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Ridge Michaels's Video

Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast Sausage, Scene #01

This week we have sexy Chris Tyler back in the house to ride the ridge, Ridge Michaels that is. Chris is 26 years young and originally from the Lone Star State. Ridge is 23 and a Florida boy born on Long Boat Key to our north. We thought we'd get an idea on what makes these boys tic and asked if they could be anybody for a day who they would be. Chris would want to be the President for the day while Ridge would want to be the gay Hugh Heffner. Hmmm. Chris tried man-on-man fun about 3 years when he tried taking dick for the first time. It was more work than he thought it would be but admits there's a pay off. Ridge has also experimented with women. He started off with women and is still attracted to women. Ridge has mostly been more of a bottom for us and we wondered if that was what he mostly was into off camera in his personal life. Ridge assures it isn't but that it also has a lot to do with who wants what and the chemistry between them both on and off set. He also admits he's been able to take a lot of what he's learned on cam and applied it to his moves at home. For Chris, it's the opposite. What happens at work stays at work and he doesn't want the two worlds to ever collide. On that note, buckle up boys...'Man, you still got your pants on' laughs Chris 'you got a fucking morning wood, bro!' Chris then pants Ridge, yanking his PJ bottoms and underwear down around his ankles. Ridge's hard cock springs free as Ridge grabs Chris' cock to find he's in the same boat. Chris admits he's always excited as they start to make out. Ridge pulls down Chris' shorts as he gets down on his knees and starts sucking on Chris' thick uncut dick. Chris' nut sack is huge being born with a bonus nut making all the difference as his huge nuts slap away at Ridge's chin. Ridge has Chris moaning and totally impressed with his oral skills as Ridge flips around so he can get that tongue up inside Chris' beefy ass. Chris moans in ecstasy as he gets that hole licked. Ridge then stands to let Chris give him a little of the same. Chris shoves that dick as deep as he can as he sucks on Ridge's smooth nuts and chokes down as much dick as he can take. Ridge moans as Chris uses his hot mouth and fist to pleasure that dick. Chris is hungry for that dick as he savors every inch fucking his face with it as he tugs on Ridge's balls. From there they end up in a hot 69 with Chris taking top bunk sucking more dick as Ridge eats that ass getting it nice and wet.Ridge eats that smooth ass making Chris horny for more than that tongue of his. He slides a rubber on Ridge's thick 8' cock while he's still riding his face then announces he's gonna sit on that dick. He gets off Ridge's face and straddles that thick dick as he holds it steady before slowly sliding it into his ass. 'You like that?' he coos as he starts to ride Ridge's thick cock. Chris starts to ride that dick like a pro bouncing on that dick hard and fast taking every thick inch as deep as he can get it. Ridge then starts slamming his dick up into that ass getting it in even deeper as Chris whimpers in delight. Ridge then gets into position as Chris gets into a push up position with his feet on the couch and his hands on the floor to give up more ass. Chris can't get enough as Ridge slams that dick back inside for more. 'Ride that ass' Chris begs as Ridge pounds him even harder. Ridge easily gets that dick deep by sitting on Chris' thick thighs and having that ass at the perfect position to fuck in and out of. Missionary is next on the menu as Chris gets his ass served up as Ridge holds his legs in the air and slams back into Chris' hole. He fucks him hard and fast sending him over the edge as he pulls out and drenches Chris with his massive load. Chris then jacks his own cock to completion adding more load to the mix.

Starring Ridge Michaels
  • released : 03-02-2012 |

Oral Roberts

Oral Roberts, Scene #01

This week we paired up two familiar fan favorites to see what kind of fireworks would happen between them. Ridge Michaels and Dylan Roberts are back and we're looking forward to seeing what they got. Dylan is 22 and currently lives in Northern California. Ridge is 23 and originally from Long Boat Key, FL. Dylan is looking better than ever and says that diet is 75% of it and the rest is the lifting part. It's a whole mind set and definitely admits it's easier when you feed the body right. Ridge is also looking good and fortunately has good genes and isn't really worried about having to worry about his diet. All diets were meant to be broken and around the holidays Dylan likes to gorge on pumpkin pie and Honey Baked ham is Ridge's weakness. We then wondered what is their proudest sexual accomplishment. For Dylan it was doing the Police Academy Gang Bang which went really well. For Ridge, his proudest sexual accomplishments was going to New York and getting the chance to have sex with one of his favorite stars. Some boys have all the luck...These two start before we even hit record as they make out and let their hands roam. Dylan's shirt comes off as Ridge starts to lick his rock hard abs. His shorts are next as Ridge gets a closer look at the tent in Dylan's briefs. He hauls out his rock hard cock and goes to work on it. Dylan moans as he gets his dick worked. Ridge savors his meat licking inside Dylan's foreskin making him squirm with pleasure. Ridge grabs that shaft and shoves it as deep as he can wanting to please his new buddy. Dylan gets Ridge on his feet as they go back to making out. Dylan then gets Ridge on the couch to give him some of the same. Ridge gasps as Dylan wraps his lips around his 8' cock. Dylan goes for it as he shoves that dick deep. He strokes Ridge's cock with one hand as he swirls his mouth around his knob. 'Oh, you suck dick so good' moans Ridge as he watches Dylan go to town on his dick and smooth balls. Ridge's ass is next as Dylan bends him over and goes in tongue first. Ridge can't get enough of that hot tongue inside his hole and soon wants to have more than just Dylan's tongue up in there.Dylan suits up and has Ridge straddle his dick and sit on it in a reverse cowgirl. Ridge grinds his cock down on that cock before starting to ride it. Dylan helps by slamming his meat up into that hot ass. Ridge finally gets that dick he's been wanting as Dylan continues to bounce him on his dick. 'Oh fuck me!' Ridge moans as he gets his hot ass stretched. Missionary is next as Dylan gets Ridge on the couch. He spreads those legs and slides inside. Ridge holds still as Dylan goes to work pounding that hole. Dylan rams up into him as Ridge bucks back wanting it all the way inside him. 'You like me inside you' Dylan coos as he bounces that hot ass up and down on his dick. He then moves Ridge over to the other side of the couch for more as he goes back in missionary. Ridge starts to jack his dick harder and faster feeling that familiar tickle in his balls. Dylan picks up the pace wanting to make Ridge cum hard. That does the trick as Ridge loses his load sending it all over his own cock and balls as Dylan fucks him even harder. Dylan then pulls out and unloads his huge cum load all over Ridge's abs and chest.

Starring Ridge Michaels
  • released : 12-16-2011 |

A Ridge to No Bear

A Ridge to No Bear, Scene #01

his week we have 23 year old Ridge Michaels back in the house. Ridge is originally from Florida's west coast and a definite fan favorite. Ridge might be more excited to be here than usual since he's going to help us welcome new comer, J Kohl. J is 21 years old and has a well-stocked arsenal for seduction. He is tall, hung, handsome, has dark featured and slate blue eyes. Oklahoma got it right when they put this package together. We asked these studs what the last purchase they treated themselves to. Ridge bought himself a new iPad and loves it. J bought himself a new phone. We then turned to matters of a more graphic nature and asked them if their past lovers could nominate them in a sexual category what they would win an award for. Ridge says he would take the 'Most Romantic' category while J says he would sweep 'Best Oral'. (Dually noted) In closing we asked them in their opinion what distinguishes good sex from great sex. 'Connection' answers Ridge. A great connection can really make things pop.

Starring Ridge Michaels
  • released : 11-04-2011 |

The Waters Edge

The Waters Edge, Scene #01

Cum on in, the waters fine this week as we welcome back Gavin Waters. Gavin tells us he's 'from the south and he's 'in his twenties'. Other than the fact he's feeling 'old' today (Oooh, boy); that's all he's willing to give up this afternoon. Well... that's not entirely true; but let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? Ridge Michaels is also back. Ridge is now 23 and excited to have made the move to Orlando from Florida's sleepy west coast. We hope they know what they've gotten themselves into with this chiseled hellion. We asked these two if they were going to open a restaurant what they would serve and what they would call it. Gavin would open an ice cream shop named Plush. Ridge would open an eatery that would whip up some of the best barbecue in the area. He's still not sure what he'd call it but we bet, like him, it would be a hot time. Ridge learned his ass was meant for more than the obvious back in college when he began to experiment. Gavin didn't realize the pleasures of the posterior until his first film at the age of 20. We then asked if they use any aids to help them jerk off. Gavin uses porn often when he beats his meat. Ridge doesn't use phones or porn and would really prefer one on one contact. Sexting just doesn't compare to a 'real' man. Fortunately we happen to have one of those in his twenties that we're sure would appreciate the attention...Gavin is reading the paper when Ridge walks in and notices he's hard. His curiosity gets the best of him; as his hand lands on Gavin's knee making its way to his hard cock. He starts to tug on it through his shorts before undoing them and taking Gavin's cock out. Gavin finally decides there's something better going on than reading the paper as he puts the paper down to see just who's playing with his private. Pleasantly surprised they start to make out as their clothes come off. As they make out they stand to strip naked. They are both rock hard as they start to rub their cocks together. Gavin decides he needs a closer look as he kneels to get at Ridge's dick. Ridge starts to face fuck him as Gavin greedily swallows every inch. Gavin takes his time as he nurses on Ridge's meat. Ridge loves the attention his cock is getting but decides he wants to get some of Gavin's uncut dick. He lays Gavin back on the couch as he crawls between his thighs to suck that dick. He teases his knob before swallowing his shaft. Gavin is in awe as Ridge works his magic. They can't get enough of each other and eventually end up on the floor in a steamy 69 giving them both what they want. But wait, there's more…Ridge then flips Gavin's legs back towards his head as he gets dibs on that sweet ass. Gavin moans as Ridge spits on his hole and buries his tongue inside. Ridge can't wait to get inside that hole as he suits up and sits back on the couch. Gavin eases himself down on that cock in a reverse cowgirl position. His ass slowly concedes taking Ridge's cock inside. He then starts to ride it as Ridge helps shove his dick up into him. Ridge then pulls him over so they he's now laying behind him on the couch. Ridge still has that dick buried inside him and continues to pump his hot cock into Gavin's tight ass. Gavin moans as he continues to get that asshole stretched by Ridge's thick cock. Missionary is next with a bit of a twist as Gavin takes the lead. Ridge gets it on his back as his legs are up in the air. Gavin slides his dick deep into his ass and returns the favor. 'Ooh Fuck Me!' Ridge begs as Gavin fucks him harder and faster making him explode all over his smooth abs and chest. Gavin is next as he pulls his cock out of that hot ass and unloads all over Ridge's cum covered cock and navel.

Starring Ridge Michaels
  • released : 09-09-2011 |
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