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Sean's Video

No Co-Pilot Needed

No Co-Pilot Needed, Scene #01

Pretty common in real life, your bud gets a girlfriend and seems to drop off the face of the earth. Well, the same thing happens here at CircleJerkBoys.com, and when the bud in question is a guy like Sean, 18 years old, killer smile, smoking body and a new found appreciation that his own world class ass is not just decorative, but a source of untapped pleasure as well, absence sure makes the heart grow fonder – and the dick grow bigger too. It was almost a year ago we first had the chance to be awestruck, watching him in his very first stint on any camera that ended with a load that literally spayed across the room. Out of the blue, he called us, saying he was back in town before leaving on a trip, then off to college and would love to make a little extra cash for the journey - if we were still interested, that is. Sean is one of those guys whose picture never left the bulletin board of studs we were dying to film again, so of course we jumped at the chance. When he walked in the door, it was clear he had spent a good portion of the last year in the gym, as his arms were about to rip the fabric of his sleeves open. His waist was so trim, his pants were riding low and sexy on those made-for-fucking hips. As we were getting set up, Sean told us he had just split with his girlfriend, and she was the reason he never returned our calls – she wanted him all to herself. We cannot blame her for that, but he really enjoyed rubbing it off in front of our camera and had been looking forward to this as much as we were. Not sure if that makes us bad people, as we are not one to come between a guy and his girl, but the fact that Sean is single and back, well – the hell with pumpkin pie, now that is really something to be thankful for. As Sean raises his shirt, it is like the curtain going up on perfection; his abs are so cut, they could be used to sand the point off the top of Washington Monument. His biceps are the size of golf balls, his body fat is so miniscule that his pants can barely stay up, and as he turns around, the muscular symmetry continues across his v-shaped back that flares into expansive, powerful shoulders. He looks right into the camera with a modest, “this ain't' nothing” smile, but with just the right amount of confidence too. He has worked his ass off for a hard body like this, and having it appreciated is making other things hard too: his dick and yours. Following the single line of hair from his navel down, as Sean arranges and rearranges that growing meat inside his boxers, we get a peek or two of his thick, dark bush before he turns around and liberates one perfect ass check, then the other. Next, in a move that almost made us drop he camera, he bends over as he steps out of his boxers, flashes us a fleeting glimpse of that perfectly puckered rosebud between his cheeks, staying in that position to give us a nice long, lustful look, before pulling his cock down between his legs to work the pre dripping from his head to use as lube. All greased up and no where to go? Hardly! He took to the bed, spread his legs wide and let his hand do what we wish ours could; give that hard, hungry cock the stroking it needs.Laying there, stroking away and staring right into the lens, Sean looked like a vision of absolute perfection. As he rolled over, showing off that dark hairy hole in the process, he redefined what magnificence really means. He then stands up on the mattress, bends over to grab the headboard with one hand while he reaches around, pulls down his shaft, and resumes his stroking with the other. That hand continues to go down his shaft, over his balls, and up to his cheeks, making a pass right over his hole on its way back. That is all it took for his cock to throb visibly, so swollen it was bobbing up and down in the air hands free. Moving to the chair, he resumed his one handed beating, but his other hand found a new home, right under his sack to rest on his ass lips. Suddenly moving to sit on the back of the chair, giving him great access to the love button underneath perhaps, we lost sight of his finger right before we gained site of white explosions that he covered the pillow under the seat below with. There's no better way to mark Turkey Day than we can think of. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at CircleJerkBoys.com

Starring Sean
  • released : 11-23-2007 |

The Tazmanian Spin

The Tazmanian Spin, Scene #01

His tight, lean body, sexy ink, smoldering eyes and that “oh yeah, I am a bad boy” attitude made Taz the object of many fantasies right from the start. Of course, that steady stream of dirty talk that flows so effortlessly off that silver tongue and his ability to not just appear on camera, but literally make love to it, increase his appeal right through the roof. Wanting some extra cash for the holidays, we figured this would be a good time to see if his limitations were as rigid as his cock, and used a big pile of cash and one lucky fan named Sean. Sean literally emailed us everyday for almost three months to be the lucky vessel to break in a breeder for his first time at the “All-Man Rodeo.” Timing is everything after all, so we called them both in and, as you will see, while Taz's bone was as rigid as ever, the same can no longer be said for his boundaries. From the very moment the cameras started rolling, it was clear that while he was doing this for the money, he was going to do it with no shame in his game. Sean immediately gets down to business, removing Taz's clothes. Within thirty seconds, Taz is standing up, feeding that rock hard cock to Sean who gives it the licking of Taz's life. Sean nibbles his way over Taz's lean abs, across those smooth nips and up to Taz's neck. Without so much as a heart beat of hesitation, Taz grabs the back of Sean's head and feeds his tongue down Sean's throat in a move that left us almost as stunned as what he does next. Not only did he notice the bulge in Sean's tighty-whitey's, and not only did he help Sean out of them, he grabbed Sean's 7.5” thick pole and did not just give it a good feel, he kept stroking it while going in for another round of kisses before moving Sean back down to his knees. Sean worships that meat with adulation and reverence, licking every inch before moving to Taz's balls and finally back to that throbbing meat. When he could finally get his eyes back into the center of their sockets and look down, Taz's gaze was riveted to the creamy white, round, tight vision of Sean's ass as the next event in this rodeo.After a liberal shellacking of lube, Sean climbs on top for the ride he was been craving from the minute he walked in the door. Taz's cock is thicker and longer than we have ever seen it before and Sean's ass soon makes that pole disappear as he lowers his hole on it until his cheeks land on Taz's thighs and he begins his gallop. Keeping Taz's cock firmly in place, Sean spins around and rides him from the front and, without any direction from us, Taz reaches around and strokes Sean's leaking cock as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Maybe too natural for a guy like Taz who quickly moves Sean for rear entry doggie-style, then flipping him on his back and fucking him like a chick as Sean clearly clucks in delight with some of the most intense moans of ecstasy we have ever heard. Sean busts a huge load all over his abs, and within seconds, Taz adds a huge blast of his own. As we say on our CJB shirts, “100% Straight, but we're working on it,” we now add “Mission Accomplished!” Happy Thanksgiving, Guys!

Starring Taz, Sean
  • released : 11-24-2006 |

Shooting Star

Shooting Star, Scene #01

It's always the quiet ones who surprise us the most. When Dan first walked in with his round glasses, he looked like a guy from the science club who took a wrong turn. I quickly realized he was very outgoing. Combine that with his nice slim look and a hyper-sexuality that was simmering just below surface and I was powerless to resist.This little guy started fucking when he was young and has racked up some adventures that would even make Hugh Hefner proud. Thin as he is, there was no missing that bulge as he walked in the door in, and even better: he couldn't wait to show it off!Dan doesn't just spank it while we filmed. He clealryloved being watched and put on a show that will have you whipping out your cock and jacking off right along with him! Believe me, If I could have held onto the camera and my cock at the same time...I would have to!

Starring Sean
  • released : 08-23-2003 |