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Rico Salazar's Video

Right B4 Practice

Right B4 Practice, Scene #01

Thinking of leaving the states for a while in search of adventure and apparent mayhem, Rico Salazar is back to give us one last show before life calls. Rico is sexy local who has been on our sites a time or two and has quite the fan following. The only thing hotter than Rico's fan base are his friends. He was last here in a hot 3 way stroke off with two other hot, str8 buds. Where were all these horny and willing str8 boys ok with whipping it out and stroking off a nut without giving it much thought back in the day? Sign of the times I tell ya; it's a sign of the times. Well, whatever it is—we LOVE it! The more the merrier and in the spirit of friendship, we've paired him up with one of his many homies he chills with when he's out with the fellas. One look at that smirk on Marcus' face assures you that this boy is trouble. The kind of trouble that gets him in all sorts of predicaments; such as hiding buck ass naked and rock hard in a closet at a family reunion. The best part is his “cousins” mom banging on the door knowing what he's up to. Good times! Marcus is also a member of the Posse Patrol and he too was last here and brought not 2 but 4 friends to play “hold em” with. Watchin' these str8 studs talk bout trains they've run on females was incredibly hot...and rather insightful really. Who knew the mating tactics of young studs these days had gone from the smooth, stealthy calculated approach to a pack mentality? Well, the latter makes for hotter porn. Speaking of porn...Sitting on opposite sides of the locker room bench, Marcus and Rico begin to grope their crotches as they watch a fuck flick to get them in the proper mood. Their jeans begin to fill out as they rub themselves and soon enough Marcus in on his feet giving his uncut meat more room to grow. Rico follows his lead and also strips down to his boxers. Marcus is in a gold jock that hugs his thick Cuban dick and you are easily able to make out his fat knob as it pulses beneath the thin fabric. Things are getting hot for Rico who loses his boxers and is left in a white jock strap. His thick baby maker also strains against the fabric eagerly anticipating play time. In their jock straps we get a better appreciation of their bodies. Rico if thick and his sun kissed body has ink on his abs and biceps giving him a 'Bad Boy' look. Marcus is fairer and his body is leaner and naturally defined. He has more of a classic “jock” body. Marcus' dick is the first out as he slides it out of the side of his jock. Rico sees his dick and instinctively loses his jock altogether before lying back on the bench to give his thick dick the attention it needs. His fist slowly slides up and down over his cock and as it does you can see his darker foreskin gliding over his pink knob. He's packing a thick dick and we're sure it's driven many a girl crazy....and a few boys wishing they could have it. (...you know who you are!) Bu now, Marcus is free balling too and he works his own thick dick, stroking his meat in short strokes focusing on his knob. Marcus has a permanent grin on as he strokes his Cuban pingón and you can't help but wonder what he's thinking about. We may not wanna know actually. Marcus' thick thighs are spread wide giving him better access to his uncut love joy and its now throbbing as it feels the familiar tingle beginning to brew deep in t hose balls. Rico is seated on the floor a couple feet away as he slowly strokes his meat with a focused look on his face as he watches the flick in front of them. They both stand up in typical show off fashion as they size up each others package. In the wild, this would entail taking a series of steps back and then charging at each other full speed ahead before violently looking horns as their skulls collide. Fortunately, these two are actually Horny Goats—not Mountain goats. Whew. They both begin to wiggle their dicks about, laughing as they show off. Then almost as if it was understood they both eye the prize and see just who can spooge first. They both stroke their thick dicks with determined looks on their faces. Wel, it seems 18 really does cum before 20 after all as Marcus' abs clench and his cock explodes sending strands of thick cum rappelling down like glue. HOT! Rico is in no hurry and takes his time and pumps out his own thick load all over the bench. ...where's the towel boy when you need him?

  • released : 03-27-2009 |

Triple Crossed

Triple Crossed, Scene #01

For many, '3' is a magical number. Its importance in both Roman and Greek cultures is unquestionable. Its obvious effect on Western and Eastern cultures are apparent. Even mythology was influenced with triads of deities; the hydra with 3 heads and even modern day Christianity and its belief in the Trinity. Even when a celebrity kicks the bucket we say 'Wait for it-They all go in threes!' Wanting to conjure up a bit of 'magic' ourselves, we decided to create a divine triad of our very own. Three defined, young, sculpted lads have cum together (pun intended) to make more than magic happen for us here on our set. They have all been with us before, and have each created quite the reaction when they were unveiled. Jay Martinez, the 19 year old Latin beefcake is our first, and he's back with his 19 year old buddy Rico Salazar. Makes you wonder what they're feeding boys these days? These two 6'1 papi chulos already have a hot dual jack-off session under their belt, which hit the site a few months ago. To add the finishing cream to our already sweet treat, we've added one more latin flavor to the mix, 19yr old Loco Rios. Together, they make the key ingredients to the delicious dessert we've brought together for you this week: ¡Tres Leches! (Three milks) -Mind in gutter in ...3 ...2 ...1 Enjoy! The grope session is off as they each begin to feel their cocks through their jeans. You can hear the str8 porn in the background as they begin to undress little by little. Jackets come off, and pants get undone, as they begin to get more comfortable. Rico's the first to drop his pants, and the others follow suit. It's amazing watching three totally straight boys sit side by side as they begin to grope their growing meat, almost as if they were the only ones in the room. In no time, the three are standing beside each other, playing with their tenting briefs. They all turn around and show us their forbidden 'ass'-ets. They each have nice meaty rears that would make many mouths water. By the time they turn around, their uncut cocks are swingin' freely. Jay playfully shows off his fat cock as he swings it side to side. His fat cock got him out of a ticket recently when he was pulled over by a lady cop that needed more than just his license and registration. -Can't say we blame her! As they stand in all their glory stroking their cocks, you get a better appreciation of their cinnamon-toned Latin bods. They each take a seat and continue their circle jerk to the pussy flick before them. As the cam pans around the room, we get each one individually as they stare into the cam, almost as if they know what you're thinking as you watch them, probably doing the same thing they are. Each of their smooth nuts hang low, aching to be unloaded. Their glistening knobs are gearing up for the event as well as they lube up naturally. They swap positions and continue to jerk off their meat. They won't be able to last much longer, so we give them a dish to plate their 'dessert'. As they kneel and jack faster, their cocks are throbbing and they are focused on release. Rico is the first to bust his nut, signaling his nut with a playful 'Peace out, kidz!' The other two can't help but laugh as Rico leans in and pumps out his thick nut onto the plate below. Once he's done, the others jerk harder. Seconds later, Loco shoots his nut, having to lunge forward cuz his first batch missed the plate altogether, but the rest made it just fine. Jay is the last one to nut, and his first load shoots far enough to reach the plate, but the rest of his huge load went everywhere else. He was too caught up in his orgasm to care. There's always one in every kitchen that just doesn't get the whole 'presentation' thing. With boys this hot, who really cares? This 'magical' episode of Latin dessert making was definitely a Charmed one! -Check Please!

  • released : 07-25-2008 |

The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple, Scene #01

One of the more popular saying between home boyz in the Latino community is the old adage: “Bros before Hoes!” Today we have a latin treat, Jay & Rico, two of the hottest local Miami boys who not only grew up together; but are also known for doing “other things” together—females! The tourist-laden, Florida nightlife, places like South Beach, Kendall, the Grove, all afford many opportunities to find easy female conquests & with looks like these, not to mention the thick “pingas” these 19 yr. olds are packing—it's no wonder these two lady killerz do it better than the rest! Rico gave us quite the show when he was here several weeks ago & today we convinced him to do a duo shoot with his longtime bud Jay. Jay was featured a couple weeks ago on our bonus site, ExtraBigDicks, where his perfect ass & throbbing cock have made him a recurring fan favorite! Today we're putting these two in a room to create a twist on the same adage: we're calling it: “All Bros ...NO Hoes!”Sitting side by side they begin groping their growing cocks. Jay moves to the floor as they both begin to undress. Down to boxers they both start to tug & stroke their swelling cocks. Jay & Rico have sexual history banging girls together so being in the same room buck ass naked isn't awkward at all. It's not always easy to find two straight guys willing to wank off together without feeling threatened or intimidated. Rico takes a seta as his bud stands inches from him as they both stroke on their engorged cocks. Both have thick pingas with foreskin galore. They both take care of their bodies & it shows! They both have incredible sex appeal: Bedroom brown eyes, kissable lips & smooth well defined bodies. Jay fists his fat monster cock using both hands to give all 8.5 thick inches the attention they require. Panning back to see these two bros stroking off together makes you wonder what these two must look like with a lucky female in the middle!Rico stands & gives us a better view of his delicious backside as Jay strokes his cock sitting on the floor. Then they switch it up & change positions giving you great angles in which to appreciate what they got to give—a LOT of dick! Rico lies along the floor with a leg up on the couch just below Jays rock hard bone. Jay's knob swells even larger than before as his stroking intensifies. It won't be long before there's “cream a cummin'!” Jay stands on the couch & sits on its' back so he can drop his creamy trophy load on the black leather below. He is intense as he focuses on busting his nut & it tips Rico off who also picks up his pace. In no time, they are both racing to the finish line jacking feverishly, Jay is the first to nut; spewing his thick seed on the couch below. Rico isn't far behind & within seconds' grunts as he shoots his load all over his inner thigh as it slowly drips down to pool on the couch. These two have the right stuff to get the job done & we're glad they agreed to indulge us with a steamy “All Bros—NO Hoes” session! WOOF!

  • released : 02-28-2008 |

Lean On Me

Lean On Me, Scene #01

At 6', 19yr old Miami native, Rico is quite an eyeful. Tall, sexy, muscular & unmistakably latin, Rico looks like one of those guys you'd see hanging out with buds on South Beach or Coconut Grove chasing the “females”. This hot Columbian 'Papi' is packing broad shoulders, deep brown eyes & thick full lips. He doesn't have a preference when it comes to girls. Latino or white, it's all good; as long as they have some junk in their trunk. He loves the big booty girls. He was only 15 when he had his first sexual experience & he says it was unforgettable. The fact his mom walked in on them might've added to that; but, he didn't skip a beat ....& kept right on keepin' on! Now there's dedication! His ultimate fatasy would be to have a crack at Halle Berry and if she's into anal —he'd be all over that, too! Rico is a horny stud that's been working his cock regularly since he first discovered how to at 13. Lucky for us, we're about to get an idea of just what that looks like!Lying back in a tank with both hands behind his head, Rico begins by giving us a great view of his hairy pits. From the looks of his smooth torso, hair is a scarce commodity on this latin lover! Working the camera, like a consummate professional, he smiles & winks at you as he begins tugging his meat. A tatt in the form of Chinese script running down his stomach comes into view as he begins pulling up his tank. He peels off his tank & you can fully appreciate his smooth defined chest as well as the large tribal tattoo on his right shoulder. A few seconds later he's down to his boxers as he begins to tease his meat beneath the thin white fabric. His cock is rock hard & wanting more attention. Sitting on the floor, or on the chair, all the while stroking his swollen cock he continues to tease. He pulls out his thick uncut cock through his fly & just when you think its show time ...he grins as he puts it right back in! Ugh! This player knows just what he's doing!Standing up, he slowly turns as he peels off his boxers giving us our first glimpse of that forbidden ass. After giving us a few minutes to appreciate it; he turns around & shows us the main event—a thick 7” uncut meat! He proudly sways back & forth with a “You know you want it” look on his face as his heavy cock swings to & fro. His dark foreskin rolls over his glistening knob as he begins to stroke one off. He squats down to give us a better view and rolls his finger around his wet knob, using his sweet juice as lube. From here he goes horizontal as he sprawls across the floor. Now we have a better view of the Columbian buffet he has to offer! The thick uncut cock, shaved balls & the hairy crack we had yet to see are now on display. He jacks his cock, lefty & you can see his smooth abs contracting as he nears orgasm. His shaved nuts are pulled tight as he gets closer & closer... “I'm Cummin'!” followed by a few grunts & we have our much awaited finale. He grunts & moans as he shoots, sending volley after volley of cream just shy of his defined pecs. Mmmm—Que Rico!!

Starring Rico Salazar
  • released : 01-25-2008 |