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Rex's Video

Like A Virgin...KINDA!

Like A Virgin...KINDA!, Scene #01

We love the holidays here at CircleJerkBoys.com, as everyone needs to make some extra cash for gift giving. When the guys in need are none other than Rex and Speedy, they may make the extra dough, but it is the rest of us who get the present of seeing a couple of straight guys fuck. The only thing better than seeing Rex's fat, cut, eight inch slab of cock in his own fist is seeing it invade the tender territory of a hairy hole. And holes do not come much hairier or hotter than Speedy's. It is not often we can get Rex to play “hide the sausage”, and it required a huge pile of cash to get Speedy to lift his legs – but we had the time and the dime. With Xmas just around the corner, our mission was to get these guys cumming before Santa.Lying back on the bed, they are both grabbing at their cocks, and it was not long before they each had a handful of meaty cocks that needed to be taken out to play. Their shirts went flying, their zippers went down, and laying shoulder to shoulder, the twin trouser tents soon appeared as both their hard cocks strained against the fabric of their boxers. Before they came down, the lube went across, and soon both those poles were rock hard and leaking. There is no rubbing, caressing and kissing here – there are two guys doing what they have to do to earn their pay day. After seeing just how thick and fat Rex's cock is, Speedy makes sure that long slab is well lubed as he knows where that fat throbbing cock is going next…right up his ass.Rex cops a quick feel of Speedy's hairy cheek like a man kicking the tires of a new car – to make sure it is solid enough for the punishment about to be inflicted. Speedy plants his ass on the blunt head of Rex's gloved cock and bites his lip as he slowly feels the huge helmet force open the tight ring of his hole, wincing in pain as he lowers himself inch by inch down Rex's pole. Bending Speedy over the chair, Rex grabs his thick cock by the base and stuffs it back and forth, in and out of Speedy's ass before taking a seat and having Speedy climb on one more time. Something is a little different this time as Speedy does the breeder bounce – his cock gets hard – and stays hard as his balls being to tighten up. Did Speedy learn that maybe his hole is not just decorative after all? We are not sure about that, but there is no denying the evidence that soon is a puddle on the floor below in the form of a thick white load. Yes – Rex literally fucked the cum right out of Speedy before depositing a huge load of his own.

Starring Rex, Speedy Gonzales
  • released : 12-14-2007 |

Stale Mate

Stale Mate, Scene #01

It has been over a year since Rex whipped out that legendary, fat baseball bat of a cock outside at the pool, producing a load as thick as his Boston accent. Though we have seen Rex pound Antonio's hole into submission, prior to his last solo, Rex kept his hands, and everything else, to himself during the “Four Handed Jizz” though Aiden, Damien and even Anthony threw caution to the wind and got lost in the moment. What was never lost is the CircleJerkBoys,com rule # 69: the only thing that is better than seeing Rex's thick cock being fisted by his own hand is seeing it being inhaled by a tight man hole. Rex needed the cash, and as for Keegan, after discovering just how enjoyable having Christian's fat pole excavate the lower regions of his throat was, he was ready for Rex's cock to play hide and seek in his other hole. When the ladies find his cock too big for them, Rex looks directly at the camera and says “I can always make it fit…well almost always.” Keegan's eyes go right to Rex's crotch as he declares “I am up for the challenge. “ As a matter of fact, up is a very accurate statement for the condition of both of their cocks; and when you see what happens next, it will apply to yours as well. In an effort to move things along, Keegan helps Rex out of his shirt. We can immediately see that despite what good a shape he was always in before, Rex's fine body has never looked better. His arms are huge, his pecs full and rounded, and his wide, expansive chest tapers into a tight, trim waist that had never been so narrow. But as he stands up, even in his baggy shorts, his bulge is huge, and Keegan's mouth goes right to the meat through the fabric. Removing the shorts and now resuming his taste test one step closer to the entrée, through just Rex's underwear now, Keegan seems intent on exploring with his tongue every inch of the fat cock that is not only having an oral layover, but making in final stop – right up Keegan's hungry hole.Rex is not quite done with hole number one yet. Giving Keegan a solid skull fucking while standing over him, he keeps his cock firmly in place as they both settle down on the bed. Keegan spreads wide and rests his ankles on Rex's shoulders. Rex grabs his own cock by the base and, with no ceremony or pretense, rams it all the way home in one solid steady push. Keegan's face is contorted in that “careful when you wish for a big dick” look as you can practically feel the pain as his hole stretches out to try and accommodate the thickness of Rex's cock. The combination of this much penile real estate proved to be a lethal one for Keegan, who reluctantly surrendered to the pressure in his balls by dumping a huge load that continued to stream out of his cock as Rex stood over and him and added a massive serving of jizz that mixed with the considerable lake of sperm Keegan has just contributed. As Rex rubbed his cooling cock head against Keegan's, in what we are now calling the “straight guy's good bye kiss,” we learned that at time like this, it is ok to kiss and tell after all.

Starring Rex, Keegan
  • released : 10-19-2007 |

Ride It Like A Ford

Ride It Like A Ford, Scene #01

The only thing thicker than Rex's Bostonian accent was that eight-inch slab of meat that made him a CircleJerkBoys.com favorite right from the start, and he has a come a long for a guy whose favorite saying is “Girls, Girls, Girls.” We were shocked when he let Antonio eat that untouched ass. We were impressed when he matched up with Damien to double dip Ryan. And we were thankful he stroked right along with Anthony, Sebastian and Aiden during the infamous “Four-Handed Jizz Jack-Strava-Ganza.” But boys will be boys, and what they have done does not change who they are. As typical as it sounds, Rex got a shiny new Porsche and wanted to show it off. We knew he would be all cocky, and after all, that's the way we like 'em around here. So we invited him over, gathered the car wax & the camera, and just happened to have his favorite porn starlet's new DVD playing as he arrived. We did something we have never done before. We gathered some of your emails to Rex and let him respond to them during his biography video. So if you've ever wondered what can persuade a straight guy to fuck another dude, here is your chance to get it right from the horse's mouth. Right from the start, we can tell Rex has been hitting the gym and his always great body has never looked better. After his new ride is squeaky clean, our dirty-minded Rex checked out the video and then stripped down under the outdoor shower. As he rinses off, we get a view of that perfect backside of his. Like the rest of him, Rex's ass is harder and more muscled and nearing the perfection stage of what the ideal man's butt should be like---but rarely is. He stops in a chair on the deck, and within three strokes that legendary meat is throbbing in his fist; all eight inches at full attention and ready for more.Jumping into the pool, doing a couple of laps, and sneaking in a dick dance right over the lens, Rex climbs on the raft and gives us one more teasing glance as those wet buns drift by before he rolls over and that bloated meat sticks straight out, ready for some serious stroking. Rex heads to the lounge chair, oils up, and gets down to business. Giving that serious meat a double-handed grip, he furiously fucks his fist until he sends a white arc high in the air that comes crashing down all over his arms and abs as he stares right into the camera in a one-of-a-kind cum shot that only Rex could pull off!

Starring Rex
  • released : 11-17-2006 |

Backfield In Motion

Backfield In Motion, Scene #01

We know by know our stud Rex will plunge that thick 8” pole in anything with a hole but we learned that when rent is due, even a breeder boy will spread his cheeks and take all eight inches if the cash is right. Rex's first solo and Rex's solo encore were so popular we thrilled when he let Aiden suck that flashlight thick pole of his and floored when he join Damien in tag teaming Shane in ”Three On a Snatch.” He was here on spring break when we first sexy Allen and when he called said he needed to make some change and was up for anything, we had no idea how true that would be.The usual drill of a was of cash plainly visible next to the dvd showing some new porn and a case of Coroñas later, their clothes were off, their dick were hard and they were ready to go. Damn if Rex wasn't reading for hot wet mouth and while it was a little big for Allen to handle, he almost took it all when Rex reached over and gave his a buddy a little stroke. No room at the Inn doesn't apply to Rex as he grabbed the lube and ignored the look of terror of Allen's face as reached to feel the size condom covered cock about to rearrange his insides. Rex worked his meat inside that tight white ass a little at a time and once he got used to it, Allen wasn't just hard, he was dripping precum like a faucet. Flipping him over on his back and ramming his way home, Rex helped his buddy stroke off a load then fired off a massive round of jizz all over Allen's abs. Now that's what we call a “Memorial Day!” Sempher Fi, boys, Semper Fi!

Starring Rex, Allen
  • released : 07-16-2005 |
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