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Peter Stallion's Video

Aww Damn!

Aww Damn!, Scene #01

The hot country boy from Virginia Beach, Virginia is back to expand his horizons; his sexual horizons that is. Long haired, light eyed Rocky Charles is back. Rocky is 22 years old and truly bisexual. He has a steady girlfriend who knows what he is into and is still around. Rocky usually loves to do oral with guys and had mainly topped guys when they wanted him to. We were fortunate when Rocky felt comfortable enough to bottom on camera on our brother site, ExtraBigDicks.com. Tucker Forrest was the first guy he fucked on our site, so he thought it only fair to return the favor. With a face like lil Tucker, who could resist? Well, that scene was insane, watching Rocky grimace while Tucker broke him in. So we decided to have him back on our site and we paired our all-American boy with one of the hottest imports we've had, Mr. Peter Stallion. Peter was last here over the Summer and left many of his fans wanting more after he fucked Damon Phoenix's hot bubble butt. We figured we'd need to pony up a hot co-star to get Rocky to bend over again for some more back yard prodding. Much to our surprise, the chemistry between the Southern charmer and the European gang-bang porn star surprised us all from the start, putting Rocky at ease and making everyone and everything a little more comfortable …well almost everything. Rocky begins to kiss Peter as he sits on the chair. They fall into each other as they begin to explore each other. Peter's shirt opens up, giving Rocky's tongue access as he begins to sample our stallion's chiseled chest. Peter is immediately drawn to Rocky's ass as he gropes at it in anticipation. Rocky, loving oral with guys, undoes Peter's pants and begins to suck his uncut cock. Peter's thick meat is hard in seconds as Rocky works his magic. Rocky strips, then gets up on the chaise and lies back so that Peter can feed him more dick. He kneels over Rocky's face and face fucks him a bit, then just holds still as Rocky suckles on it like a milk-starved calf. Rocky works his meaty shaft and sucks on his balls as Peter just watches in amazement at what he can do on his dick. The next shot we see is Peter's face in ecstasy. As the camera pans out, we see Rocky's face buried deep into Peter's thick bubble butt. The oral he's getting from Rocky is driving him crazy as he stands up and continues feeding Rocky his meat, slapping his cock on Rocky's pierced tongue. All this action is getting them both worked up, and Rocky knows what our top boy's gonna want, so he decides to give him a preview. He bends over and gives our stallion a show, spreading his sweet ass wide and fingering his tight hole as Peter watches, stroking his fat dick inches away.“Oh SHIT!” Rocky gasps in pain, as he tries to sit on Peter's massive meat. He grabs his thick meat by the base and tries to get his ass to open up for it. He is breathing hard and cursing as he tries to get it to go in. Peter is laughing as he sits back and watches Rocky struggle to take his dick. “All the way down, C'mon.” he taunts, as Rocky is breathing like he's going into reverse labor. Peter just lies back as Rocky struggles to take his cock. Peter then decides to take matters into his own hands and puts Rocky on his back and starts sliding inside. Rocky grunts out for more lube as Peter continues his anal assault. Peter begins fucking him faster, regardless of Rocky's grunted objections. Peter then puts Rocky face down and slides back inside him; and really starts fucking him deep. Peter's sweet ass rises and falls deep inside as Rocky grunts and groans a combination of “Awww Fuck”s and “Unghhh”s. Peter puts a finger in Rocky's mouth as he fucks him to quiet him down. It's hot to watch Rocky immediately start sucking on it like a pacifier as he gets his ass pounded. Rocky can't take much more, and they sit back and beat their meat to climax. Peter is the first to cum, and that tight ass must've driven him wild because his first load hits him in the face. The rest of his boys follow suit as they splatter all over his smooth chest and abs. Rocky isn't far behind as he, too, unloads all over himself. When we asked Rocky how that felt, he laughs as his eyebrows meet with a puppy dog look and laughs out a “That sucked”. lol We guess Rocky is still more into fucking than getting fucked. Lucky for Peter, he got to go where few men have gone before!

  • released : 01-09-2009 |

Bouncing Back

Bouncing Back, Scene #01

This week we are making a little bit of history here on CircleJerkBoys. Today we have Peter Stallion, the 23yr old Czech gang-bang porn star, back in the house. Peter Stallion has made himself quite the name starring in str8 gang-bang flix where he, and a few other dancers, takes on over 150 horny women. Here we thought our workloads were heavy…Damn! He's been featured on our site several times and the last time he was here we talked him into letting another guy taste his uncut cock. Tony Michaels was the lucky first to go there. “It was nice…but, it was still not the best because I need to always fuck” he laughs. Well, we digress bringing us back to the cutie we have for Mr. Stallion today. Damon Phoenix needs no introduction. He's starred in over 100 movies at the age of 23. He's the complete package and when he's not dabbling in the adult industry he's actively pursuing med school. Damon first started over on our brother site ExtraBigDicks and made the crossover to our site recently with—6 degrees of separation may have it—Mr. Tony Michaels as well. Hmmmm, some boys have all the luck. Well, today once Peter gets going and gets his cock wet; he won't have any complaints with Mr. Phoenix. Damon is well equipped to do the distance and the right horny boy is always better than 150 horny girls! Duh! Peter and Damon begin to kiss softly as they break the ice, Damon lifts off his tee as Peter gently licks and kisses his abs. Peter's next as he stands on the couch putting his crotch in position in front of Damon's face as he removes his shirt. Damon wastes no time as he begins to grop his cotton-clad cock and seconds later pulls them off to have his first taste of what the Stallion's packing. Peter lies on the couch to give Damon better access and the look on his face says it all as Damon begins to work his growing cock. Damon comes up after a few to playfully kiss Peter as their tongues intertwine. Peter needs more of that mouth as he gets Damon to lie back and straddles his chest. He slowly fucks Damon's face as Damon greedily bobs back and forth on Peter's throbbing meat. Peter slaps Damon's face with his cock, teasing him a bit before shoving it back down his throat. The chemistry between these two is undeniable. Damon is getting worked up with all the cock he's being fed and his fingers find their way to his ass as he gets his face fucked. Peter notices and bends Damon over to get a better look at that sweet ass himself. He slaps his bubble butt and slips a finger inside to get an idea of what's in store. “You like that ass?” Damon grunts as Peter sinks his str8 meet inside. Peter grunts his approval as he fucks Damon doggie style. Peter couldn't have asked for a better bottom. Damon's ass is amazing and it's taking its toll on our str8 boy. He's fucking Damon from behind as he gently leans forward to make out with Damon as he takes him. Peter needs to get in deeper and puts Damon on his back, lifts his legs straight up and pile drives him deep. These two look amazing as they go at it. Peter is lost in his desires as he pounds Damon's ass. “Fuck my ass!” Damon grunts as he's getting fucked silly. Peter leans forward and is now completely crouched over Damon as he fucks away at his sweet ass. “Slap my ass…Fuck me!” Damon orders, taking it like a champ. Peter grunts and pounds away working up one hell of a sweat. Peter's not gonna be able to hold back much longer fucking at this rate. “Cum all over me!” Damon pleads. This is enough to send our str8 boy over the brink. He sits back up and gingerly extracts his swollen cock from Damon's tight ass. Within seconds he unloads his hot load all over Damon's freshly fucked hole. WOOF! Damon then sits up and pumps out an impressive load all over himself.

Starring Peter Stallion
  • released : 08-29-2008 |

Pleasure Playground

Pleasure Playground, Scene #01

Peter Stallion is back for more this week; and “more” is exactly what he's gonna get. For those of you who may not be familiar with our stable stud, Peter Stallion has gained recognition, and quite the following, doing str8 gang-bang films back in his native Prague. Peter and a few other studs vs. 150+ women = any man's fantasy right? …well, mostly. Peter's been featured on CircleJerkBoys several times since we first saw him. With that face and chiseled body, it's no wonder he became an over-night fan favorite. At 23, he's charming, personable, hot as hell and willing to try new things. The latter is what we had in mind for our stud so this week Peter's gonna see just how the old (gay) adage “It takes a Man to please a Man” pans out. Not wanting to overload his senses, we decided to start him off slowly. To do so, we recruited our secret agent, Mr. Tony Michaels who has a track record of turning out str8 boys with his charm & insatiable drive. Tony is so effective with that baby face and perfect Cuban ass of his that his services have even been put to use on our brother site, ExtraBigDicks.com, where he gave Blake the sexy exotic mate from London town his first all-male romp in the hay! Blake was never quite the same. We suspect once Tony works his oral magic on this stallion giving Peter his first hummer, Peter will be back and definitely “UP” for more. …You can read into that one. Tony immediately goes to work on Peter licking his nipples and groping his growing crotch. Peter doesn't resist as Tony fumbles with his belt and in seconds hauls out his growing uncut cock. Peter's cock finds a wet mouth in no time. Tony slurps and sucks on his foreskin as his cock begins to swell. Peter needs to free his boys so he pulls off his jeans and underwear to give Tony all access to his Prague piece. Tony loses his shirt and while he's doing that Peter's shaking his cock at Tony with a classic “Get back on this bitch” look on his face. Tony, who had been undoing his belt, couldn't resist the look on Peter's face and instinctively went back down on Peter's growing worm faster than a Heron feeding in a shallow marsh. Someone's seems to be loving the new experience—we're just not sure which one's loving it the most? Tony strokes and sucks Peters growing cock paying attention to detail as he lathers Peter's smooth balls with his warm tongue. Peter then stands up to give Tony a better angle as he holds Tony's head with both hands and forces him to take his now throbbing cock all the way to its fat base. Peter loves it and in no time positions himself on all four over the arm of the couch and has Tony lay beneath him as he suckles on his cock like a milk-starved calf. The view of Peter's ass is amazing. Peter gets back up and stands next to the couch and goes back to using Tony's hot mouth. He holds his head and forces him to suck his dick. Tony can't get enough either; anxiously awaiting more cock as Peter serves it up hot. Tony then goes on his stomach as Peter begins face-fucking him deep. Peter's cock is throbbing as he strokes it inches from Tony's face. Tony, mouth gaping like a hatchling, seems cock starved. He laps at Peter's heavy balls while he waits for more. Peter throat fucks him hard while moaning with pleasure. Peter then sits back in the armchair as Tony kneels before him. He totally works Peters cock with ease deep-throating his str8 meat to the hilt. The looks on poor Peter's face are nothing short of amazement as Tony does his thing. Peter gets up again; standing and able to hold Tony's head securely in place, has total control of just how much Tony gets. Tony sucks his knob for a few until Peter takes it away, strokes it in his face then feeds him more. Suck, remove, tease, repeat. So simple, it's brilliant. Like all good assignments, this one will be cumming to an explosive climax —and soon. Peter hovers over Tony's face as he strokes his massive meat. Tony's face is buried in Peter's balls as he jerks himself off. Tony's the first one to nut as he coasts his smooth navel with cream. Peter isn't far behind as he explodes his thick load all over Tony's chest. This stallion looks spent as he recovers from his climax. Another 'Mission Accomplished' for our Agent Michaels.

  • released : 06-06-2008 |

Tight Grip

Tight Grip, Scene #01

“In Prague, it's cold right now, and that means too many clothes. I like to be naked as much as possible” is the declaration Peter Stallion makes as soon as he sits down. At CircleJerkBoys.com, we are always ready to make a stud like this as happy as he makes us. With that fitness magazine worthy body, piercing blue eyes, dazzling white teeth, and fat seven inch uncut missile of a cock, it should be against the law for Peter to ever wear anything more than a big smile. Hailing from Prague and well known in straight porn circles as the go to guy for the big Euro gang bang flicks, we have been uncovering another side of Peter that enjoys being alone in front of the camera. This time, he even shared that despite that always ready to fuck a slut side of his libido, there's a romantic side underneath. Peter just craves being watched and does not care who the audience is: “I met a girl, and we had sex at a big party while everyone looked….I loved it.” What we love is how free he is when he is the center of attention, alone in front of our cameras. When we said it was time to start the show, he looked at us as if to say “I thought you would never ask!”As soon as we said go, Peter ripped off his shirt and put that magnificent, sculpted chest into view over his sculpted, fat free abs – though it was the tube of flesh tenting the center of his white pants that stole the our attention. Peter flexed his arms, made his pecs dance, and within 15 seconds, his pants were in the same condition as our mouths…wide open. Straddling the wall as if there was a glory hole carved into it, Peter ground his cock against it as he played peek-a-boo with some of the most perfect pair of glutes ever wasted on a straight boy. As he bends over to shimmy out of his pants, he turns to face us again, our eyes riveting up from the Sequoia-like quads, to the tent in those skimpy black briefs. Peter looks down as he rubs his torso, as if to take us along on the journey of exploring his body, right down to the excavation he does inside his shorts. He is ready to put himself, and us, out of our collective misery, and let the Pride of Prague - those seven thick inches of uncut majesty - come out of hibernation.With his trimmed pubes forming a crown over our favorite object of worship, and with but a casual rub or three, his skin snaps as his cock becomes as hard as steel. He stands up, beats his third arm on the arm of the chair, then moves to the wall, spits in his hand, and works up that meat to its longer and thicker than we have ever seen it before. It's so stiff that it points to the ceiling hands free. That hungry cock does not stay hands free for long, as Peter furiously strokes away, moving to the chaise and displaying those glutes as he pounds away on the imaginary lover underneath we all wish was us. Rolling over and sitting up, it is difficult to tell what is more pumped, his biceps or his cock. But when it comes to what is the most tight, no question there: it is his balls. All good things must cum to an end, and this time the end cums first on his pec then, leaves a trail of sperm down to his thigh. We have scheduled another shoot for Peter before he leaves the States, and we are working on getting him to try something we all have been dying to see: the working title will be “Peter, Peter - find him an eater.” Stay tuned guys!

Starring Peter Stallion
  • released : 04-25-2008 |
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