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Reed Royce's Video

Shooting Star

Shooting Star, Scene #01

Bryce Starr makes his debut with us here on CircleJerkBoys and we're glad to finally have this classic featured, inked hottie with us. Bryce is 24 years old and a west coast boy originally from Los Angeles. Returning for his second appearance with us and eager to help welcome Bryce to the club is Reed Royce. Reed is 24 years old as well but he's a Son of the South from just a ways up the street in Alabama. We wondered what these two growing boys considered their favorite meal. Bryce's favorite is Fettuccini Alfredo; and no one makes it better than his Mom. Reed also went with his favorite Mom made dish Chicken Noodle soup. Turning the topic to sex we wondered what their earliest sexual memory was. It was 7th grade for Bryce and Elementary School for Reed. Two sexual prodigies are in the house. lol We wrapped up our tawdry chat asking them to describe the perfect cock. Bryce wants it thick, but not too thick and wants it a decent size as he holds up his hand and points at the distance between his outstretched pinky and thumb. For Reed, he's girth-friendly; wants 'at least' 8' or 9'; nice head on it and as for manscaping, it just depends. Well, we know Reed's in for a real treat...Bryce is listening to music working on homework with Reed sitting next to him feeling a bit neglected. Reed reaches over and grabs Bryce's cock as Bryce realizes maybe there are other things that need working on as well. He stands up to let Reed play with the growing bulge in his pants. Reed undoes his jeans and starts to work Bryce's growing cock through his briefs a bit before freeing it altogether. Bryce's thick cock springs free as Reed wraps his lips around that thick 9' tool. Reed shoves as much of it as he can down his throat as Bryce just gasps his approval. Reed nurses on the swollen knob as Bryce starts to fuck his face. Bryce is naturally smooth and even keeps his pubes trimmed. Reed takes his time worshiping that thick cock, eager to please his new buddy. After he's had his fill, Reed gets up and makes out with Bryce; who's about to head south to return the favor. Just what the doctor ordered, thick but not too thick. Bryce slides Reed's dick down the hatch as he gets to work spit shining Reed's throbbing meat. Bryce then moves the party over to the chair where he bends over and offers that ass up. Reed readily begins to explore that smooth ass as he slips a finger inside.Fingering Bryce's ass only makes him want it more and he won't have to wait for long. Reed suits up and slides his thick cock inside. Bryce groans as he struggles to accommodate the intrusion. Reed holds him by the waist and starts to slam hiss dick in deeper as he pounds his stellar ass. 'Such a tight ass' Reed coos as he revels in the sensation. Bryce bucks back wanting to get every inch of that dick buried inside him. From here they switch it up as Reed sits back on the couch and Bryce impales himself in a reverse cowgirl position. Reed has the best view in the house as he watches his meat disappear in and out of that smooth ass as Bryce bounces on his dick. Bryce's cock is rock hard as he bobs up and down pleasuring himself on that dick. Missionary is next as Reed gets Bryce on his back. He slides his thick cock back inside and fucks that ass some more. Bryce is in ecstasy as he gets that tight ass stretched wide. He can't get enough of it as he begs Reed for more. On his back and with Reed's cock hitting his sweet spot Bryce can't hold back any longer. 'I'm gonna cum' Bryce groans, 'I'm gonna burst!' He shoots a thick batch all over his smooth navel. Reed is right behind him as he pulls out and unloads all over Bryce's glazed navel.

Starring Reed Royce
  • released : 11-11-2011 |

Poles Royce

Poles Royce, Scene #01

Connor Maguire comes home after way too long and he's looking better than ever. Connor is now 20 and he's originally from Washington. Connor is in luck as he helps us welcome a new stud to the CircleJerkBoys' stable, sexy Reed Royce. Reed is 24 and comes to us from Sand Mountain, located at the southern tip of the Appalachian Mountain chain. Alabama never looked so good! We asked these boys if they were on a deserted island (that somehow had electricity) and you could bring one CD to listen to forever which would it be. Reed would bring anything by Adele; while Connor would bring 'The Golden Age of Grotesque' by Marilyn Manson. Obviously they would not be on the same island. We then wondered what they love to eat most. Reed loves sushi while Connor loves Italian cuisine. Following that up, we wondered if their tastes in food reflected their taste in men. Connor would be just fine with Italian men; but Reed's more into boys like Connor-hot white boys. Both of these boys admit they're not as picky when it comes to banging girls; but when it comes to other guys they have standards. Imagine that! Well, fortunately, so do we. All standards aside, let's get this party started!Connor and Reed are spent on the couch, still drinking after Southern Decadence. Connor tells Reed that he's all bloated as he notices Reed's abs still seem hard. He moves his hands over Reed's abs and south to his crotch. He realizes Reed's hard somewhere else too. They start to kiss as they slowly begin to undress each other. Connor stands to give Reed access to the bulge in his jeans. Reed undoes his jeans for him, freeing his hard on before standing to let Connor do the same for him. They rub their boners together as they continue to make out. Connor's curiosity gets the better of him as he drops to his knees to get a taste of Alabama. Reed groans as he gets that cock worked. He is rock hard as Connor savors every thick inch. After working Reed's meat for a while he wants some attention on his own cock and stands to let Reed return the favor. Reed runs his hot tongue all over Connor's smooth balls, up under his shaft then engulfs his aching cock. He strokes his shaft as he nurses on Connor's swollen knob sending him into a very happy place. From there they fall on the couch together to make out some more.As they lay next to each other kissing and stroking each other's cocks, Connor's finger finds Reed's smooth ass and he slips it inside. Reed's legs are in the air as Connor starts to finger his tight ass. Connor needs more as he slides south; gets Reed's thick legs up in the air and dives into that sweet ass tongue first. Reed strokes his hard cock as Connor eats that ass out. Legs in the air and a spit lubed ass give way to Connor's dick as he slowly slides it inside. 'That's a big cock' Reed grunts as Connor continues to bury his meat. Once inside he picks up the pace fucking that ass deep. Reed's so turned on he's afraid he'll cum any minute. Connor tells him to hold off as he starts fucking him even harder. Reed obliges and it's a good thing because soon enough it's his cock deep inside Connor's tight ass as Connor rides his cock. Reed slams his dick up into that hot hole as his balls slap away at that ass. Reed loves that ass but wants Connor back inside him as they flip again. This time it's Reed sitting on Connor's cock as he takes that dick all the way inside his sweet ass. That does the trick as Connor's cock hits his sweet spot sending wave after wave of thick load all over Connor's chest and abs. Connor is next as he too unloads all over his cum covered self. There's a whole lot of cum everywhere!

  • released : 10-07-2011 |