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Rocky Charles's Video

Who Needs A Girlfriend

Who Needs A Girlfriend, Scene #01

This week, we have our favorite Virginian back to show us more of his sexy inked self. The signature locks are gone, but the classic country grin remains on Virginia Beach's own, Rocky Charles. Rocky was first here over the summer, making his debut with a sexy goatee and shoulder-length honey colored hair. This squarely bi-sexual 22 year-old is engaged and admits he's equally drawn to both sexes; though when we met him he hadn't quite explored as much as he has now. He topped for the first time on cam for us with one very lucky Tucker Forrest; opening the door for so much more. Rocky is back to help us welcome yet another Tucker. Ty Tucker is 20 and originally from Orlando, FL. He claims to be 'the last 20 year-old virgin in Orlando' but we're pretty sure had we been filming Pinocchio, his nose would've immediately taken out the camera crew! Both of these studs are huge jackers and admit they jack off 3 to 4 times a day. Ty boasts his record is 5 in one day. Rocky busts out laughing and comes back with, “I could beat that at 13—any day!” Oh-no-he-di—unt. Regardless, these two horn dogs get it where they can. Ty's hottest romp was on the hood of some girl's car while she ride him. Rocky grins, confessing he only did cars when he needed a place to bang other guys' girlfriends. Trouble with a capital “R” this one. Let's get these two jackin…and then some. The sounds of lip smacking are all we hear as the camera pans down to find these two who apparently started without us. They kiss slowly as they eventually start to undress each other. Ty's hands are fumbling at Rocky's cock as Rocky's pulling off his shirt and licking every inch of skin he exposes. He eventually pushes Ty back and gets to work on undoing his pants. Rocky may be bi, but he has a thing for oral when it comes to guys. Within minutes, Ty's flaccid cock comes into view, and it's gone in seconds as Rocky engulfs it in his hungry mouth. Ty's mouth gapes open, moaning at the sensation as Rocky works his magic on his growing dick. Ty's frame is smooth and defines, his sexy pits are on display as he lays back, hands behind his head and gets his thick cock spit-shined. His cock is “Rock-y” hard (cheesy pun intended) in no time and Rocky is giving it the attention it needs as he slurps and gags on his meat. They go back to making out again as their tongue piercings dance a sloppy tango. Rocky's oral exploratory isn't done yet as he slides down and lifts Ty's legs in the air. TY groans and jacks his meat as Rocky eats his sweet ass out; his tongue piercing adding extra sensation on his pink bud. Rocky then offers Ty his cock which he readily works over as Rocky's dick stands at attention. Rocky, being the consummate giver, decides he wants more of that ass and lays Ty back, sucking his cock some more before burying his tongue, and a digit or two, back up that sweet ass. Ty may have grown up next to the Magic Kingdom, but he had to come to the “Magic City” to get a Royal Rimming—Miami style. They then maneuver into a hot “69” position with Rocky on top bunk, going right back to work on Ty's meaty shaft. Rocky is working Ty into a frenzy. Ty is lying on his back with Rocky's cock buried in his throat. He sucks Rocky as best he can 'under' the circumstances. Just when you think it can't get any better these two trade places. Ty, now on top, has much better access to Rocky's rock hard cock swirling his mouth all over Rocky's country cock taking it all the way down his throat. These two won't last much longer at this rate and in no time they erupt. Ty's the first to blow, moaning as he pumps out volley after volley of thick nut all over his smooth navel. A look of rapture comes over his angelic face as he enters a state of bliss. Seconds into his afterglow, Rocky grunts and moves his dick over Ty. “Oh yeah, cum all over my fuckin' chest!” Ty begs, jacking his cum covered cock. Rocky obliges and blows his thick load all over his chest; coating an already milk-laden canvas. Whe—Wait for it—there's MORE—Ty grunts as he pumps out yet another load, seconds after his first. DAMN! Watching a flick of Rocky pumping his own girlfriend really did the trick (no pun intended).

Starring Rocky Charles
  • released : 05-15-2009 |

Back For More

Back For More, Scene #01

This week we have two alumni here to give us some overdue updates. The first is Stefano Ricci who was last on our site early last year in a hot scene with a certain Tony Michaels. Stefano, 22yo now had been featured a time or two on our site and has amassed quite the fan base with that sexy body and thick 7.5' dick. Sadly, we lost him to the West Coast where he relocated to California. The biggest difference between living there and here is 'traffic' he laughs. Over there he also gets a lot of ass. Florida has a lot of Latin ass but out West they have a little of everything, specially a lot of Asian ass. Stefano ain't picky so as long as it's hot he's good. Our partner in crime—and fellow alum of the 'As long as it's hot I'll fuck it' Club—Rocky Charles is back as well. Rocky is 23 and originally from Virginia Beach, VA. He's looking a “little” different. Apparently after deciding to dread his beautiful hair, the dreads proved difficult to sleep with and ended up buzzing off the signature locks we'd grown accustomed to on this Southern charm. Rocky hasn't noticed any difference having shorter hair and he's just been laying low and getting occasional 'relationship ass' from his steady girlfriend. 'Nothing new, nothing crazy...' he complains. Well, we're gonna get to change that for him this afternoon and Stefano is the perfect man for the job. They begin kissing as their hands fumble over their clothes. Rocky's tee comes off as Stefano begins to lick and taste his sexy chest. Stefano loses his wife beater as Rocky takes his turn tasting his nips as he gropes his meat. He lays Stefano back as he goes for his cock. Rocky is a bi-boy that can't get enough oral. He pulls down Stefano's jeans and as he does, Stefano's commando cock springs into view out of his pants right into Rocky's hungry mouth. Stefano can only moan his approval as Rocky licks and slurps his now throbbing meat. They both stand as they play a game of match up, comparing their thick dicks as they jack them inches from the other. Rocky never takes his eyes off Stefanos' uncut meat and as after both these inked studs kiss and grope some more, Rocky goes right back down to swallow more of that delicious cock. Stefano moans softly as Rocky worships his thick dick. He sucks his balls as Stefano just stares down at him doing his thing. Rocky easily takes his dick to the hilt and Stefano isn't complaining one bit! Rocky knows exactly what he's doing on his dick and it shows as he continues to shove Stefano's meat deep down his throat. The next shot we see is an eye opener as Rocky holds Stefano's thick dick up against his sweet ass and begins sitting on it. He slowly begins to give in as his ass starts to accept the intrusion. Rocky's come a long way since his last shoot where he got his mostly virginal str8 ass stretched wide by Peter Stallion. Someone's been practicing. lol Once Stefano gets his dick all the way up into our Southern Charm, he puts him on his back and slides back in. He then starts fucking Rocky without holding back. Rocky grunts and groans as he struggles to accommodate his meat and in no time he's taking Stefano's meat hard and deep. Seeing he has the go ahead, Stefano's pace builds and it only makes him want to fuck Rocky's tight ass even harder. As the camera shoots from overhead, these two look amazing as Stefano fucks away at Rocky whose pale thighs are spread wide getting the pounding of a lifetime. Stefano then switches it up again, putting Rocky on all fours before slamming his meat back into him and taking his ass doggie-style. He's pounding him harder than ever and Stefano's face says it all as his brows furl and his mouth gapes open. Without warning he pulls out and unloads his thick load all over Rocky's smooth back and ass. Rocky watches over his shoulder, trying to catch his breath as he feels the hot load pelt his skin, Rocky then flips over on his back and jacks his own thick load all over his inked navel as Stefano watches nearby. This was definitely one hot class reunion.

Starring Rocky Charles
  • released : 04-03-2009 |

Aww Damn!

Aww Damn!, Scene #01

The hot country boy from Virginia Beach, Virginia is back to expand his horizons; his sexual horizons that is. Long haired, light eyed Rocky Charles is back. Rocky is 22 years old and truly bisexual. He has a steady girlfriend who knows what he is into and is still around. Rocky usually loves to do oral with guys and had mainly topped guys when they wanted him to. We were fortunate when Rocky felt comfortable enough to bottom on camera on our brother site, ExtraBigDicks.com. Tucker Forrest was the first guy he fucked on our site, so he thought it only fair to return the favor. With a face like lil Tucker, who could resist? Well, that scene was insane, watching Rocky grimace while Tucker broke him in. So we decided to have him back on our site and we paired our all-American boy with one of the hottest imports we've had, Mr. Peter Stallion. Peter was last here over the Summer and left many of his fans wanting more after he fucked Damon Phoenix's hot bubble butt. We figured we'd need to pony up a hot co-star to get Rocky to bend over again for some more back yard prodding. Much to our surprise, the chemistry between the Southern charmer and the European gang-bang porn star surprised us all from the start, putting Rocky at ease and making everyone and everything a little more comfortable …well almost everything. Rocky begins to kiss Peter as he sits on the chair. They fall into each other as they begin to explore each other. Peter's shirt opens up, giving Rocky's tongue access as he begins to sample our stallion's chiseled chest. Peter is immediately drawn to Rocky's ass as he gropes at it in anticipation. Rocky, loving oral with guys, undoes Peter's pants and begins to suck his uncut cock. Peter's thick meat is hard in seconds as Rocky works his magic. Rocky strips, then gets up on the chaise and lies back so that Peter can feed him more dick. He kneels over Rocky's face and face fucks him a bit, then just holds still as Rocky suckles on it like a milk-starved calf. Rocky works his meaty shaft and sucks on his balls as Peter just watches in amazement at what he can do on his dick. The next shot we see is Peter's face in ecstasy. As the camera pans out, we see Rocky's face buried deep into Peter's thick bubble butt. The oral he's getting from Rocky is driving him crazy as he stands up and continues feeding Rocky his meat, slapping his cock on Rocky's pierced tongue. All this action is getting them both worked up, and Rocky knows what our top boy's gonna want, so he decides to give him a preview. He bends over and gives our stallion a show, spreading his sweet ass wide and fingering his tight hole as Peter watches, stroking his fat dick inches away.“Oh SHIT!” Rocky gasps in pain, as he tries to sit on Peter's massive meat. He grabs his thick meat by the base and tries to get his ass to open up for it. He is breathing hard and cursing as he tries to get it to go in. Peter is laughing as he sits back and watches Rocky struggle to take his dick. “All the way down, C'mon.” he taunts, as Rocky is breathing like he's going into reverse labor. Peter just lies back as Rocky struggles to take his cock. Peter then decides to take matters into his own hands and puts Rocky on his back and starts sliding inside. Rocky grunts out for more lube as Peter continues his anal assault. Peter begins fucking him faster, regardless of Rocky's grunted objections. Peter then puts Rocky face down and slides back inside him; and really starts fucking him deep. Peter's sweet ass rises and falls deep inside as Rocky grunts and groans a combination of “Awww Fuck”s and “Unghhh”s. Peter puts a finger in Rocky's mouth as he fucks him to quiet him down. It's hot to watch Rocky immediately start sucking on it like a pacifier as he gets his ass pounded. Rocky can't take much more, and they sit back and beat their meat to climax. Peter is the first to cum, and that tight ass must've driven him wild because his first load hits him in the face. The rest of his boys follow suit as they splatter all over his smooth chest and abs. Rocky isn't far behind as he, too, unloads all over himself. When we asked Rocky how that felt, he laughs as his eyebrows meet with a puppy dog look and laughs out a “That sucked”. lol We guess Rocky is still more into fucking than getting fucked. Lucky for Peter, he got to go where few men have gone before!

  • released : 01-09-2009 |

Long Time Cumming

Long Time Cumming, Scene #01

You'll never guess who came back wanting more of the same? Rocky Charles is back and ready for more man love. At 22, Rocky is the Bi-sexual poster boy. Originally from Baltimore, MD “Greatest City in the World!' he brags '…at least that's what it says on the benches!” He has a girlfriend who knows what he does and is accepting of his bi-sexual needs. He admits sex with girls or guys is all the same to him. “A hole's a hole in my eyes” he explains. It's all about the pleasure and who you're with. He prefers oral with guys; but he'll fuck too if the guy wants it. He hasn't really been much on the receiving end; but loves a tongue or a finger in his backyard. Fortunately, Rocky admits he's open to trying a lot more when it comes to guys. It will all depend on who he's with and the chemistry between them. Last time Rocky was here a few weeks ago we paired him up with lil Tucker Forrest for his first on cam oral scene with a guy. Tucker is from the Midwest and as irresistible as they come. Boyish looks and a man-sized dick; he's as hot a bottom as he is a top. Though he mostly bottoms on camera for us, he is mostly a top in his personal life. He loves masculine guys and admits he's turned on by Rocky being Bi-sexual. It makes him seem more masculine. Masculine guys really turn him on. He can't really say which position gets him off harder, giving or getting, but at the end of the day it all depends on who he's having sex with as well. Gr8 minds do think alike. They begin to get reacquainted, kissing softly as they begin to explore each other. Rocky kneels between Tucker's legs as they make out and commence to undress. As they undress, piece by piece, we begin to see Rocky's inked bod as Tucker begins to lick and taste every inch of it. It isn't long before Rocky's tuggin' at Tucker's shorts that are the only thing keeping him from getting more of Tucker's 8” cock. Rocky goes down on him like an oil rigger, bobbing up and down while Tucker just lays back and watches, moaning in awe at this Bi boy's oral skills. Tucker then gets up and stands Rocky up against the lockers before going down for some cock of his own. Tucker sucks and slurps on Rocky's cock which is growing by the second. Rocky gasps, his head turning side to side as he moans, his sexy locks caressing his face as he does. Biting his lower lip in pleasure, Rocky holds Tucker's head as he guides him up and down on his fuck stick. Tucker definitely knows what he's doing on Rocky's cock and it's driving him mad. He pulls Tucker off his cock and moves the fun to the bench as they begin to 69. Rocky goes back to what he loves doing and as he swallows more of Tuckers meat, Tucker takes his queue out of Rocky's own playbook and decides to give his backyard some attention, licking and sucking Rocky's ass. Rocky follows suit and goes south for a taste of Tucker's sweet ass as they rim each other in a hot 69. Tucker's eyes roll back as Rocky does his thing, licking and then fingering him. Tucker's in overdrive and is gonna need more than a tongue in those sweet cheeks. Tucker gets up, leans against the lockers, bends over and offers Rocky his tight ass. Rocky's all over that and immediately is spreading Tuckers cheeks with one hand and shoving his cock inside with the other. Tucker grimaces as he gets used to Rocky's meat making its way inside. It isn't long before Rocky's moaning and grunting as he fucks him deep. Tucker strokes his own aching cock while taking Rocky's. Tucker wants it deeper and has Rocky sit on the floor and then lowers himself until he's back on that cock again. Rocky moans as Tucker's tight ass engulfs his throbbing cock. Tucker begins to ride him hard as Rocky grabs his waist bouncing him even harder on his meat. This does the trick as they both move to the bench to bust their nuts. Rocky's the first to blow, pumping out load after hot load all over the bench. Tucker isn't far behind and soon blasts his load all over Rocky's mess. First oral, now some hot anal. We hope to get this Baltimore Bi boy to bottom. (say that 3 times drunk when you're fast) We intend to leave him all “tucker”d out! (pun intended) —keep your fingers crossed.

  • released : 11-07-2008 |
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