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Philip Heritage's Video

The Marshall Plan

The Marshall Plan, Scene #01

This week we've paired up two of our recent finds for some 'afternoon delight'. By that, we mean cock-filled fun of course. The first in the mix is 24 year old Phillip Heritage. Phillip first came to us for a simple solo. This sexually hesitant str8 boy has come a long way since we first met. Phillip eventually learned to explore new things. He now appreciates what another man bring to the tab—err Bedroom. He's mastered oral, fucked his first ass with us, and today is back to have that sweet ass filled again. Helping us out is a special hottie who helped kick off 2010 with a “bang” literally, Mr. Cameron Marshall. Cameron is 23 years old and originally from Texas. Cameron is up for a real treat, tapping Hoosier hole. These two happen to have a lot in common. Seems both these studs enjoy partying and drinking whenever they find free time. How un-American, right? Pffff They both discovered their cocks at about 11. Neither of them have stopped jackin off since they discovered their pea shooter did tricks. When they're not beating off, their favorite way to cum varies. Cameron needs someone that can take dick for a long time cuz he's not a quick fuck while Phillip just wants a dirty visual to watch to send him over the edge. Well, we're hoping we can marry those two and get a long, hot fuck session that will give US something dirty to jack off to.They start to kiss as they peel their clothes off. Phillip takes off Cameron's shorts as he makes his move south. He starts to tease Cameron's growing cock through his briefs. Those briefs are short lived as Phillip pulls them off and gets that Texan totem wet. He goes down on Cameron's cock and sucks it deep before coming off of it to lick at Cameron's smooth balls. Cameron's thick cock is rock hard and being sucked and adored as Phillip makes himself gag on it, overcome with “appreciation”. Cameron then gets Phillip up so he can get some dick of his own. Phillip's cock is already boned as his shorts come down. Cameron goes down next as he swallows Phillip's meat. Phillip is naturally smooth just like Cameron. Cameron's hands roam as his mouth continue to work on that thick cock. After a bit Cameron stands up against the wall and gets Phillip back on his cock. He holds Phillip's head as he fucks his face. He wants that dick hard enough to easily bury. Phillip doesn't mind one bit as he does his best to keep up with Cameron's desire.Phillip gets bent over on the couch as we see Cameron start to bury that thick dick into that hot ass. Phillip does his best to accommodate Cameron who isn't waiting around to get his. He's fucking that ass deep in no time. From that position, they switch it up, as Cameron sits back and watches Phillip sit on it. His ass slowly gives way as he takes as much of it as he can in that tight ass. He struggles to relax to take the last couple inches inside but decides a reverse cowgirl position might be easier. He remounts that hard cock while Cameron just watches him figure out how to take his meat. Phillip rides Cameron for a while before Cameron bends him over and fucks him doggy. In this position, Cameron can gauge just how deep he can get that dick in. Phillip grunts and moans as Cameron stretches that tight ass wider and wider. Cameron the puts Phillip on his back and slides back in missionary. More dick for Phillip whose ass is now loving the fucking it's getting. Cameron's cock is rock hard as he watches Phillips ass take it deep. Once they get close, they fall back on the couch together, stroking off their loads all over their cocks.

  • released : 06-04-2010 |

The Bald & The Beautiful

The Bald & The Beautiful, Scene #01

This week, we bring you “Aiden and Abedding” which means we've got sexy Aiden Lane back in the studio. After a five year hiatus, Aiden made a comeback this year, helping make January a lot warmer with one very appreciative Krist Cumming. Aiden is boyish and sexy with a cock that doesn't stop. Today Aiden will be “a-bedding” one hot recent discovery who has allowed us to help him push his sexual horizons. Originally started off with a just a solo for the gay boys, Phillip Heritage has come a long way. Phillip, our inked bad boy, admits that after spending time with us here at CircleJerkBoys he is still str8 but can't deny that a big dick up my ass does feel pretty fucking good. Well someone's getting a toaster oven! We flipped another one. It's hard to forget Phillip losing his cherry on cam with Tucker who buried his thick dick deep until Phillips grunts of pain turned into groans of pleasure. Today Phillip is back ready and more than willing to take one for the team. Who better than sexy Aiden to give that sweet ass a proper stretching? We couldn't think of a hotter stud to help us out. Aiden has grown since he's been in the business and has learned a lot. He's discovered it's made him an open book. He now goes with the flow and takes it day to day. This day, however, will be a special one for one Mr. Heritage. Shall we?After talking some smack on the couch they get to getting' as Aiden peels off Phillip and Aiden lose their shirts. Phillip's tongue starts to explore as these two begin wresting with each other to strip each other's clothes off. Soon Aiden is standing with his meaty cock sticking thru the fly in his boxers as Phillip starts to get a sample of it. He licks and sucks at it before going all the way down on it. Aiden loses the boxers and lets Phillip have all the dick he can take. Phillip kneels between his legs as he sucks and swallows Aiden's meat. Aiden then flips him back on to the couch as he strips off his boxers. “Oh it's my turn?” Phillip teases as Aiden goes to work on his growing meat. Aiden starts sucking his cock. Before long, they both end up on the floor in a hot 69 as Aiden takes top bunk and has Phillip on his back nursing on his own meat. Aiden then stands to give Phillip more cock. Phillip kneels and swallows his thick dick all the way down. Aiden tells Phillip just how good his mouth feels on his cock, and that his dick wants to get in his hot smooth hole. All this talk is fueling Phillip who with big puppy eyes looks up at Aiden and begs “I want you to fuck me!”Once Aiden has had enough of Phillip's mouth, he gets Phillip on his back and has a go at Phillip's meat as he services and even gags on his thick cock. He then gets into position between Phillips thighs as he starts rubbing their cock together. His meat is closer to it's intended target. Aiden jacks their dicks together in his fist. It's only making Phillip hornier. “I want this cock” he begs. Aiden lifts Phillip's legs high and aims his thick meat at that pink ass. He starts to bury his thick cock slowly as Phillip grimaces in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Soon Aiden's cock is buried deep as Phillip struggles to take it. “My girlfriend screams my name when I fuck her', Aiden grunts 'Say my name!” Phillip obliges as he screams out “A mother fuckin AIDEN” Damn this is hotter than expected. Aiden then starts to coach Phillip to relax so he can take his dick all the way down to the base. “That's what I'm talking about Bitch” Aiden groans. “Don't worry; I'll do the same for you”. Aiden then gives his sweet ass up for Phillip who is more than happy to fuck Aiden til he makes him cum. Aiden watches Phillip pounds away at his ass and it sends him over the edge. Phillip fucks him harder making him shoot all over his chest and abs. Whew. Phillip then pulls out and shoots his own load, all over one cum-coated Aiden.

  • released : 02-26-2010 |

The Other White Meat

The Other White Meat, Scene #01

From the moment you lay eyes on this tall white boy with bad boy ink all over his defined arms, you tend to wonder where he's from. He's definitely not from Miami. No, our sexy bad boy this week comes from a small town literally named Valley of Paradise. We can see where getting this 6'1 morsel naked and alone would be considered as “paradise” in its own right. Phillip Heritage is from Valparaiso, Indiana, yes Indiana. He has been living here in South Florida for the past 4 years. It must be our brutal winters—or lack thereof—that has kept him living in the tropics. He left everything behind to come down here and live the exciting lifestyle we enjoy down here in South Florida, where the Latinas are a-plenty. 'Ladies love me' he says. His ink has come about from all his travels and on occasion he's woken up hung over with a new tattoo. He lost his cherry at the age of 15 and he's been fucking everything in sight ever since. He's attracted to thick girls, shorter with big tits and fat asses. He loves a curvy lady & his favorite thing for them to do to him would be to sit on his face. Oh my! He isn't shy and if he runs into a girl that's a freak he'll easily run a train on her with his buds. As adventurous as Phillip is, the one thing he's been curious to try is multiple female partners at the same time. With a look like Phillip's, we're sure that wouldn't be too hard to orchestrate.Phillip is overdue and in need of cleaning his pipes, so he doesn't waste any time before getting started. He immediately stands and begins to feel his defined abs and chest. The next minute, we hear the rip of his tee as he rips it right off of him. He drops his gym shorts next as he's left in a pair of boxers that hug his junk. His cock is beginning to fill out as he continues groping his lean, muscular frame. He rubs his growing meat through his boxers as he humps into the air. It won't be long before his cock's gonna need more room and sure enough he soon prepares for the unveiling. Before he shows us, he decides to give us a better view of his smooth ass. He kneels on the couch and leans forward as he peels down his boxers giving us our first glimpse of that hairless ass. Talk about boldly going where no man has gone before; where can we sign up for that mission. His ass is naturally hairless and as Phillip thrusts and gyrates his hips we get a spectacular view of his off-limits ass...for now. He then flips over as he pulls his boxers back up. Once he sits back, his rock hard cock slips out of the side of his boxers. His cock is aching for attention; but his boxers are only getting in the way.His boxer briefs drop faster than Sarah Palin's hopes for the White House as he begins to groan, stroking his rock hard cock. His smooth balls are pulled tight around the base of his dick and we need but look on Phillip's face to see just how good his dick is feeling right about now. He handles his meat with both hands as he strokes his swollen shaft and glistening knob. There isn't an angle on this stud that doesn't showcase his lean frame and smooth musculature. His head reels back as he continues to work on his meaty cock. His hips are gyrating up into his fist as his fists continue to pump that cock. Phillip looks right at the cam as he licks and sucks on his fingertips. WOOF. This str8 boy knows exactly what he's doing. Next, he gets back on his knees and spreads that sweet ass wide, jerking his cock underhanded as we get another eyeful of that manhole of his. Corn-fed boys do have their advantages, and watching this corn husker definitely makes you wanna shuck it—DEEP! It won't be long before Phillip's cock is ready, so he sits back and jacks his cock off faster. 'Are you ready?' he asks seconds before his cock swells thicker and erupts. He sends his thick cream all over his chest and hairless frame.

Starring Philip Heritage
  • released : 09-18-2009 |