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Riddick's Video

Nobody Does It Better

Nobody Does It Better, Scene #01

Noting how tall Riddick is, checking the incredible circumference of his biceps, or seeing how his bubble butt and always ready cock is barely able to be restrained by his shorts; any way you slice it, this is whole lot of man. As if he did not make it clear enough last week when he shot his load clear up to those massive pecs, our Mr. Clean has one of the dirtiest minds and a silver tongue that renders you powerless to say anything but “oh yes” to whatever he might propose – that is of course, if you are capable of saying anything at all. When it was us doing the proposing, and the offer was for big bucks for going down on a big dick, he not only took us up on our offer, Riddick also took all eight inches of Commando's cock right down his throat, in an afternoon that redefined what “straight but not narrow” really means when a man has more confidence than shame and the balls to do whatever job comes along to the best of his ability. We paid the fee, Riddick paid his dues, and today we get to see with our eyes Riddick doing what we have been picturing in our minds since day one: fucking some man's ass and loving every minute of it.Despite offering up a king's ransom, we could not find another straight guy who would let a testosterone machine like Riddick go gonzo on their ass, so we immediately called Cole, who took one look at Riddick and was ready to pay us! “I like it doggie-style,” Cole says, as he stares right at Riddick's crotch and then drops his face down and begins a taste test of the meat he knows is destined to redefine just how much pleasure his ass is capable of delivering. Riddick kicks off his shorts, hangs his heavy arm over Cole's neck to steer that open mouth on a cock that we have never seen this hard. Taking Riddick's cock right down to his balls, Cole keeps that meat all the way down his throat as he pivots himself to his knees and begins to lick the head like an ice cream cone until Riddick decides he wants a little dessert himself. He gives an admirable job trying to suck down the wrist thick, eight-inch slab of Cole's, but is happy to give his jaws a rest and put Cole's tongue back to work by spreading his legs to expose the hole between those perfectly-round tan cheeks and letting Cole go to town. Moving to the bed, Riddick feeds Cole his cock once more. And after a sixty-nine on the floor, Cole's ass takes center stage; and Riddick's cock is ready for its starring role.His butt out and his back arched, Cole hungers to be filled with that dick that just minutes ago was in his mouth. His hole inhales Riddick's cock with a hunger and a desire so infectious, it would even make a strict top want to switch sides just to feel the overwhelming bliss that is radiating from every pore of his body. After reaching back to pull Riddick even closer, they move to the bed, where Cole sits down on Riddick's cock and proceeds to ride that meat like a jockey coming in for the home stretch. Lying on the floor, Cole once again plays “pole on one,” facing Riddick as Riddick grabs Cole's cock with a tight grip. With every motion of Cole's hips, Riddick's fingers jack that fat cock until Cole explodes with a massive load all over Riddick's chest. Riddick spews off a huge dose of sperm that mixes with Cole's, covering his tan chest with enough white icing to decorate a wedding cake. We are not sure what else Riddick is up for, but whatever he proposes, you can bet we will say the same thing you will: “We do!”

Starring Riddick, Cole
  • released : 07-20-2007 |

The Five Finger's of Riddick

The Five Finger's of Riddick, Scene #01

Even though the tag on the back of his shirt said XL, it could barely stretch over the expanse of muscle this 23-year-old has packed on every part of the perfectly smooth, flawlessly symmetrical and honed to perfection canvas that Riddick has transformed into. From the first time we learned that his cock is just as thick and meaty as the man himself during his CircleJerkBoys.com debut last year, Riddick immediately distinguished himself even on the elite list of fan favorite uber-jocks like Deklan, and Anton. With a manner as easy-going as his big body is imposing, Riddick is not just the kind of guy you lust after, he is the kind of guy you develop a crush on. And the more you get to know him, the stronger the attraction goes as there is no shame in his game. What you see is what you get and that is one handsome, hung, built and incredibly sexy package that he is balls to the wall happy to put out there for whoever wants to appreciate it. And for Riddick, appreciate proved not to be a one way street, as we learned over Valentine's Day when he not only watched some homemade porn with another CJB guy, Riddick bent right over and sucked Commando's eight inches down to the base with no arm twisting before and no regrets after. Our only regret was that he had to get back to school in Seattle before we could get him back into the studio, but happily the wait is over.Riddick's massive arms are spilling out of the sleeves, and in less than 30 seconds, his rock hard cock is spilling out of the fly of his jeans. He wastes no time showing us that he is as glad to be back as we are to have him here. Though he remains fully dressed, all seven inches are rock hard and sticking straight up as he sits there stroking. It is like getting a glimpse of the dessert tray while you are still ordering your entrees, but damn, it looks good and fuck yeah, we are hungry. The helmet head of his cock flares away from a shaft that is as hard and big as we have ever seen it. As he begins to pound away, he never breaks his long gaze right into the lens, as if he knows exactly what we are thinking…that he is stroking as much for his benefit as for ours. Under a close cropped bush making its overdo first appearance, his cock is curiously as tan as the rest of him. Tugging off his shirt, that golden-brown perfection of a body is even leaner and more built than before. His body is as sperm-inducing as it is awe-inspiring, as Riddick embodies every dirty desire we have ever had about being able to follow an athlete into the locker room after a match for a very personal post-game show. The glorious celebration of beefiness continues as Riddick turns around, shows off those rounded, golden orbs of man-ass before humping away at a pillow with a power and lust in his hips we only wish we were experiencing and not just watching. Then on his back, our gentle giant builds to critical mass and fires off a load that first lands on his sweaty pecs and then turns the cuts in his abs into a new home for heavy white rivers in an extra large explosion of sperm that is, just like his shirt, sized XL. As hot as Riddick looks today, we also think he looks a little lonely, so check in with us next week when Riddick will back, and this time we have a friend for him!

Starring Riddick
  • released : 07-13-2007 |

Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes, Scene #01

With his ability to use that incredible body, compelling face, and brooding sexuality with the skill of an world class sharp shooter to reach the desired target of our ultimate satisfaction with guaranteed precision, Riddick's first appearance last week accelerated his ascension to the CircleJerkBoys.com's All-Star list, joining the ranks of Anthony, Antonio and Sebastian. Joining is really the operative word this week, as today Riddick is joined by another recent addition to the site, Commando. We met Commando up close and personal a few weeks ago, and his cocky demeanor, rough around the edges manner, and of course, that fat, uncut cock earned him a following of his own. That was actually Commando's second appearance as we originally met him when Stefano joined him on the couch for a crash course in the buddy jerk off. A duo stroke is usually the first baby step the select breeder will take with another guy if they are willing to tread into man-land at all. Every so often, we (or more often, their landlord or the bursar's office of the local college) are able to persuade them to take a second step. Today, Riddick and Commando join that very special list.Hard as we try to arrange the perfect match up, sometimes fate does a better job: turns out Riddick and Commando had been at the same club the night before and both of them had eyed the same prize: namely a tall girl with a fine ass. Commando had been the lucky one that night and not only took her home, but also took some video on his cell phone of the exploits that happened later on. He is sharing that video with Riddick on the couch and she has the same effect on the guys today: within 30 seconds of watching the video, they both have their hands down their pants. Before a minute's time, Riddick is shirtless and Commando has hauled out that fat 8-incher from his jeans. Riddick's shorts soon join the growing pile of clothing on the floor, and Commando's jeans are not long behind. Both guys are now hard and naked and standing up, still watching the not-so-private home movie of the action the night before. Fortunately for us, the screen on a cell phone is very small and the guys have to stand close together to share the view and that serves our purposes beautifully. After all, an old slogan for the phone company is “reach out and touch someone,” and that is exactly what Riddick does.Without a flinch on either of their parts, Commando is still holding the phone, and Riddick is now doing some holding of his own cock as well as Commando's. All it takes is a few stokes and Commando is at full mast, throbbing in Riddick's hand. By now, the guys are ready for some new porn on the big screen so Riddick takes a seat. Rather than plopping down on the coach next to him, Commando stands on the cushion, aims his cock right at Riddick's mouth and damn, if Riddick does not open wide and begin to swallow his buddy's pinga inch by very fat inch while he jerks away at his own pole, never missing a beat. Commando must have passed the taste test, and soon Riddick is on his knees and his chin is soon getting acquainted with Commando's quickly tightening sack. Holding onto Riddick's head, Commando guides that hot mouth exactly where he needs it, and soon they move back to the couch as they both need the same thing we do: to shoot those loads, and they do—one right after another. We know you are not done with Riddick yet and neither are we: we are working on someone to join him again, but this time we want to see what happens when Riddick comes out on top… literally!

Starring Riddick, Commando
  • released : 04-27-2007 |

Don't Leave Me Hard

Don't Leave Me Hard, Scene #01

With that clean-shaven head, extremely well-worked body with muscles boarding on the massive side of the scale, 23-year-old Riddick may resemble “Mr. Clean,” on the outside, but on the inside, this stud is as dirty as they come. Riddick surrendered his cherry a decade earlier to a crafty older woman six year his senior and has been jacking off and having sex ever since, whenever the opportunity presents itself. Riddick has the “Gentle Giant” act down pat: he is friendly, easy going and, despite his expansive frame, remains the opposite of intimidating, but down right inviting. And part of what makes that invitation so compelling is the possibility, or perhaps the hope, that he could pick you up and toss you across the room and into the sack as easy as he could fling a dirty sock into the hamper at any second. Riddick was visiting us just a few weeks after the end of his quickie 3 week marriage. He told us he was the one to apply for the pardon and we have no doubt at all that is the truth, as who would ever let a stud this hot get away?With eyes locked straight into the camera, and with every part rippling even as he gently rubs up and down his body, Riddick brings to life the fantasy of what a star linebacker should look like when it is not the padding creating the imposing silhouette, but a framework of solid muscle. Stretching the armhole of his tank top to rub his nipple, Riddick soon bares that sculpted chest and directs his hand across his flat abs and into the Promised Land inside the waistband of his gym shorts. As they slide down and his briefs come into view, the clear outline of the ridge around his cockhead also clearly comes into view right through the stretched white fabric. His cock and balls lay tightly coiled like a serpent. The crotch of his briefs looks painfully tight. But fortunately they are soon removed, putting both Riddick and us out of our misery.He starts by exposing two of the most luscious, mouth-watering and perfectly-formed globes that together comprise one of hottest asses we have ever seen. As he humps away at the couch with the grace of cheetah doing a mating dance, we even catch a glimpse of the dark hole in the center of those tan line-free cheeks. A pity that there is no action allowed in this backfield, but then again, the goal post around front more than makes up for it. Starting with his shoulders and down to his toes and back, all of his muscles flex in a total body undulation committed to achieving a two point conversion, and soon a trio of thick, white splats criss-cross the tan playing field of still heaving abs. Do not worry guys; this is just the out of town tryouts. Riddick will be back next week for a special exhibition scrimmage that you will not want to miss.

Starring Riddick
  • released : 04-20-2007 |