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Ridge Michaels's Video

Fall for a Cliff

Fall for a Cliff, Scene #01

Open the windows cuz it's gonna get hot in here as we welcome back Ridge Michaels and Cliff Jensen. Ridge is 22 and from Orlando, FL and Cliff is also 22 and from South Florida. We wanted to have a little fun with these two and asked them to describe each other if they were cartoons. Cliff thinks Ridge looks like a Go-go gadget character. Well Ridge thinks Cliff looks like a character out of an Archie comic strip. We then asked them to describe the perfect cock. Ridge likes the cock to be 7”-9” long, thick but not too thick. Basically what he's working with today. Cliff does have a rather nice cock. For Cliff even though he's str8, he likes cut cocks because they look cleaner. He also likes girls with clean snatches without the drapes. We won't get into too much detail on that topic. Cliff has a wild side and depending on who he's with it either comes out to play or keeps it on the DL. Ridge is looking forward to the fun today. They've worked together before so he's already familiar with Cliff's “tool” set and loves how he uses it.Cliff and Ridge are on the couch as Ridge starts to comment on his body looking so much better. Ridge attributes it to working out and a good diet as Ridge lifts Cliff's shirt up to get a better look. Cliff is a-la-natural and we get to see his sexy furry chest. Ridge starts to lick his nipples as Cliff moans. They stand and continue kissing as they lose their jeans and play with the tents each is sporting in their briefs. They kiss and explore some more before setting their cocks free. Ridge drops to his knees as he gets a mouthful of cock. He licks and savors every inch as he shoves Cliff's cock all the way down his throat. Cliff groans in ecstasy as Ridge sucks that cock and plays with his smooth nuts. Ridge then gets on his back so that Cliff can fuck his face and tease him by running his cock all over Ridge's face. Cliff straddles Ridge's head as he points his cock south as it gets nursed on. He leans forward; burying his dick in Ridge's throat as he starts to play with Ridge's leaking cock. We weren't kidding when we said Ridge was excited about today, he's apparently dripping with anticipation!Ridge is ready as he straddles Cliff's cock. He holds it by the base, pushing Cliff's hand away. He's got this as he sits on that thick cock. His hungry ass gives way as Cliff's cock slides home. Ridge starts to grind his hot ass back onto that dick driving Cliff wild. Cliff just lays back and watches as Ridge works his magic. Cliff doesn't want to seem selfish so he starts to slam that dick up into that tight ass as his smooth balls bounce against Ridge's ass. Then Cliff gets Ridge off his cock and lies behind him so he can slide that cock back inside from behind. Ridge is so hungry for more dick that he bucks that ass back onto that dick as Cliff pounds away at his hole. Cliff then slides onto the floor and slides his thick cock back into that ass missionary. He grabs Ridge by the waist and impales him on his aching cock over and over. Ridge can't help but stroke his aching meat as Cliff stretches that tight ass wide. Cliff hits Ridge's sweet spot and it sends him over the edge as he coats his chest and abs. Cliff isn't far behind as he pulls out and blows his own wad all over Ridge.

Starring Ridge Michaels
  • released : 05-06-2011 |

London Ridge

London Ridge, Scene #01

Parker London makes his debut with us this week and we can't wait to get this tall hung hottie naked. Parker is 26 and originally from Ohio. Ridge Michaels is also here helping us welcome Parker onboard. For those of you unfamiliar with Ridge, Ridge is 23 and a home grown boy from Bradenton, FL. We asked these two if they were to win $1,000 in a scratch off what they would do with it. “Save it” is Parker's response. Somehow we figured Ridge would have a different response and sure enough he'd blow it all on a laptop. We then asked them what it is about a guy that catches their eye first. They both agree the face is what seals the deal. You gotta be able to look at him if you're gonna go there. We then asked them if they had a choice to be either a bottom or a top for a year what they would choose. Parker would opt for the top spot. Not because he dislikes being a bottom it's just all the prep work involved. No merit badge for this scout. Ridge wants to bravely forge into unchartered waters and be a bottom only because it would be something new. Well the only way to know if you truly like something is total immersion. With that in mind let's get these two “immersed” in each other…They're both hauling in a dumpster find when Ridge asks Parker why they're bringing this ottoman in to begin with. “It's perfect for just about anything' Parker grins, 'sitting, fucking…” Parker reaches for Ridge's crotch as they start to make out. They fall onto it as they start to strip each other. The clothes come off as the party moves to the couch where Ridge gets his hands on Parker's thick cock. He pulls it out of his briefs and starts sucking his cock. Parker moans as he gets his throbbing cock spit shined. Ridge is rock hard as he nurses on Parker's pole. Parker teases Ridge as he slaps his face with his hefty cock before sliding it back in that hungry mouth of his. Parker then switches and sits on the floor so that Ridge can feed him some dick of his own. Parker goes to town on Ridge's thick 8” cock. Ridge pays him back as he rubs his dick all over his face, slapping him with it before fucking his throat. Parker does his best to take it all down his throat 'til it makes him gag. Ridge then goes back down on Parker giving him access to that hot ass. Ridge fingers that hot hole as he licks it getting Parker horny for a proper fucking. Ridge has Parker with his legs spread and waiting for dick.Ridge can't wait any longer and slides his thick cock inside. He starts fucking Parker missionary on the ottoman which affords him the perfect perch. Parker is going nuts getting that hot ass stretched open. Ridge looks down to watch his thick meat effortlessly disappear into Parker's beefy ass. Ridge then flips him over and gets back to work, tapping that ass doggy style. He picks up the pace as he fucks Parker faster and deeper. Parker takes it like a champ as Ridge continues to deliver all the dick he can handle. What's good for the goose is good for the gander as Parker sits back and has Ridge sit on his cock for a change. Ridge sits on that thick corn fed cock and starts to ride as Parker's eyes roll into the back of his head. Parker grabs Ridge's waist and starts to bounce him on his pole. Ridge responds by grinding his tight ass deeper as he kisses Parker. Parker's cock hitting Ridge's sweet spot just right and it sends his load flying all over his smooth abs. Parker then pulls out and unloads his own thick batch all over Ridge's cum covered cock.

Starring Ridge Michaels
  • released : 03-04-2011 |

Bonus Poke-Us

Bonus Poke-Us, Scene #01

Today we have a special treat or two as we get ready for the Holidays. A familiar face on our brother site ExtraBigDicks, Connor Maguire makes his debut with us. Connor is 19, hung and home grown hailing from right here on Miami Beach. We have another debutant as well, Mick Gibson who is a hot 20 years old from Anderson, Indiana. We asked these two whether they preferred pizza or burgers for comfort food. Burgers it is for Mick whose ultimate burger would consist of 2 pounds of beef, a few toppings on a sesame seed bun. It's pizza for Connor who likes to keep it simple with one topping on his pizza, barbecue chicken. We then wondered who they would spend their New Year's with and where they would want to. Mick wants to spend it in Times Square in the Big Apple with his other half. Connor wants to spend New Years on South Beach with whatever creatures of the night there may be at the time. Anyone that's been out and about on SoBe knows that's always a good time. Connor was off and running at 6 years old when he discovered his pecker. Mick discovered jackin at 13. “I wasted 3 summers doing that” he laughs. Well, 3 summers is enough, we needn't waste anymore time. Let's get these two naked!Mick gets the bad news that he'll be spending Christmas Eve alone since his girlfriend won't drive through a little snow. Ugh—women. lol Connor reassures him they'll be fine without her as he coaxes Mick into getting a massage. Hmmm… He pulls off Mick's shirt to get a better look at the muscles he's feeling thru his tee. They start to kiss as Connor's hands continue to roam all over Mick's tattooed frame. “What do you say we open up our presents now?” asks Connor as he fumbles with Mick's belt. Christmas will cum early alright as Connor grabs Mick's huge boner. He kneels to better appreciate it as he wraps his lips around Mick's Yule log. Mick moans softly as he gets his cock worshipped. Connor then gets up to free his own throbbing cock. They jack each others dicks for a bit as they continue making out. We don't need no stinking girlfriends! Connor then lies back as Mick gets to work returning the favor. Connor's thick, uncut cock is soon at full mast as Mick spit-polishes it. “Now this is a candy cane” beams Mick. A hot 69 is next as they continue to get each other hotter for more.Connor can only grunt as Mick starts to fuck him. His hard body slams up inside Connor's as he shoves his thick dick in and out of that hungry hole. As Mick fucks Connor missionary we get a great view of his compact frame as his muscles writhe beneath his pale skin. Mick then sits back on a chair and grins as he delivers his next gem, “Why don't you come sit on the North Pole?” Seriously!—who could resist? Connor sits on that dick in a Miami minute as he leans back and gets bounced on that Midwestern cock. Connor can't get enough of that dick as Mick slams up into him. Mick then pushes Connor forward so that he's bending over in front of him. It's the perfect transition into some good old fashion doggy. He grabs Connor's waist as he watches his thick cock disappear inside Connor's smooth ass. “That's a good little elf” he coos as he pounds away at him. Santa never had it so good. They both get close and lie back side by side as they jack themselves off. Connor's the first to explode all over himself. Mick is a close second as he too blasts his cream all over his happy trail.

  • released : 12-17-2010 |

Exploring Dora

Exploring Dora, Scene #01

Today we have two Floridians in the house as we welcome back Ridge Michaels and Michael Dora. Ridge is 22 and originally from Sarasota. Michael is 21 years old and originally from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We asked these boys if they could have a walk on role on their favorite TV show, which show would that be. “GLEE!” was Ridge's immediate response while Michael would want to appear on “The A List”. They both have Facebook pages so we wondered what historical figure they would want on their page. Ridge would love to have Marie Antoinette as his Facebook BFF. Michael, apparently failed History, so he settled on Shakespeare. They both got into sex toys later on and Ridge used his first vibrator on the set of his first porn shoot. Michael's first sex toy was a Flesh Jack. Both of these studs are packing and Ridge realized he was bigger than the average guy in high school. Michael wins the prize since he realized it at the age of 6 in a locker room; when he realized he was bigger than everyone there. “Awkward” lol Feel free to visualize that Kodak moment; on second thought, let's get these two better acquainted.Ridge and Michael make it home and Michael is freezing. Ridge takes off his jacket and puts it over Michael. Ahh, chivalry is not dead. They start to kiss as that jacket and a whole lot more start to come off. Ridge takes his shirt off revealing his smooth defined chest and abs. Michael licks at his nips while his hands explore the rest of him. Ridge then helps Michael out of his tee and starts to rub his hot chest. It seems Michael is letting his sexy hair grow back in on his chest and happy trail. Oh Goody! They kiss as they lose layer after layer until Ridge is standing in front of Michael who finally pulls off his briefs. His hard cock springs free as Michael wraps those sexy lips of his around them. Ridge is rock hard as Michael sucks on his dick. While he does, his own cock is tenting his briefs and he'll need some help himself. Michael then sits back and watches as Ridge kneels before him and discovers just what had everyone a flutter in that locker room. He hauls out Michael's thick 8½” cock and goes to work. He swallows as much of that thick cock as he can while Michael just moans his appreciation.They then maneuver into a hot 69 as Michael dangles his head off the chair to get at more of Ridge. All this oral attention's only gonna lead to one thing. (…which is what we want—so we ain't complaining!) Ridge needs more than Michael's hot mouth as he suits up and watches as Michael sits on his hard cock. Ridge immediately starts to fuck into that hot ass as Michael starts to stroke his own aching meat. “Feels so good” Ridge coos as he gets his cock deep inside. Ridge then gets Michael on his back as he slides back in that hot ass missionary. Michael writhes as he gets that hole stretched and that prostate tickled. Ridge picks up the pace as he makes out with Michael and slides in and out quicker. If you see this chair a'rockin' lol Ridge then pulls out and bends Michael over and goes to work tapping that ass doggy style. He holds Michael by the waist as he slams in that ass. Michael winces as he gets that ass fucked. They then dismount and stroke their cocks off side by side. Michael is the first to blow shooting his load all over himself. Ridge is a close second as he aims and unloads all over Michael's cum covered abs.

Starring Ridge Michaels
  • released : 12-03-2010 |
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