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Ryan Raz's Video

Raz Bury

Raz Bury, Scene #01

We have a double dose of pretty this week as we pair up a couple of hot jocks with slamming bodies... and pretty faces. Don't hate. The first is Ryan Raz. Ryan, the blond blue-eyed stud with the rippled bod and the thick dick, is back. We're always glad to see the naturalized New Yorker with the Midwestern roots. The second treat this week is one we haven't seen since last fall when he had his way with Cuban heart throb Christian Castillo who bottomed for the first time ever. We welcome back Alex Foster. He's looking better than ever. Alex has lost the boyish shag, sporting a more controlled look. We now get a better appreciation of that handsome face of his. We asked this picture of jockish perfection, were they to make a biographical movie about themselves, who would they want to portray them. “James Napier” of Power Ranger fame, is Alex' immediate choice. Ryan goes with Scottish Ewan McGregor, a bit better known candidate and we can definitely see the resemblance. As for titles to these runaway block busters, Ryan went with “Now or Never” while Alex picked “Go for it” as his title. Well in the spirit of Going for it I think we should let these two do just that...The chemistry between these two has been apparent from the start, and we're reminded of it once they start to kiss. They can't get enough of each other or get each other naked fast enough. Ryan's down to his briefs, sporting major wood in no time. Even before Alex can get his pants off, he has that dick in his mouth. Ryan isn't about to complain as he gets his rock hard cock swallowed. Alex makes himself comfortable on his knees, as he makes love to that beautiful cock Ryan has to offer. Ryan then begins to feel left out as he pushes Alex off his cock and gets him to stand up so he can have some dick of his own. Alex is rock hard as Ryan pulls off his briefs. He feverishly begins to savor that dick. Alex holds his head by a fistful of blond locks and fucks his face. Ryan doesn't mind at all, as he shoves as much of Alex' meat down his throat as he can. This is going to be intense. These two work each other up as they lick, suck, and continue making out. Alex is back on Ryan's cock again as both of their tongues continue to roam freely on their hairless canvases.They won't be able to contain their desire for long. Alex soon gets up and plops himself on the couch, looking at Ryan, who immediately knows what to do. He straddles Alex, slides on a condom before aiming that California cock at that hot ass of his, and takes every inch of it. Ryan finally has that thick cock where he's wanted it all along. Alex is only more than willing to let him have it. He grinds that dick of his up into that hot ass as Ryan works that magic. They make out as they fuck each other silly. Soon, Alex needs more control. He bends Ryan over and starts pounding that hot ass doggy style. Alex is soon slamming that thick dick deep into Ryan as Ryan just moans and begs for more. Alex holds Ryan still with one hand as he continues to fuck that sweet ass. They then migrate over into missionary position, as we see even more action involving Alex' throbbing cock plowing into Ryan's sweet ass. He fucks his ass harder and deeper as they both get closer to exploding. Once they are near climax, Alex pulls out, and they both stroke their cocks off. Alex is the first to nut as he blows his wad all over Ryan's cock and balls, causing him to explode once his fist gets a warm lube infusion as Alex explodes all over it. Whew.

Starring Ryan Raz
  • released : 05-14-2010 |

Saving Ryan's Privates

Saving Ryan's Privates, Scene #01

tallIt's been almost a year since one of this week's studs made his debut on our site. After countless requests, we're proud to say we have just the “razzle dazzle” you guys were begging for. Ryan Raz is back and better than ever. For those of you who hadn't the pleasure, Ryan is originally from St. Louis, MO, though he now calls New York City “home”. The 6', 26 year-old blond boy from the Midwest is making quite a stir in the Big Apple. After having been under contract with a major studio for the past year, we're glad Ryan's back (...and back in Florida.) This week, we decided to pair up our sexy smooth alum with a recent blond discovery that's not only in Florida—but from Florida. Bobby Rail, who made the Christmas Holidays that much hotter, is back, and we have a feeling these two are gonna hit it off just “swell” (pun intended). Bobby is from West Palm Beach. This 24 year-old has left a wake of drool in his path. He's shown us just how good a top and a bottom he can be. In fact, Bobby lost both cherries here at CircleJerkBoys, as we filmed both his first ever “topping” as well as “bottoming” scenes on cam. Who knew this sexy blond stud's favorite thing to do in bed is eat pussy? Well, there's no accounting for taste these days now is there?!Bobby joins Ryan on the couch and tells him he's sore from working out. Ryan offers him a back rub, which quickly escalates to a whole lot more. They start making out, as Ryan gets to work freeing Bobby's growing cock. Their shirts come off, and Ryan's hand is already buried in Bobby's briefs. Bobby helps him out by sliding his jeans off. Once they're both in their underwear, Bobby decides to get a better look at what's tenting Ryan's briefs. Bobby pulls down Ryan's briefs as his swollen cock springs free. He's rock hard, and Bobby immediately attends to him. He takes all of Ryan's thick 7” cock deep, as Ryan moans his approval. Bobby slides down and kneels between Ryan's legs to get better access at that sweet meat. He licks Ryan's cock from base to tip as he drives Ryan crazy. Ryan decides he wants some too, and gets Bobby to his feet, where he starts returning the favor. Bobby's cock is throbbing and finding relief in Ryan's expert mouth. As Bobby starts slowly face fucking Ryan, we get our first glimpse at that smooth bubble butt of his. Ryan takes his time and slowly works Bobby's meat all the way down his throat. Bobby just watches as he gets his meat worshipped by Ryan. It's making him want a lot more than that sweet mouth of his.nRyan then turns around and gets on all four showing Bobby that ass he wants fucked. Bobby immediately goes in for a closer inspection—tongue first. Ryan gasps as Bobby starts eating his hungry ass out. He's getting that ass wet so he can slide his cock deep inside. Bobby then suits up and starts pushing inside, giving Ryan the cock he's been wanting. Ryan's hot ass opens up for that thick dick. Soon, Bobby is boning his tight ass fast and deep. He holds Ryan's ass with one hand as he bounces him back onto his meat. Bobby then puts Ryan on his back and slides back in for more. He starts fucking Ryan missionary, and Ryan takes every inch of dick he's given. From just about every angle, we can see Bobby's bone sliding in and out of Ryan's hungry ass. Bobby then switches things up as he lies back and lets Ryan work for it. Ryan straddles his meat as he slides back down on to it. He starts to ride that dick as he bobs and bounces, grinding deep to get as much of it inside him as he can. This position proves effective, and soon they both are ready to bust their loads. They lie beside each other and jack off all over themselves, coating their smooth frames with their own seed. Whew.

Starring Ryan Raz
  • released : 03-11-2010 |

Filling In The Hole

Filling In The Hole, Scene #01

“RAZZLE DAZZLE!” That's what they all yelled after taking one look at our recent discovery from the Gulf coast, Ryan Raz. For those of you who aren't familiar with Ryan, he's a 25yo recent New Yorker who has an infatuation with the nerdy boys. “They always have hidden talents to offer” he grins. This week he clues us in on his recent off-color fetish. Ryan has become a fan of the fist. (literally) “It's like going to a new restaurant and trying something you normally wouldn't order and you end up realize you kinda liked it” he confesses. Hmmm. “Ass”—it's not just for dick anymore! With an ass like Ryan's, we're don't know many willing to pass up on that entrée regardless of what he wanted put in it. Along this week is another Missouri stud, who unlike Ryan, has yet to leave St. Louis behind in search of faster lights or bigger cities. Even though Scottie hasn't a dark a dark side as Ryan's, he is just as appealing. Tall with dark features and a brilliant smile, Jimmie turns his fair share of heads even in his clothes. The thick 8” cock does the rest once he's out of them. Last here, Ryan gave up his sweet ass to one very lucky Texan by the name of Dallas. Today, we're gonna have Ryan give Scottie a role reversal and have him actually bottom for a change. This is gonna be good. J Hangin' out in their dorm room, these two find a more creative way to kill time. They begin kissing and making out quickly follows as they then begin fumbling to remove each other's clothes. As their shirts and jeans come off we see their smooth, defined frames come in to view. Both have their briefs tenting as their hard cocks strain to be freed from their cotton-clad confines. Each is stroking the other's cock through their briefs until they can no longer resist the anticipation. The briefs come off and as they do, Ryan is the first to move in for a closer inspection. He takes Scottie's thick dick in his mouth and begins working it over between those sexy full lips. Scottie doesn't mind one bit as he watches Ryan sucking down his cock. Ryan then swings his cock in Scottie's direction as they both begin to suck each other's cocks. Ryan playfully slaps Scottie's cock on his tongue before swallowing back down til Scottie's balls are resting on his face. Ryan is all about the attention to (oral) detail and once he's attended to Scottie's cock he moves his oral talents further south as he goes to work on Scottie's smooth hole. He laps and sucks on his puckered prize, fingering it to get it ready for what's next on the menu...DICK! Ryan gets up on his knees behind Scottie and slaps his thick dick on Scotties ass and spit lubed hole. Scottie's moaning in anticipation even before Ryan's knob begins pushing its way inside. It doesn't take Ryan long before he's buried and pounding away at Scottie's smooth ass. Ryan's cock easily glides in and out of Scottie's hole as he fucks away at him, grabbing his waist and impaling Scottie onto his throbbing cock over and over again. Ryan then lies back and lets Scottie straddle his rock hard cock before slowly lowering his ass back on it. Scottie slowly begins to ride Ryan as Ryan just lies back and enjoys the tight ass on his meat. Ryan's eyebrows furl as his mouth gapes open in a look of rapture that tells us way more then he could even if he tried to. Ryan then gets Scottie up off his cock and puts him on his stomach to fuck him deeper and get his cock inside the way he wants it. In t his position we get a spectacular view of Ryan's hot ass as it rises and falls into Scottie's ass. Scottie is biting the pillow by now as Ryan continues his anal assault. Ryan is grunting and fucking Scottie deep as he pounds away getting closer to giving up his load. Ryan goes for it and fucks Scottie hard and it isn't long before he pulls his cock out and explodes all over Scottie's back. Scottie then flips over and busts his own thick, creamy batch all over himself...Yum.

Starring Ryan Raz
  • released : 06-05-2009 |

Doing Ryan's Privates

Doing Ryan's Privates, Scene #01

After leaving many of our members screaming for more, we've brought back one of New York's hottest additions, Mr. Ryan Raz. At 25, Ryan has already amassed quite a body of work in the year he's been doing this and we don't think anyone will get tired of watchin' him anytime soon. We also invited back a tall, small town Texan boy who's become a familiar face on our brother sites but is making his debut here on CJB. Dallas Reeves, also 25, has quite the fan following and we're hoping these two will make for a hot shoot this afternoon. Ryan, with the sexy A&F looks, is actually attracted to dorky, innocent looking boys. “They're never as innocent as they seem”, he grins. Dallas has a wider gamut of men in his scope; from guys his age to older men, in their prime, like Troy Halston. When we asked these two what their hottest time on cam was, Dallas admitted his scene with Troy definitely topped his list. (No pun intended). Ryan however completely one upped him when he looks at us with those sexy blue grey eyes and says: “Oddly enough, probably when I was getting fisted.” OMG! He goes on to say “It was a really good time” before giggling and blushing like a school girl. It seems Ryan is even more sexual than we thought. There's nothing this stud hasn't done and admits he'd love to do it all—all over again. They finally get to kiss and as they do they lie back to get more comfortable. Dallas' hands run all over Ryan's smooth torso and his hands graze over his sweet ass. They lose their shirts as Dallas begins to undo Ryan's shorts and wake his thick cock as it begins to grow. Their shorts are next as these two now clad in their briefs begin to stroke and tug at their aching cocks. Dallas has Ryan's thick cock in his hands and it soon lands in his mouth as Ryan lies back and enjoys the oral he's getting. Ryan slides Dallas' briefs off as he then goes down for some cock of his own. Ryan takes as much of Dallas' cock as he can as he bobs up & down on his thick meat. They then flip and get into a sexy 69 position so that all parties are happy with the helpings. Ryan pulls Dallas up atop him so he can suckle on his meat for a few before Dallas begins to throat fuck him. On the other end, Dallas' head is bobbing on Ryan's meat like a champ. Dallas wants more than Ryan's cock to taste so he has Ryan lay down while his tongue finds new ventures to explore. He licks and rims Ryan's smooth ass using first his tongue then adding a digit or two. Getting his ass licked and fingered, his cock getting sucked, Ryan is in a state of euphoria. Already having Ryan's legs in the air while he tongue fucks his jock ass, Dallas moves into position between his legs as he gets his dick ready to plow Ryan's spit lubed hole. He enters him missionary as Ryan moans and groans. It isn't long before Ryan's ass is taking his thick cock with ease. Dallas lies behind Ryan and steadily impales him with his meat while Ryan looks back at him to kiss him. Dallas then lies on his back and has Ryan sit on his dick. In that position, Ryan only needs to hold his sweet ass still while Dallas fucks his ass hard, slamming his dick up into his welcoming hole. This position only gets hotter as these two get into it, Dallas bouncing Ryan on his dick while Ryan grinds his hot ass down onto Dallas. The chemistry between these two couldn't be any hotter as they continue to fuck each other senseless. Ryan gets off Dallas and turns around and gets right back on for more but in a reverse cowgirl position. He jacks his thick dick faster and faster as Dallas fucks his ass harder and harder. He begins to moan and groan and you know its cummin'. Cum he does as he unloads jet after jet of cum in time with every thrust of Dallas' dick. Ryan then begins to kiss Dallas as he jacks him off until he too explodes sending his own impressive batch airborne.

  • released : 05-01-2009 |
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