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Sebastian's Video

Scared Straight

Scared Straight, Scene #01

With a quartet of hunks hung over 8” in “Four Handed Jizz” a few weeks ago, we were not surprised to see it end in so much sperm, nor shocked that all inhibitions went out the window, and we did not even raise an eyebrow when a bone disappeared into a willing mouth, and then the favor returned. However, when the cocks in question belong to Aiden and Sebastian, there is nothing ordinary about it. It was when Sebastian grabbed Aiden, those movie star faces colliding as Sebastian's tongue found its way down Aiden's throat, that we knew we had to get them back alone and let this spark ignite into the inferno we could see was smoldering. It is only this very rare, spontaneous chemistry that ignites the hidden desires that compel a CircleJerkBoys straight guy to test his limits and go beyond them. We have followed Aiden's boldness through duos and trios here at CircleJerkBoys, but this was new for Sebastian. Just how far would Sebastian go, even under these ideal circumstances? As you will see, if you can hold back your load long enough, he went all the way to heaven to back. A piece of candy becomes a shared chocolate kiss, producing an immediate mound in Sebastian's jeans. The way he and Aiden caress each other drips with a sexual hunger which grabs your soul and revels in the nuances of tender passion at the same time. Sebastian is the aggressor, stripping Aiden of his clothes and claiming an oral victory over that 8 ½” spear of Aiden's that has never seemed so hard before. It got even harder when Sebastian grabbed Aiden's ankles and shoved his tongue in Aiden's hole, breaking new ground in what has until now been known as no-man's land. Where breaking goes, entering follows, and soon that tongue is replaced by Sebastian's cock as he fills Aiden with that fat 8” sausage, giving Aiden the ride of his life.With life being the ultimate reality show, and with every reality show having a plot twist, even we could never have conjured up what happens next. Maybe he was lost in the moment of eagerness to experience the unbridled bliss Aiden was feeling, but Sebastian pulls out, turns around and proceeds to lower that perfect jock ass slowly and steadily down Aiden's pole until the rubber meats the road…literally! Sebastian's uncut sausage flops up and down as he rides the look of surprise right off Aiden's face until it is replaced by a leer of pure lust. Flipping Sebastian over, Aiden takes him from behind and finally stands up and launches an epic nut on Sebastian's head until that handsome face is dripping. Aiden's pecs soon get their share of the same treatment. As Aiden takes a lick across Sebastian's scalp, cleaning away a few remaining drops of his own cum, things end where they began as they share the moment in a kiss that leaves them, and us, breathless.

Starring Sebastian
  • released : 04-08-2006 |

Cum One, Cum All

Cum One, Cum All, Scene #01

Vinnie and Mauricio, an ex-soldier and fresh high school graduate we first presented a couple of years ago, are the ultimate example of Cupid hitting a bull's-eye. More than just realizing they didn't prefer girls anymore, they discovered with our cameras as silent but grateful witnesses that they preferred not just guys, but each other. From their first tentative reach over in the Three Way, to that explosive first kiss when we invited them back alone, to the legendary semen volcanoes Mauricio's 8.5” cock erupts with when being royally rammed by Vinnie's thick stick, we are sure more loads have been spilled in front of monitors the world over while watching the electric mix of primal need and overwhelming passion this blessed pair always delivers. For Valentine's Day this year, rather than simply offer another viewing of their incredible chemistry, we wondered what would happen if we knocked down the third wall between subject and audience and invited an onlooker to enjoy the action as it happened, rather than after the fact at home. The onlooker we chose was the horse-hung, ultra-buff and heart-breakingly handsome Sebastian. Our experiment was a success and the result was a triple explosion of epic proportions.Any worries about their chemistry being thrown off went out the window immediately and from the first kiss it was obvious from the way they ripped each other's clothes off, without their tongues leaving each other mouths, that Vinnie and Mauricio appreciated a live audience. While far different than the straight porn he has stroked to on his previous two visits, Sebastian was soon massaging a mammoth bulge in his jeans and hauling that fully hard, eight inch cock out as Vinnie fingered Mauricio's tight hungry hole and then engulfed the famous huge Mauricio meat to the base. Treating Vinnie to some equally fine oral excitement, Sebastian tossed them a condom and settled on the bed for a ring side view of the main event as Mauricio lowered himself onto Vinnie's cock and began to ride him with a hunger, need and passion we have never seen or judging from the moans coming out of Mauricio's mouth, like tidal waves of pleasure he almost could not weather, heard from them before.Sebastian stood and stroked, taking it all in as Mauricio followed suit, slapping Vinnie's ass to fill him even deeper. Crouching over Vinnie's dick, Mauricio's huge cock echoed as it thwacked against his abs and then his thighs as he worked Vinnie's cock until Vinnie literally fucked a load out of his lover's cock that even Mauricio, who has shot loads over his own head and up his own nose before, reached a new record of semen explosion. Vinnie was always a normal shooter but not his time; he exploded like a geyser and covered the bed and Mauricio's still leaking cock with a load the size of which far exceeds any load he has ever shot before. Without missing a beat, Sebastian emptied his balls with a sizeable addition of his own right between their legs. With this trifecta of smiles and jism, Happy Valentine's Day from CircleJerkBoys.com

Starring Sebastian
  • released : 03-11-2006 |

Sebastian's Encore

Sebastian's Encore, Scene #01

Very few guys have ever caused an avalanche in our email box like the debut Sebastian a couple of months back. This 21 year old heart breaker is impossibly handsome, incredibly buff, and incomparably hung with just the kind of fat, eight inch slab of straight meat that wet dreams are made of. What is not to fall in love with in a stud like this! He is truly a super man who had no shame in showing us what was under his tights. If Sebastian was any more edible, he would be an adult sized happy meal but make no mistake about it...he is way too fine for fast food. This buffet of all things breeding and bountiful is a meal you want to savor slowly and in the end, make sure you are royally stuffed! Ever the strong and silent type, one tasty tidbit Sebastian did reveal at the end of his first biography chat is that he works out 6 days a week to and yes, it has gotten him so horned, he had rubbed off a load in gym late at night when it was deserted and he had some privacy. We knew that would be a great place to start this episode, only this time, he would not be alone for long! We took him outside the studio for a run to get him all hot and sweaty, then giving him a quick rinse off in our showers, and letting him handle the rest. It was not long before he reminded us there were two fistfuls to handle and then some.The elastic of his jock was stretched to the breaking point as his cock lead the way to the shower and back to the bed, where be grabs the baby oil and rubs that ultra fine body until he glistens like a living statute. The head peeking out and starting to leak, the smooth bull sized sack, so heavy with a load pent up for too long, you could literally feel the sheer weight of his balls just by looking at them. Even more confident that before and riding the crest of an endorphin high, he rolls over and humps the mattress slowly, deliberately, putting that magnificent ass on display. Seeing the sweat follow the cuts of his six pack, the vein in his biceps twitch and the his pecs dance as he worked that huge meat was as close to masculine perfection as we have ever seen. The intensity and determination on his face as he hammered that meat was electrifying. This was not a man that just wanted to get off; Sebastian had reached the point of no return where his only choice was to surrender to a primal need to spill his seed. The first rope of cum sprays so far forward, it lands on his on his triceps and there were a few more good blasts to follow. When we watched the tape closely afterwards, right before that tremendous nut, seems our boy gave his own ass more then just a causal fly over and got us to wondering if our Super Man is keeping a secret? Just like Lois Lane, and apparently his own fingers, we intend to dig deep. Stay tuned boys...we'll let you know what we can turn up!!!

Starring Sebastian
  • released : 03-04-2006 |

Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator, Scene #01

We all had a guy like Sebastian in high school; incredibly handsome with the ripped body of an Olympic athlete, a slightly distant, brooding demeanor that made you hang on the few words he spoke and a basket in his pants you could not take your eyes off of. This is the guy we all had a crush on back then but this time, we get to see him strip down, bone up, stoke off and shoot his load. We get one other great addition, in reality his dick isn't the size you thought it was it your fantasies at all; Sebastian's eight inch, salami thick joystick is bigger then you ever dreamed!!!The biceps spilling out of his shirt are not just rippling, but down right undulating the a ship's flag on a choppy sea, with a telltale line of ink on the underside that reveals that this shy guy has a hidden freakier side too. All of this and more soon comes into view along with the rest of that incredible body as his ripped, lean abs and ridged obliges come into view along with Sequoia sized quads to match. And smack dab in the middle of all of this magnificence is a one pouch, packed to the breaking points, that sits like the gates to the promised land where your wet dreams are born!Sebastian seems to love being in front of the camera and at the same time, he was seemingly unaware of it; not so much putting on a show allowing his body to be bathed by the lens and captured in all its glory. He dripped with an almost primal sexuality while being totally devoid of one drop of conceit. The sight of the arc of that perfect ass as he humped the mattress only got better as his strong hand reached around and in between, seemingly brushing the hidden center before rolling over and working that shaft. The head, well above his navel, was glistening with its own juice as his nut sack bulged a little bigger with every stroke. When he could no longer stand the pressure, and quite frankly, neither could we, he stood up and fired off a load that dripped down the mirror and puddled on the floor while the last few drops continued to steadily drip off the tip of that still hard, fat pole. We could think of no better explosion to ring in the New Year with! Have a great 2006 from all of us at CircleJerkBoys and oh yes...Sebastian will be back!

Starring Sebastian
  • released : 01-28-2006 |