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Nick Cross's Video

Working The Kink Out

Working The Kink Out

Let's roll those kinks out boys, first with your strong hands then after that just say fuck it and proceed to pull your partner's pants down and Nick does just that. His hands tire easily so he would rather use his eager mouth and wrap it around Kirk's firm cock to milk out that kink any way possible. Once Kirk has had enough he sits the sexy hairy Nick right on top of his hard dick. A slow nice sensual fucking begins and the tatted Nick moans and groans 'til the very end where he releases all over himself. Kirk becomes even more turned on seeing that load all over Nick's chest so he beats his cock until he sprays all down Nick's tatted chest.


  • released : 11-22-2013 |

Cut To The Chase

Cut To The Chase, Scene #01

Two recent finds are back with us this week, as we pair them up and watch the fireworks. The first is one of Minnesota's finest, Clark Chase. Clark is 21, and was last here tearing up some Kurt Wild. Our members were so impressed that we wanted to bring him back. This week, we decided to pair him up and add a bit of local flavor to the mix. By local 'flavor' we mean none other than Cubanito Nick Cross. Nick is also 21, and has amassed his own fan-following. These two are into sports, but more of the watching them vs. playing them. Given a chance to pick the team they would want to win the Super Bowl, Clark picks the Miami Dolphins. Now there's a long shot! lol When we ask Nick, he confesses he's not into Football and is more into Basketball. He would route for the Miami Heat to win the NBA Championship. The Dolphins and the Heat? That's some serious ass-kissing 'Miami' style. We then asked these two studs if they had a fantasy career what would it be. Nick confesses he would want to be an actor in Spanish telenovelas (queue the dramatic overture). Clark would want to be an entrepreneur and own his own business. Well this would be actor and future mogul are both currently single and open to mingle. So it's not too late, fellas.They aren't sitting idle long before Nick's hands come exploring. He gropes Clark's cock as they begin to kiss. Their t-shirts come off, giving them more things to explore. Their jeans are next, as the kissing and groping escalates. Everything is going according to plan. Nick then goes down for a closer look. Before you know it, he has Clark's hard cock in his throat. He expertly bobs his mouth on Clark's throbbing meat. Clark reaches over and strokes Nick's uncut cock as he gets his own cock swallowed deep. Clark guides Nick's head up and down on his cock as Nick continues to worship his thick dick. Nick can't get enough of that dick as he strokes and sucks on it. He then slides onto his knees and spreads Clark's legs wide. He goes right back to sucking that meat, and in this position, can get even more down his throat. He slowly licks along Clark's shaft, teasing him before engulfing every delicious inch of it again. Clark is in heaven as he lies back and gets his cock serviced. No matter what position Clark gets into, Clark's cock finds its way back into Nick's hungry throat. Clark's cock is throbbing by now, and it's gonna need more than Nick's mouth in a minute.'You ready to ride this big cock?' Clark teases. You won't have to ask Nick twice, as he slowly sits on Clark's thick dick. He strokes his own tasty cock as he slowly impales himself on all that Minnesota meat. It isn't long before his tight ass has that thick dick deep inside and Nick starts to ride his cock with ease. Clark holds Nick by his tiny waist as he begins to hold him in place and fuck his dick deeper and deeper into him. Nick loves it. He can't get enough as he grinds back, wanting every inch buried inside him. Clark then bends Nick over and slides his meat back on for more. Nick's begging him for more the entire time he's getting that ass stuffed full of dick. Clark has a spectacular view as he looks down to see Nick's smooth ass making his throbbing cock disappear. Clark playfully slaps Nick's ass as he continues fucking him. Nick is moaning and groaning as Clark has his way with his ass. Clark then puts our Hispanic Hottie on his back so he can fuck him missionary. 'Yeah fuck my ass' Nick coos, as Clark slides back inside him. Missionary always does it, and soon enough, Nick is warning that he's about to nut. Clark fucks him harder as Nick explodes loads of 'leche' all over. Clark then hauls his meat out and blasts his load all over a now happier happy trail.

  • released : 12-04-2009 |

Big Bang

Big Bang, Scene #01

This week we brought back Micah Matthews with the jock looks and the country charm. Micah is 25yo and from Memphis, TN. He swears it's not the country. Mmhmm. He says he's been gay for as long as he can remember. He dated girls in high school but he always knew it wasn't for him. We decided to give him a little local flavor this time so we got a hot little cubanito to show him some Miami flavor. Nick Cross is 20yo and originally from Cuba. He's been here for 9 years and admits he's been gay since he was little and even when he was in Cuba he was already fooling around with his friends. He admits he likes taller men and likes guys that are sweet and affectionate. He likes guys that keep it interesting: crazy, passionate or romantic but they have to be cute to get his attention. This boy wants it all. Well, next to him he's got the total package. Micah is relaxed and comfortable in his own skin. He has a very masculine energy and it has helped him seduce those boys teetering on the edge of curiosity's cavern. He gets guys that admit to wanting to know what it's like to fuck around with a guy but they don't want it to be with a “girly” man. Well no girly men here just two boys about to get a whole lot hornier. They begin kissing as they start to get acquainted. Nick is ready to go as he undoes Micah's jeans and pulls out his soft cock. Once he goes down on it, Micah's cock instantly comes to life as it immediately bones up. Micah then flips things and puts Nick on his back as he kisses him and undoes his shorts. By the time his shorts come off, Nick's uncut cock is rock hard and throbbing for attention. Micah goes to work on it as he sucks it until his chin has met Nick's heavy nut sack. He takes his time as he sucks on Nick's cock as Nick softly moans his approval. Nick has quite the lean physique and has ink on his arms and his navel. Add to that his sweet 7” cock on his tight 5'6 frame, we'd say good things do come in small packages. Nick then wants more of Micah's meat as he has him lie back for more. Micah's head writhes back and forth as his cock disappears into Nick's skilled mouth as he swirls his tongue and lips around his thick cock. They then maneuver into a sweet 69 position as they continue to suck cock. Nick's on top while Micah is lying back nursing on Nick's uncut meat. Nick's deep-throating Micah with ease as Micah begins to explore Nick's tight ass as he slaps and begins to finger him. Already in position, Nick stays put as Micah slides out from under him and then buries his tongue up his ass. Nick's in heaven as he gets his tight hole reamed. Micah's getting his sweet ass ready for his fat dick as he licks it and fingers it, spreading his cheeks apart to get better access to it. He then slides his spit lubed finger inside as he teases his ass and continues sucking on his back door. Micah then puts Nick on his back; lifts his legs and slides his cock inside Nick's wet hole. It doesn't offer much resistance as he slides all the way into him and lies atop him kissing him while he starts to fuck him. “Awww, Fuck me” begs Nick. “You like that?” teases Micah as he begins to pick up the pace burying that cock deeper and faster as he holds on to Nick's compact ass. Micah begins to pile drive into Nick, holding him in place as he lays on him with his full body weight. He then sits back on his knees, grabs Nicks thighs and begins to impale our Cuban boy faster and faster as he bounces him on his dick. Doggie is next as he gets Nick back on all four and slides back inside him. Micah then pushes him down onto his belly as he starts to plow him harder. Lastly, Nick rides Micah as his own rock hard cock stands at attention, This one does the trick as Nick explodes all over Micah still burying his dick inside him. Then Micah, apparently overcome with emotion, jacks his own thick load all over his smooth abs.

  • released : 10-08-2009 |