and Commando are both stroking away, their shoulders almost touching. They both stand up, allowing us a glorious view of those two big fat, drooling cocks swaying over our heads that is worth a million bucks. The only way they could both be on opposite ends of the couch at the same time and still have the room to do the deed in their quest to seed was to lay their legs over each other—oh yes, contact at last! With the impish look of someone doing something he is not supposed to do, Stefano, oh-so-tentatively lets his hand wonder over to Commando's cock and takes over the stroking. In a most ironic display of 'anything-you-can-do, I-can-do-it-better' machismo, Commando grabs Stefano's cock: both of them sporting big grins and even letting out a giggle as they looked right in the camera. Seeing both of these guys, touching a cock other than their own for the very first time, and being the ones to record the moment for posterity, made us vow to never quit our day jobs. And despite the initial jitters, it does not get in the way of a massive load Stefano soon dumps all over his abs. Then he gives Commando's balls a little good luck rub and the second explosion soon follows. So did our gamble pay off? Well, what happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but this is Miami, baby and damn, did it ever get hot!

  • released : 03-23-2007 |

Cafe Con Leche

Cafe Con Leche, Scene #01

Half Sicilian, half English, with a tight delicious body, a smattering of sexy ink, a delectable ass, a face to drool over and, oh yes, a fat eight-inch cock that is always ready for action. These are just some of the many, many horny reasons why you all have been clamoring for a return visit from the time Stefano appeared here on CircleJerkBoys.com over 6 months ago. We're not sure if it took him half a year to get over that first initial explosive debut on camera, or it took that long to work up his nerve to admit to himself how much he liked being filmed and knowing he had become the object of a zillion fantasies and countless wet dreams that was responsible for his absence. But when he showed up again out of the blue, we could not get him back in the studio fast enough. His eyes are just as piercing, his body as hot as ever, and the vision of that already hard cock packed into his jeans alone is worth the price of admission. But Stefano also shows us how his early promise of burgeoning sexual magnetism has blossomed into a full garden of commanding sexual delight. And we are more than ready to cultivate this harvest.The shirt is history almost immediately and Stefano works his hands over every inch of that tight, toned chest and down into the packed crotch of his jeans like his body is a sexual theme park one hour before closing time and he wants to make sure he hits every attraction before the lights go out. The dark swirls of pubes spill out of his open zipper, and he sprawls back and rubs and caresses that package inside with a masterful hide-and-seek technique to ensure you are as turned on by what is inside as he is. We are treated to a rear view of that cute little butt as he steps out of his jeans. As he falls back on the sofa, he grabs a pillow and grinds it against his cock before moving to the bed and humping the mattress. From the look in his eyes and the moans from his lips, you can almost see the vision he has in his head of him reliving his last fuck with some lucky slut. But when he rolls over, it's clear this is a guys-only feature. And from the way that cock sticks right up in the air, that does not seem to be a problem for Stefano at all. His balls are already tightening as he spreads his legs wide to invite us in to see that tower of dick in all of its glory. His grasp is so tight on that fat shaft, it almost seems like it will topple over on its own weight. As he lets the shaft go, it lands with a loud thud on those fat-free abs and does that hand-free cock dance, creating a memory you will want to save in your personal fantasy safety deposit box and revisit often. Taking a seat on top of the headboard, he splays his legs and looks down with a commanding gaze like a general on a mountain top inspecting his troops down below. His cock is now twitching with a life of its own; his hands are almost optional at this point as the long cum strands he makes when he places his fingertip on the drooling cockhead illustrates in the ultimate visual aide of breeder guy arousal. The need to seed becomes uncontrollable and to the chorus of heavy breathing and loud moans, Stefano releases a thick load over his abs, shaft and thighs and keeps milking that still hard cock even after we stopped rolling. If you are wondering what he would do if another guy was in the room jacking along...we are too! Stay tuned guys…we hope to be back with some visual aides of our own!

Starring Stefano Ricci
  • released : 02-09-2007 |


JarHead, Scene #01

Every so often, when the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns just right with Neptune, a guy appears at the door who is so perfect, it seems he must not be from this planet. Stefano is one of those guys: a tight bodied, big dicked, idol face serving of straight stud who wanted to follow up his just completed tour of duty by giving us a tour of his booty. And as incredible as that just out of uniform ass is, that 7.5” branch of service in the front is nothing short of stellar. His thick, heavy hanging meat under a dark trimmed bush on an ultra lean body is edible from every angle, from every inch. This 20 year old told us he was half Sicilian, part English and just enough Greek thrown in to make him one exotic looking hottie with a dazzling smile and killer dimples. He was down to his wife beater before we had the camera loaded and the dark ink on both of his biceps told us better than his words that despite a touch of shyness at first, there was a dirty man inside and we wasted no time in letting Stefano express his inner porn star.Staring deeply into the camera with seductively brown bedroom eyes that could make you cream without a touch, Stefano just stands there for a moment, letting us admire with the lens his tight, flat hairless abs, the ridges of his obliques, and his cute little navel as he disposes of his belt like the rip cord of a parachute. Letting the waist band slide down below those dark and curlies, he begins to stroke while still in his boxers, rubbing his nipples with one hand, working that meat with the other, and his eyes making love to you the entire time.He pulls that tube of flesh out of the leg of his shorts and with a few strokes, the grow-er becomes a show-er and one with an awful lot to show for himself at that: not just long and not just with a perfectly shaped head, but so impossibly thick, it almost looked out of place between those narrow fuck-machine hips of his. Moving his hands under his balls to massage a spot that he loves showing attention to, he bends over far enough for us to get the complete view of his ass, his balls, and right down to the tip of that now throbbing cock. At one point, he actually spread wide and let his fingertip go walking right across those ass lips in a move that still takes our breath away. That seemed to be his ignition button as well as soon after, he fires a heavy load into orbit and while still jacking that drooling meat, he winks at the camera as if to say he had as much fun as we did.

Starring Stefano Ricci
  • released : 09-22-2006 |