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Richie Sabatini's Video

Str8 Flush

Str8 Flush, Scene #01

Leave it to Halloween to stir up the caldron and bring about unexpected delights. Well, that's what happened this week discovering none other than Miami hottie, Richie Sabatini at our door. He said 'Trick or Treat' but, like hymens everywhere we were torn with that decision. So, we called on our sexiest ginger devil to make that call for us. Evan Mercy was more than happy to oblige and we're so glad this 21yo Kentucky stud did. Having just survived another All Hallows Eve, next on the list is Thanksgiving. We asked these two what they enjoy most about it. Socializing is what Evan enjoys the most while Richie enjoys stuffing the turkey. In all honesty, we can't be sure he means the actual bird. If they were asked to bring a favorite dish, Richie would bring Sweet Potato Pie and Evan would bring zucchini and squash. We then threw a curve ball at em asking if they had to choose between either, lasting longer in the sack or delivering a bigger orgasm. They both confidently opted out of the endurance challenge and both prefer bigger loads. Who doesn't? We then wrapped it up by asking them to describe the taste of their loads in a word. Richie chimes in with 'Bitter-Sweet' for his load. Evan then unwittingly steals the show. 'Well, as long as we don't have to use words we can spell' he grins 'I'm gonna say immaculate... flawless.' Awww...Bless his heart! Richie and Evan are playing strip poker when Evan lays down his winning hands and orders Richie to get naked. Richie stands and drops his shorts. To the victor go the spoils as Evan gets on his knees to inspect his prize. He pulls out Richie's growing cock and gets to work sucking on it. Richie moans as he gets that dick deep inside Evan's throat. Evan knows just what to do to make Richie's cock hard as a rock as he spits and slobbers on his hard cock. After working on that dick a while, Evan gets up and starts to make out with Richie as he drops his own shorts. If he won the game he may as well get his own dick wet as he sits on the couch and has Richie return the favor. Richie gets on his knees and gladly engulfs Evan's hard cock as he swallows it to the hilt. He runs his tongue all along Evan's throbbing cock as his mouth literally waters tasting that dick. He can't wait to give it up as he gets on all four and shows off that ass Evan will soon claim. Evan gets on his knees behind him and takes a closer look tongue first as he eats that ass a bit getting it ready for more.Evan takes out a butt plug and slowly slides it inside wanting to open that tight ass a bit before sliding his own dick inside. Richie groans as he gets that ass stretched. 'Enough of that' he orders 'Fuck me already!' Evan is more than happy to oblige as he suits up and slowly slides his dick in that wet hole. He slides his meat all the way inside until his balls meet that hole. Richie is grunting as he struggles to accommodate that dick in his hole. He's not one to give up so he begs Evan to fuck him harder. That does the trick as Evan gets to work railing his cock deep into Richie's ass. Evan slaps that ass as he fucks his friend doggy-style. He can't get enough of that tight ass so he sits back and has Richie ride him in a reverse cowgirl position. Richie's cock is rock hard as he squats on that dick making it bounce like a trampoline. Evan slides his dick up into that ass wanting to get it in as deep as possible. Missionary is next as Richie gets put on his back. Evan gets back in that hot ass and slams it home. He pounds that hole faster and harder hitting Richie's sweet spot repeatedly. Richie can't hold off any longer and blasts his load all over his abs and chest. Evan isn't far behind as he pulls out and unloads his own batch all over an already glazed Sabatini.

  • released : 11-02-2012 |

Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin Seed, Scene #01

It's Halloween weekend and keeping in the spirit we decided to bring our members a treat by the name of Richie Sabatini. It's been a while since we've seen this 23 year old Miami boy; but we're always happy to have him. Tyler Shields is here as well and making his debut. This 22 year old Indiana native may be enjoying himself here in Florida; but things are about to get even better. We asked these two after all their bills were paid what was the last thing they treated themselves to. Tyler recently bought himself a crotch rocket. For Richie it was clothes from Armani Exchange. We then asked them if money was no object what they would want to acquire. Richie would want a jet ski. For Tyler he would just spend the money on more parts for his new bike. We then decided to wrap things up by asking if they could be in the middle of a hot fantasy three-way who would they pick as their partners. Richie has a partner so he would be behind him and in front he isn't sure at the moment. For Tyler, he also has a partner that would be bringing up the caboose. As for who would be in front of him, he wouldn't mind Johnny Hazzard to slide into. Well, get in line, who wouldn't?! Well, enough talk- let's get these two naked...Two demons walk into a bar with a bottle of lube in one hand and a boner in the other... well, not exactly; but somehow they make it home together. Richie and Tyler are back from a night of trick or treating and start to explore each other still wearing their masks. They are short lived as they join Richie's pants on the floor. Tyler hauls out Richie's thick cock as he gets to work sucking his dick. Richie moans as he gets his cock worshiped. Tyler takes his time as he savors Richie's rock hard meat. Tyler then gets up to make out with Richie for a bit before Richie gets on his knees to return the favor. Tyler gasps as Richie wraps his lips around his aching cock. Richie slowly services Tyler's dick as he runs his hot tongue along the length of Tyler's shaft down over his smooth balls. An amazing shot from below shows off Richie's oral skills as Tyler orders him to suck his dick. Tyler and Richie go back to making out as their hard cocks rub together. They haven't had enough of each other so they reconvene on the floor in a steamy 69 where each can get as much cock as they want before moving on to bigger and better things.These two studs are rock hard and Richie's cock needs more than Tyler's sweet mouth. He sits back and watches as Tyler straddles him in a reverse cowgirl. Tyler's stroking his hard cock as he impales himself on Richie's. He takes it like a champ as Richie's cock claims that ass. Tyler starts to grind that hot ass up and down on that dick driving Richie nuts as he moans in ecstasy. Tyler wants every inch of it as he leans back and bucks that hot ass back onto Richie's dick. Tyler then gets up and gets right back on that dick only facing Richie this time. Richie grabs Tyler's taught waist as he helps bounce him on that dick of his. Tyler has a hot ass and knows how to use it as he bounces up and down on that dick. Richie then gets on the couch and braces as Tyler gets behind him and gives him some of the same. Tyler slides his cock into Richie's hungry hole as he grunts and takes it deep. Richie does his best to accommodate Tyler's fat dick as he gets that ass stretched open. Tyler slowly fucks that ass and soon they are both ready to blow. They stand opposite each other and bust their loads all over a very lucky jack-o-lantern and themselves. Mmmmm Trick...Or treat?-you decide!

  • released : 10-28-2011 |

Turkey Jerky

Turkey Jerky, Scene #01

For all of you out there wondering just what it is you have to be thankful for this year, well we're here to help. Richie Sabatini is back and just in time for Thanksgiving. We can never get enough of Miami's own Richie; and to make this holiday even spicier we're happy to have Noah Springs making his industry debut. Noah is 20 years old and hails from Seattle. He's finding Florida a bit warm for his tastes but we like him just where he is. As the New Year approaches we asked these hotties what their highlight of 2010 was. Richie's highlight hasn't happened yet but will soon. His Mom comes down for his birthday and spending time with her will be his highlight. Awwww. For Noah, his highlight was coming down here to Miami Beach. That's a win/win there. We then asked these two what their ideal bed buddy would look like. Richie wants someone about 5'8, big dick, tan complexion with dark features, maybe Puerto Rican to have fun with between the sheets. Noah just loves 'em taller than him. He wants to have a big, strappin' guy that can throw his hot ass around in bed. Noah blushes as he adds, “…and they'd have to be attractive, of course.” Well, yeah. We knew that. …Fortunately, Richie's got that under control.Richie comes out as he's dressing to leave and finds Noah hanging out on the couch. Turns out, Noah has nowhere to go on Thanksgiving; so he's staying home. As Richie goes to kiss him goodnight, Noah pulls him back down and plants a kiss on him that immediately changes everything. “I guess I am staying home tonight” he grins as he takes his shirt off. They strip each other and soon Richie has his lips wrapped around Noah's growing cock. Noah is naturally smooth and his cock is throbbing as Richie slowly starts to work his knob. They start to make out as Noah then kneels between Richie's legs to get at that cock of his. He undoes his jeans and pulls down his pants. As he does, we get our first glimpse at his stellar ass. He slowly pulls down Richie's briefs setting his hard cock free. “Mmm, how's that dick taste?” Richie teases as Noah licks it from base to tip. Once the briefs come off Noah goes down on him as he takes as much of that cock deep into his throat. He looks up at Richie with those bedroom eyes as he swirls his tongue all over that cock. Richie then bends Noah over and gets a taste of that hot smooth ass. Noah groans in ecstasy as Richie's hot tongue finds its mark. …but wait—there's more.nNoah flips over on his back as Richie slides his thick cock inside. Noah's ass gives in as Richie starts to fuck him. Richie soon picks up the pace making Noah moan and beg for more. Richie's thick cock stretches Noah's hole as he rams inside. Richie then gets Noah to bend over so he can fuck him doggy style. Richie's smooth balls slap away at that hot ass as he continues to bury his boner deep inside his roomie. “I'm gonna nut so bad', Richie groans 'it ain't even funny!” Noah just moans as he gets his hole bounced back onto Richie's throbbing cock. “I'm gonna nut all over you” he teases as he watches his thick dick disappear inside Noah's tight ass. Richie then moves the party to the chair where he has Noah sit on his dick. “Ride it!” he orders as Noah quickly obliges. Noah grinds that hot ass on Richie's cock getting him dangerously close. They dismount as Richie explodes all over himself. He soaks his delicious face and chest in a batter bath. Dessert!— already? Noah is next as he strokes his own rock hard cock and busting all over his smooth chest and abs. Well, they have definitely worked up an appetite; we're hoping they aren't the only ones. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at CircleJerkBoys.com. —Bon Appétit!

  • released : 11-26-2010 |

Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising, Scene #01

This week we have a special treat for you so grab your junk cuz this one's gonna wear you out. Richie Sabatini is back with us this week; and he's not the only one that's gonna make your blood pressure (among other things) “rise”. Making his debut on CircleJerkBoys this week is Hunter Ford. We're excited to have Hunter here and in a few you'll see exactly why. Hunter is 22 and from Texas. You know what they say about those Texan boys. Richie is also 22 and he's from the 305. Miami is in the house! We asked these studs what they like to spend their money on when they get to shop. Richie is all about GUCCI. It can be shoes or wallets as long as it's GUCCI. Hunter is into sunglasses. He looks great in his Oakley's; but loves his Costa del Mar pair better for everyday use. We then wanted to know what their dream lover would look like. Richie wants a man: 5'8, about 175 lbs, nice arms, broad shoulders and chest, six pack abs with some hair cuz he likes men. Hunter wants a toned, tanned man preferably blonde. He likes some hair unless it's a girl then no hair. He likes girls better but he likes to spice things up and we're really glad he does. Speaking of “spicing” things up, these two got a lot of that in their immediate future…Richie is hammering away as he does some redecorating. Once he's done he takes off his shirt so he can start his work out with Hunter. Hunter immediately notices Richie's new tattoo. A bold scorpion now adorns his navel. Apparently while out on South Beach with friends he got a friend to draw it out and he got it done. “I'm a Scorpio. My birthday is in November so I always wanted to get one done”. Hunter asks if he could get a closer look. Once Richie gets closer Hunters hands roam elsewhere as they start to make out. Richie undoes his shorts as Hunter goes to work on his cock. He sucks it down his throat as Richie moans in appreciation. “How does that taste?” he coos as he watches Hunter worship his thick cock. He then lies back on the bench as Hunter kneels to continue sucking on that rock hard cock taking every delicious inch of it. Hunter then stands so that Richie can return the favor. Richie pulls out Hunter's aching cock which is in need of attention. Richie gets almost 8” of Texan cock shoved down his throat as Hunter face fucks that sexy mouth of his. These two can't get enough of each other as they maneuver into a hot 69. As Hunter bends over Richie to suck that dick we get our first glimpse of that stellar ass of his. Damn! Richie's about to be one lucky guy.Richie sits on the couch as Hunter sits on his dick. Riding that Miami meat, Hunter starts to grind his hot ass while in a reverse cowgirl position. Richie reaches around and jacks his cock while he gets his own ridden. Richie then gets Hunter face down on the bench and slides his dick in for more. Hunter moans and groans as Richie taps that ass. Hunter can't get enough of that dick as he reaches back to spread his beefy cheeks. Richie then flips him over and takes the party to the floor. He slides back inside that hot ass missionary. He starts to fuck that hot ass deep and it's making Hunter rock hard. He starts to jack that thick dick off as Richie starts to fuck him using shorter and quicker strokes. That's gonna do the trick as these two start to moan and groan. “Awww, you're gonna make me cum” moans Richie as he fucks Hunter faster and harder. Richie pulls out and unloads a massive cumfest drenching Hunter's smooth body with his seed. Hunter jacks his cock now covered in cum faster as he too is sent over the edge. He unloads his own healthy addition to the splatter all over his smooth canvas. Welcum to CJB, Hunter!

  • released : 09-24-2010 |
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