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Raphael's Video

The Schlong

The Schlong, Scene #01

”I have a 9” dick ” is something we hear all the time from would-be Circle Jerk Boys but that usually mean they started measuring their shaft around their kidney. Then came Raphael. We liked his handsome looks, bright smile & that sexy Latin machismo right from the start.He mentioned in passing he was “large down there” almost as an after thought. When he was down to his tight-whiteys, he still soft cock was coiled like a snake and so long and thick that the bend of the shaft was sticking over the waistband. When he finally let that anaconda free. it was a good 7” totally limp with four more inches as room to grow when he was throbbing hard.At 11” long and thick as a cucumber, it looked like a baseball ball swinging in the wind. He loved showing off his almost a foot long cock and we sure enjoyed when he curled his toes, let out a low moan and unleashed a sperm avalanche!

Starring Raphael
  • released : 07-17-2004 |