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Nikko Alexander's Video

Parker Around Back

Parker Around Back, Scene #01

Nikko Alexander is back in the house and looking better than ever. He is giving “chiseled” a run for its money. Nikko is from Orlando, FL and recently turned 26 years young. Fortunately for Nikko, one of those stars that fell on Alabama hitched a ride south cuz sexy Parker Brookes is in the house as well. Parker is 23 and now lives in Fort Lauderdale. We asked these two studs what subject back in school did they wish they'd paid better attention in. Math for Parker while Nikko wishes he'd paid better attention in anatomy. Looking at these two we wonder if they were pet people and if so what kind of pets did they have. Parker has a female schnauzer named Tootie. Nikko laughs when he hears that; but then blushes admitting he has a Pit bull named Snizzles, cuz he sneezed all the time. We then asked these two to tell us what they would win Gold medals for in the Sexual Olympics. “Everything under the sun” is Nikko's humble response. Parker would win 3: Rimming; Fingering and Topping. Well now that we know their boasting résumés are packed—we should find something else to “pack”. …Any suggestions?Parker is kicking back looking through a dude mag when Nikko barges in on him. He quickly covers up with the mag but Nikko is on to him. “You need to learn how to lock the door if you're gonna be jacking off on my couch” He pulls the magazine away to discover Parker is rock hard. “What are you gonna do with that thing?” Nikko asks. What I'm gonna do with it?' asks Parker 'it's what you're gonna do with it.” This just got interesting as Parker stands up and whips out his thick oversized cock. Nikko is a quick study as he gets that cock fed to him. Parker is rock hard as Nikko starts to suck on his meat. Nikko uses his mouth and fist to swirl around Parker's aching cock. Nikko looks up at Parker with those bedroom brown eyes as he deep throats every inch. Parker than sits back and strokes as Nikko gives him a strip tease showing off his hard cock and sweet ass. “You want that ass huh?” Parker is definitely onboard for that as Nikko bends over and hangs his boxers on his rock hard cock making it dance in circles. Nikko starts to dance for him as he shows off his sculpted abs and that ass as he moves over to feed Parker his hard cock.Parker opens wide as Nikko slaps his dick on his face and tongue. Parker grabs Nikko's huge nut sack as his finger slips up into his tight ass. He deep throats Nikko's cock making him moan like a bitch. Parker then turns Nikko around as he jams his Gold medal winning tongue deep inside his smooth bubble butt. “Eat that fucking ass!” Nikko begs as Parker drives his tongue deep. Nikko shoves Parker's face deeper in his ass wanting that hot tongue all the way inside him. Parker moves him over to the ottoman where he spreads that ass open and goes down to toss more salad. Now that that hole is wet and ready, Nikko then suits Parker's cock up before impaling himself on it in a reverse cowgirl. Parker loves the feel of that tight ass wrapped around his cock as Nikko starts to ride him hard. Nikko then twirls around so he can watch Parker's face as he continues slamming that meat deep inside his muscular ass. Parker then switches it up by bending him over and pounding him doggy. That pounding leads right into missionary where Parker slams it home. He fucks Nikko so hard it makes him cum, pulling out and exploding all over Nikko. Nikko then jacks his own uncut pistol off all over his cum soaked bod.

Starring Nikko Alexander
  • released : 07-08-2011 |

Balls To The Wall

Balls To The Wall, Scene #01

Trouble is up in the studio today as we welcome back Nikko Alexander. Nikko, for those of you not familiar with this compact hottie is 25 years old and he's originally from Orlando, FL. Nikko is here to help us welcome a fresh face to the circle as well as the industry, Lucas Vitello. Lucas is 18 and has only been in Miami for a couple hours and he's already ready to get busy. Both of these strappin' lads are horny most of the time and Nikko says he doesn't have to jack much cuz he fucks a lot. Lucas is a bit more modest. He admits he's just as horny but he doesn't have sex a lot. We wondered where these boys would like to use their tongues on the body of their partners. Nikko likes to lick stomachs. Navels can be quite enticing. Lucas loves to lick on a neck. Mmmm. Oddly enough they both readily agreed that their favorite place to have a tongue on their bodies would have to be their dicks. As for ultimate fantasies, Lucas wants to join the Mile High Club although Nikko admits it sucks. This one has done it ALL. lol Well fortunately by the end of this shoot, it will be Lucas that'll have done it all. (…and by “all” we mean Nikko.)Nikko asks Lucas if the rumors that he has a huge cock are true. Lucas tells him to find out for himself. Don't ask Nikko twice cuz he's all over that request. He whips out a handy measuring tape as he starts to measure Lucas' growing cock through his pants. They start to make out for a few before Nikko strips off Lucas' clothes. Nikko ditches his clothes to before shoving Lucas' head into his growing bulge. “Stop teasing me and suck my dick” Nikko orders. Lucas grabs his hefty balls and slams that cock down his throat. Nikko moans in pleasure as the new kid polishes his knob. Nikko is hungry for some dick himself so he gets Lucas to sit back so he can finally have a go at that thick, uncut cock. Lucas' eyes roll back as Nikko goes to town on his meat. Nikko slurps and swallows every inch of it as Lucas helps bob him on his cock. Nikko loves that dick but wants Lucas' mouth back on his. Lucas obliges as he kneels to service that cock some more. Once he's had his fill, he turns Nikko around so he can eat that hot bubble but of his. “I don't even want you to breathe—just eat it!” Nikko orders as he shoves Lucas' head into his ass. Lucas gets his tongue deep inside that hot hole getting it ready for more.Nikko grimaces as Lucas starts to slide his thick dick inside. Nikko's hole gives way and soon Lucas is pounding that hole. “You have a fuckin' nice ass” Lucas moans as he watches his thick dick disappearing into Nikko. Nikko doesn't talk as much smack when he's impaled on a thick cock. Who can blame him for wanting to revel in the moment as Lucas takes that ass. Lucas is giving it to him doggy and hitting him in all the right places. From here Lucas switches things up and has Nikko sit on his cock. Nikko eases himself onto that meat again and once his ass meets those balls, he starts to stroke his own uncut cock. He groans in ecstasy as Lucas starts to bounce him on his shaft. Nikko slowly grinds his ass on that cock. He reaches down to feel Lucas' hard cock as it slides into his hungry hole. Nikko can't get enough dick as he braces himself on the chaise to gyrate that hot ass deeper on that cock. Lucas then gets him on his back and goes right back to pounding him missionary. Nikko has his legs in the air and his ass full of cock. “You like that?” he groans as Lucas pounds away at his hairy hole. Missionary does the trick as Lucas pulls out and explodes all over Nikko. Someone was a bit backed up... Nikko then jacks his own load out all over his cum drenched abs.

Starring Nikko Alexander
  • released : 01-21-2011 |