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Roberto Carnivelle's Video

Letting It Go!

Letting It Go!, Scene #01

Roberto Carnivelle is everything you'd expect from an Italian stallion. He's 22, tall, chiseled, dark features, and basically what Michelangelo would've deemed worthy of a chunk of marble five centuries ago. Back home, Roberto is a personal trainer and a fashion model. He had a girlfriend back in Italy that he left behind after four years in order to pursue other ventures on this side of the pond. He loves it here and says the culture and lifestyle is different than what he's used to. He specially loves all the women walking around. Well, South Beach is known for its honeys. Roberto loves exotic women and black girls, and Latinas make his blood boil. He especially loves girl that know how to suck cock. That's his favorite thing to do …and he prefers nice girls to mean ones. When asked if the girls in Miami are more passionate than the ones he left behind —“No, no, no!', he laughs, 'Italian women are better.” He is incredibly sexual; yet doesn't like to jack off. He saves his reserves for when he gets to put it to better use. His first awkward experience was at the tender age of 15 with a much older girl who seduced him. He's been perfecting his craft ever since. When asked what would be his ultimate fantasy: “I would want to have a big orgy with 5 hot, black girls, of course.” —Mamma Mia!As we begin Roberto is already beginning to strip. His abs are the first thing that jump out at you. They look amazing on his smooth torso. He flexes, showing us his body that looks incredibly ripped. He has tattoos galore that adorn his delicious frame. One of a set of lips just above his underwear as if he had just been kissed. His right bicep has one dedicated to his dear old mom, and has a beautiful bitch tat that spans his lower back. Two sparrows holding up a banner that reads “Only God can Judge Me”, I guess with a bitch tat you should remind us not to judge you. …Those crazy Europeans. He slowly slides off his underwear to reveal his perfect ass. It's rock solid and has dark fur along its sweet crack. He loves to show off, and he gives us a great show. He sits back on the chair and begins to work his now swollen cock. His throbbing bone is a thick 7½” slab of uncut, Genoa salami that would make any mouth water. As he sits back, one can truly appreciate his form. His broad shoulders and muscular back “v” into a tight waist, and his sexy thighs set the backdrop for his thick cock.He stands to give us a better view and strokes his cock as his foreskin glides over his throbbing knob. He runs his big hands across his upper torso and down around his ass and inner thighs. An overhead shot gives us a spectacular view of the Italian panorama as Roberto looks up at you with those sexy bedroom eyes, out from underneath those sexy dark eyebrows. His features are amazing, with classic lines, and his mouth seems to have only one setting—“pout!” More close ups of his uncut cock as he sits back, shows us his ass again, and then ends up sitting on the floor. On the floor, Roberto spreads his legs wide and starts jerking faster and faster. His body begins to tense up as his look becomes one of total focus. Roberto's not going to be able to hold off much longer. “I'm going to cum…” breaks the silence as he points his rock hard cock towards the floor. He moans as his cock sends his thick “cannoli cream” splattering on the hard wood below. To think, some people don't even appreciate good Italian desserts. Sucks to be them, huh?—Mangia, Mangia!

  • released : 12-05-2008 |

Lunch Time Strokin'

Lunch Time Strokin', Scene #01

¡Viva Italia! Roberto Carnivelle, our dark, swarthy Italian import is back. Since we last saw our Italian personal trainer and fashion model, he has gained a whole new appreciation for Miami and all it has to offer. “The Best women are in Miami, I promise you” he beams as he tells us about his latest conquest. He met a hot black girl in the pool of his building and they ended up hooking up. She gave him the best blowjob—ever! “I'm only 22 but it was the best blowjob of my life.” He blushes. Awwww. He has so much left to learn. Besides, we all know Boys do it better. Roberto is all about the oral. That's his favorite thing to do. There's nothing better than getting his fat cock swallowed by a horny bambina. He got his first blowjob at 17 and says it was a memorable experience; mainly because the chick was all teeth. He's come a long way since then and in his world travels we are fortunate enough to have him back again while he's in South Florida to show us his chiseled, inked frame; sexy face; amazing ass and that thick money maker. Wearing tight jeans and a cut off tee, Roberto begins to strip. As he peels off his shirt we immediately see the definition in his smooth torso. A heavy silver chain adorns his neck as it draped between his defined pecs. He unbuckles his belt and slowly slides them down leaving him in a sexy pair of D&G briefs. A sexy tattoo of a kiss or “bacci” is just above his waistband where we're sure many women have kissed. He pulls down his briefs to start stroking his thickening cock. His uncut meat is quick to respond as it begins to come to life. He turns around as he peels down his briefs showing us his sweet ass. Above his ass in bitch tag land, Roberto has an intricate tattoo of 2 sparrows in a field of stars holding a banner that reads “Only God Can Judge Me” Makes you wonder just how bad a bad boy he really is. By the time he turns back around for us his cock is throbbing. He jerks it with one hand for a bit before double-fisting his meaty shaft. His naturally smooth balls are pulled up tight as they bounce back and forth to his stroking. He then takes his session to the floor as he leans back on the lockers. He massages his loaded balls as his cock, standing straight at attention, does circles in time with his massaging. He pulls his heavy nuts down as his cock bounces about freely. They immediately recoil back below that thick shaft of his. He stands up and continues stroking his cock as we get different angles of our Mediterranean model. His face, with his classic features, brooding eyes and pouty lips just adds to the visual experience as he focuses on the task at hand. He squats as he continues playing with his uncut cazzo. His facial expressions are a tell-tale sign of what's to come as his eyes glaze over in ecstasy. He lies back, propping himself on one arm as he jacks his cock faster and faster. His lean body looks amazing sprawled out in contrast to the dark wood floor. He moans and his breathing intensifies suddenly as we see his cock explode. Thick lava shoots way across the floor in 3 huge blasts. The rest of his creamy load lands on the floor beside him. Roberto lies there, glistening in sweat, as he strokes out the last remnants of his batch. It's a wrap. —Ciao Bello!

  • released : 08-15-2008 |