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Sebastian Keys's Video

Knight's Stick

Knight's Stick, Scene #01

Leon Knight is back in the house and we're glad to have him back with us. Leon is 21 years old and he's originally from Washington DC. Leon is in store for a real treat because Sebastian Keys is making his return and looking hotter than ever. For those of you unfamiliar with this West Coast fan favorite, Sebastian is 21 and though he's originally from Colorado, he now calls San Francisco home. We wondered when the last time these two party animals got loaded. Sebastian got hammered just last week when he went out to a bar and spent a lot more time there than he wanted to. Leon recalls the last time he tied one on was New Year's Eve down here on South Beach. Fortunately these two are pretty grounded and it's not all about partying. Leon has a boyfriend back home that he's still getting to know and he's excited to see where that goes. Sebastian isn't dating the same girl he was with last time we saw him, she's long gone. It gets better. “Currently I'm seeing a lovely gal out in San Francisco,' Sebastian confesses. 'She's actually married but they're swingers and it was her husband's idea that we start dating. So we're all one big happy family.” Hmmm. Did he say “gal”? That's kinda odd. Well, no gals on set today and the only swinging going on will be an awful lot of cock. So let's get to it…Sebastian and Leon make it back to Leon's place and as they drop on the couch Leon suddenly realizes he's sitting on something. He reaches under him and pulls out a butt plug. “Your girlfriend lets you fuck her in the ass?' Leon beams. 'Mine won't let me anywhere near hers.” Sebastian blushes and tells Leon that's not his girlfriend's. Leon seems confused so Sebastian tells him he loves getting his ass played with. Leon is in disbelief but before time to process the intel, Sebastian stands up and pulls his jeans down showing off that sweet ass. He grabs Leon's head and shoves his face up into that ass. “Believe me now?” he grins as Leon starts to eat out that hot hole. Leon buries his tongue deep making Sebastian moan as he gets tongue fucked. Sebastian then pushes Leon onto his back so that he can ride his face. He squats over Leon's eager tongue and starts to grind that ass on Leon's face. “Eat that hole!' he coos before falling forward to get at Leon's thick dick. In a perfect 69 these two go at it each with their own mouthful to work on as they swallow each other's meat. Leon's thick dick is rock hard as Sebastian goes up and down on it like there's oil in them balls. Meanwhile Leon is back to eating that ass as he spreads those cheeks wide and helps himself to more ass. Sebastian then gets a taste of Leon's ass as Leon finds that butt plug and starts to use it on Sebastian's hole. Sebastian gets up and bends over to give Leon better access to that ass. Leon shoves that plug deep inside and starts to fuck it. Sebastian takes it deep before turning around and shoving his cock back into Leon's mouth. Leon then gets to play with that ass some more as Sebastian pulls out an even bigger butt stick—the night stick. Leon teases that hole before sliding that massive pole inside. Sebastian can't get enough as he writhes in ecstasy while Leon shoves that night stick deep inside. Leon then pulls it out and replaced it with his own cock as he starts to fuck Sebastian's ass. He kneels on the couch and get in a push up position over Sebastian as he continues to bury his meat. Then they flip as Sebastian bends Leon over and gives him some of the same, pounding away at that hot ass. Sebastian takes multi-tasking to new heights as he slides that fat night stick back up his own ass while drilling Leon's. He's giving and getting as they work each other into a sexual frenzy. Sebastian gets sent over the edge as he pulls out and unloads all over Leon's back. Leon then strokes his hard cock off all over Sebastian's face drenching it with a hot facial.

Starring Sebastian Keys
  • released : 03-30-2012 |

Sebastian Gone Wild

Sebastian Gone Wild, Scene #01

We have two hotties back in the house this week and with the likes of dreamy Christian Wilde and Sebastian Keys we know it's gonna be a scorcher. Blue-eyed and inked, Christian is 21 and originally from San Francisco. Christian is back after taking some time off from porn land. We're glad he missed the adventure and entertainment that is our industry; because he's on our couch today. Sebastian Keys is 20 and from Cincinnati, OH and these days he's rockin' it solo. He is a free agent and no longer with the girlfriend. We asked these growing boys what their favorite pizza is. Sebastian likes it supreme. More IS More. Christian likes artichoke hearts while they both concur their least favorite is anchovies. When they step out to strut their swagger, Sebastian has a sweet black pin stripe shirt he likes to wear. Christian on the other hand, keeps it casual in a black hoodie that he finds himself irresistible in. We're sure he's not the only one. Being that they've both been in this industry a while, we asked them if there were any misconceptions assumed by many once they discovered what they did for work. “All porn stars have STDs and every porn star does lots and lots of drugs” nods Christian. Sebastian laughs as he concurs. Well, reality is one thing and perception is quite another.Left to their own devices these two are just looking for trouble as they sit across from each other rubbing themselves. Christian stands up and moves closer to Sebastian and brings him over to the couch where Sebastian undoes Christian's jeans. Left in sexy black briefs, Christian's already poppin' a tent. Sebastian rubs his aching cock through them before setting that thick dick free. Christian's cock is dancing at the touch of Sebastian's hand as he caresses and strokes it. He licks that dick before taking it in his mouth. Christian moans as he watches Sebastian worship his meat. He holds it by the base as he nurses on that pole. He takes his time as he swallows every inch of his cock. Sebastian then stands as Christian kneels to return the favor. Christian readily sucks on Sebastian's low hanging balls before going down on his dick. He shoves that dick down his throat as he strokes it with his hand and works that knob with that pretty mouth of his. Sebastian's cock is rock hard as he watches Christian working him over.Christian then gets up and hauls Sebastian up with him as he turns him around and bends him over the weight bench. He gropes that sweet ass and slaps it with his dick before suiting up. He smears some lube on the hole he's about to fuck and he's ready to go. Sebastian braces himself as Christian starts to slide inside. Christian then takes his shirt and uses it as a blindfold and a bridle on Sebastian as he starts to fuck that ass. He grabs that tee like the reigns on a horse and uses it to impale Sebastian back onto his dick over and over. He's pounding that ass deep as Sebastian has to rely on his “other” senses as he gets nailed. Christian means business as he mounts Sebastian with his thick dick. Christian then releases Sebastian and sits back so that he can get his cock ridden. Sebastian sits on that cock and starts to ride that cock with ease. “Awww, such a big dick” he moans as he continues getting that ass stretched. He grinds that hot ass back onto Christian's dick wanting every inch of it—but wait there's more! Christian puts him on the bench again and fucks him missionary. He pounds that ass that as he's fucking him, Sebastian can't help but explode all over himself. Christian then pulls out and unloads all over our cum-soaked Buckeye.

Starring Sebastian Keys
  • released : 10-08-2010 |

Foot Ballin'

Foot Ballin', Scene #01

We have our welcome mats out today as we introduce two delicious men on our site. The first is 19 years old Sebastian Keys that comes to us from just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. There is nothing wrong with having another Buckeye in the house. The second half of this stud duo is Wade Wilder. Wade is 25 years old and from Atlanta, Georgia. We can't give Georgia any grief, we've had several hotties from the ATL gracing our sets lately. We asked these two if they had $500 to spend on anything where would it take them. Wade smiles and says Walmart while Sebastian confesses with his electronics fetish he'd take those smackeroos to Best Buy. We then asked them what part of their bodies they enjoy most. Sebastian says he likes his eyes a lot. “Long eye lashes, sexy green eyes; I get a lot of compliments on them” and we can see why. Wade says his smile and his “V”, as he points at that sexy V that his lower abs form that make most of us take a second look. Either way, both of these guys have a lot to offer and in a few minutes we'll be getting a much better view of what they each bring to the table. We'll have front seats to watch these two put them all to good use. —INCOMING!They sit on opposite couches as they start to grope each other's cocks. Wade moves in closer and immediately grabs hold of Sebastian's foot as he takes off his sandals and starts to lick his toes. Someone has a foot fetish. He then starts to kiss Sebastian as they start to strip each other. Sebastian stands as Wade pulls his jeans down, once on his knees, Wade decides to let his tongue do some exploring on the bulge tenting Sebastian's underwear. Sebastian then strips Wade who lies back as he gets his cock wet. Sebastian goes down on the Southern boy's uncut charm and feverishly works as much of it into his mouth as he can. “Suck that dick.” Wade coos as he gets that cock swallowed. Sebastian works his meat and balls driving Wade crazy. Sebastian then stands to give Wade a mouthful of his own. Wade pushes him back on the couch once his cock springs free. “You're such a good cocksucker” Sebastian groans as Wade deep throats his aching boner. Wade jacks and slurps at that throbbing bone while Sebastian just begs for more of the same. Wade's tongue piercing only heightens the sensation.Sebastian then straddles Wade's chest as he face fucks him some more unable to get enough of that mouth and cock hungry throat. Wade worships his meat and savors those smooth low hangers. Sebastian is in awe as he watches his cock disappear down Wade's throat. Soon it'll be Wade's cock disappearing into Sebastian's smooth ass. Wade bends Sebastian over and eases his thick cock into Sebastian's hungry ass. “Fuck that tight ass!” Sebastian begs as Wade starts to do as he's told. Soon he's ball deep in that sweet ass and fucking away to his delight. Sebastian is on all four and can't get enough of that dick as he begs for more. Wade pounds away at that ass and has more in mind. He puts Sebastian on his back, lifts his legs and gets him into position before squatting down into a pile driver position. Once he's there he slams that cock in and starts to pile drive it home as he bounces on that hole shoving it in to the hilt repeatedly. Sebastian wanted to get fucked and that's exactly what he's getting. Wade then lies back on the couch and has Sebastian continue to ride his cock. Sebastian holds still as Wade fucks up into his hot ass. All that anal stimulation soon has Sebastian pumping out his load while Wade's still buried deep inside him. Wade then beats his own massive load all over his smooth chest and abs.

Starring Sebastian Keys
  • released : 04-23-2010 |