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Nino's Video

Holy Hand Job

Holy Hand Job, Scene #01

From the minute he first opened his mouth here on CircleJerkBoys.com a few months ago, it was obviously that Nino was from the Big Apple with an attitude to match. And as his cock sticking out of the hole in jeans showed even more clearly, he had a cock that never sleeps either. Nino dreamed of making an adult video, and we were too glad to help him make that a reality. But it was when we paired him up with Malachi that they made all of our dreams come true as Nino's cock, that thick, pierced spear of penile perfection, was so irresistible, that even straight Malachi had to give it a taste test. We do not blame him, as that is what we had been dying to do from the instant we saw that thick pole snaking its way out of his pants. Apparently Nino did not mind the oral attention either, as he lived to tell the tale and came back for more. Nino has a brand new girl and a brand new tongue ring. While having a hard cock is nothing new for this guy, he promised he had saved up a load just for us; and we were more than ready to make a withdrawal.Nino stripped off his shirt like someone just poured itching powder down his back. Since the sooner we got to see his smooth, etched, six pack abs and the hard nips on his rounded pecs, the better. His hands find their next destination quickly - the buttons of his fly - and once open, the sheer hardness of his bloated fat Italian sausage trapped in his shorts causes the fabric to explode out of the opening. Not able to wait one more second to get his hands on that magic pole, rather then shucking the rest of his clothes, Nino fishes his cock out the fly of his shorts. He works it with both hands before losing his jeans, rolling over on the bed, and offering the golden view his snowy white ass cheeks, the dark hole in the center and long, throbbing, dripping cock hanging down below. After a casual, then not so casual digital hello between his hole and his fingers, his cock was ready to resume its rightful place as the center of his universe.Nino moves to rest his upper body on the bench as he uses both hands to pull his cheeks apart as he drags his drooling cockhead back and forth on the carpet below. The rough texture supercharges his desire, causing him to roll over and work the puddle of precum back into the head before he bolts to take a seat on the headboard. This allows him free access to both his pleasure zones, which he pounds away at with the fury and force that cause him to fall to his knees on the bed and fire off a load that shoots out so far, the first two jets come in for landing well over the mattress, and the remaining three form a white lake of special eggnog on the comforter that could serve a party of 12. Guess what is being served at the CircleJerkBoys.com holiday party this year, guys? Bottoms up!

Starring Nino
  • released : 12-21-2007 |

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits, Scene #01

Before he was even done with his interview a few weeks ago, Nino's eight-inch Italian cock was rock hard and sticking out of a hole in his jeans, leaking a steady of stream precum. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the very next week Malachi teased us by showing off the bulge made by his nine-inch dick, until we were ready to pull down that zipper with our teeth and get that big slab of beef out in the open where it belonged. Malachi was not playing around when he attended a recent fetish party and ended up on the stage, fucking the hostess while the crowd cheered him on—Nino relates he has fucked girls in front of all of his brothers and most of his friends. Let's do the math: add two exhibitionists, three new porn dvd's, a six pack of beer, and a pile of cash, and what do you get? A red hot episode of CircleJerkBoys.com where not having any women in the equation definitely works for us, but for Malachi and Nino—well, they pass this oral arithmetic lesson with flying…colors!Nino is studying to be a massage therapist and comes dressed in his working clothes right from class. Nino straddles him and works his magic up and down Malachi's back until he winds up in his underwear on the floor with a now shirtless Nino working Malachi's legs and moving up. As he moves to sit across Malachi's thighs, his cock starts to snake out of the top of his pants as his fingers slide into the waistband of Malachi's shorts, before tugging them off and giving Malachi's freshly-unveiled ass a good slap. Nino completely ignores the beauty of those buns and instead locks his sights on something else—Malachi's mouth.Malachi is on his knees on the bed with Nino standing over him, bouncing that fat eight inches in and out of Malachi's mouth, leaving long glistening strands of spit as he pounds his meat again and again, pushing the metal beads on the underside of his shaft into Malachi's tongue. Malachi is far from a deep throat expert, but he grabs that meaty pole by the base and proceeds to chow down like a champ, aided by Nino grabbing him by the hair to help speed along the process. Practice does make perfect, and Malachi seems to be much more at home a bit later as they lie on the bed. The further down he goes on Nino's cock, the harder it gets, until it is a double-fisted stick much too big for Malachi's inexperienced mouth. Malachi is too polite to talk with his mouth full to complain, nor does it stop his cock from growing to its full nine inches. Sitting next to each other, the battle of breeders moves to the finish line as they both pound away at their big dicks until twin, thick, white heavy blasts cover both of their bellies—and a wide swatch of the rug. Not a bad math lesson at all. Next time, we will come up with a new equation, and though they do not know it yet, the magic answer will be sixty-nine! We will keep you posted!

Starring Malachi, Nino
  • released : 09-21-2007 |

Popped Cherry

Popped Cherry, Scene #01

“This girl was licking my ass while she had my dick down her throat and I taught my girlfriend to do that too” is how Nino describes his favorite sexual activity. As far as describing Nino, this 23 year old serving of breeder has his native New York attitude coming out of his mouth, muscles coming out of his shirt, and a bulge snaking down the legs of his pants, indicating there would soon be a big, fat dick about to be coming out his jeans. Nino has wanted to do porn since he first discovered what it was for, and even though he had jacked off twice already because he was so excited at finally getting the chance to live out his dream, he could not contain himself. With his pants barely about to contain a fresh throbbing bone, it was clear that today at CircleJerkBoys.com, three times is definitely the charm.Nino peered over the top of his shades before leaning back in the chair, dropping his hand deep into his jeans, and working that fat lump with one hand as he rubbed his smooth chest with the other. Shucking his shirt to reveal a naturally smooth, naturally toned chest flanked by meaty arms, he pulled his cock out of a hole in his jeans, using his belt to spank that shaft before his dick filled completely and pointed at the ceiling, showing off two silver balls on the underside of his shaft, just under the head. “I like it when a good girl swallows my load then spits it back on me,” he told us as he unzipped to give his cock the breathing room it was craving before he turned around and flashed a rock hard, milky white set of ass cheeks. Unlike most straight guys, Nino was well versed that his hole is an often overlooked pleasure zone, and we got to see that dark opening close up as he moved to the couch and started humping away, using the valley between the cushions like a pussy he had waited for a long time to nail. Rolling back over, his cock was now dripping and ready for a solid pounding. He began by slamming the top of his shaft into his open palm with force loud enough to echo across the room. Pulling his leg up and back, he jacked off with one hand while spreading his cheeks open, offering up a view he hoped would look hot - and we though looked like lunch. Standing up, in a technique we had never seen in 275 episodes to date, he reached in from behind to pull his balls back with reaching over the front to work his shaft with a vise like grip that made the head go from red to purple and his balls go from low-hanging to coiled and tight. Falling to his knees, every muscle flexed, his face contorted in pleasure and he fired off a load that landed all over his sweaty abs. Not bad for his third squirt of the day to say the least. Nino said if it feels good, do it. Stay tuned guys, we already have plans for him to come back - and we are going to see just how true those words really are.

Starring Nino
  • released : 08-31-2007 |